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Mel Gibson

May Sue Joe Eszterhas

For Releasing Audio of Epic Rant

4/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
is seriously considering suing Joe Eszterhas for secretly recording him at his home in Costa Rica last December, and then releasing the audio rant.

Sources connected with Mel tell TMZ ... the actor believes he has a "basic human right" NOT to be secretly recorded in his own home. 

We're told Mel's people are looking at the laws of Costa Rica to determine if recording laws were violated and, even if they weren't, if Mel's right of privacy was violated by the release of the audio.

Mel explodes in the recording about Eszterhas' lack of progress with "The Maccabees" script  -- "What the f**k have you been doing!!" He also unloads on Oksana Grigorieva, calling her a ""F**king c**t, c**ksucking whore."

We're told Mel believes anyone recorded "at their worst moment" would sound awful, and it's unfair to trap people in their refuge.

One Mel source notes with skepticism that Eszterhas has made other allegations against Mel ... that the actor also ranted against the Jews and expressed pleasure that John Lennon was shot and killed ... but none of that is on the tape.


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Mel's real fault is that he lacks judgment when it comes to people. That woman was a terrible person, and this screen writer had a hit in 1992 of a stupid film mainly about sex (whoopee!). He's done nothing since. Este is also a born-again, a major tip off to an unstable and dumb personality.

Mel, you're all right, though you should control your anger better -- if only because you're rich and losers like Este will record you for profit. You also shouldn't be a racist, but since you are try to be discreet about it like most people are.

918 days ago

Scott C. Waring    

Mel is crazy. He really needs to get some therapy or put him away in a rubber room. What a fruitcake.

918 days ago


Total. Psycho. End. Of. Story.

918 days ago


I would totally Sue! He is one of my Fav. Actors. If anyone taped me while i was being a royal A**hole in my own home would piss me off. No one is allowed to get pissed off apparently? I say Blackball this guy. Who can trust him?

918 days ago


TMZ and Joe Eszterhas have done the impossible. They have made Mel Gibson sympathetic.
If anyone has read Eszterhas's book "Hollywood Animal", he makes far out claims that Mike Ovitz threatened him, so Eszterhas go public in an effort to embarrass him. He claims he slept with Sharon Stone and that her body was doughy. He claims that Bob Evans sent him a note that was tucked inside a woman's private part. He tattles on all the big Hollywood names telling embarrassing tales of their sexual escapades. He uses the "N" word. Claims that his own father was anti-semetic.
This guy, Eszterhas is a creep and a parasite. I don't know why anyone takes him seriously and gives him the time of day.

918 days ago


Chill out Mel

918 days ago


Mel keeps it interesting, that's for sure. I love how he gets in all those words that people just don't use much. Team Mel just because he isn't boring.

918 days ago


What a great guy. :-p

918 days ago


Mel is a POS. He's just an angry, old, abusive, misogynistic, alcoholic, racist lowlife. Please go away! You ruined every movie you ever did with your behavior in the real world. And if you're a Christian, I don't see it at all!!!

918 days ago


and when he's finished sueing the ass of that man he can go after TMZ and Harvey Levin cause both of the have broken more laws pushing their hate against Mel Gibson sorry ass then the CIA...You can't do what this man did and get away with it or every person in the country will be taping their Private conversation and arguement so they can extort others clearly crossing the privacy line of the law.....

918 days ago

Sonia Davis    

SUE HIM.................

918 days ago


Is he getting help now for his anger issues? He's way out there. If he is getting help, maybe I'd cut him some slack. But it seems to me that he thinks his behavior is acceptable. I won't watch anything he's in ever again; not even a rerun.

918 days ago


Mel, please seek help!!!

918 days ago


1. Mel always denies the rants until they are proven to be true via recording.
2. Mel called Eszterhas a liar, putting Eszterhas in the position of having to prove he was telling the truth.
3. Mel invited these people into his home and practically terororized them. The lawsuits could go either way.
4. Mel's home was not in a place where Eszterhas could easily leave, putting he and his family in a fearful situation.
5. Mel denies the other things he said because they are not on this recording, but he also denied the things that were on the recording... until the recording was released.
6. The recording was made by Eszterhas' son, who was afraid of Mel after Mel told him he wanted to rape Oksana and stab her.
7. All the other incidents Ezterhas names had additional witnesses, just like in Costa Rica. Mel did not do these things only in front of Eszteras, so he should be careful with the denials.
8. If the recording had not been released, Mel would still be calling Eszterhas a liar.
9. Listen to this and then listen to Mel on the Oksana tapes. This is exactly how Mel is.
10. Mel is missing the point - he needs to get help.

918 days ago


Of course his people are going to say they're exploring their options. They have to say something. Whether Mel would want to invite the kind of prolonged attention a lawsuit would bring is debatable - he's been there, done that and it wasn't pretty.

918 days ago
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