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Michael Clarke Duncan

"Mayor" Kim K Sparks

Verbal Throwdown with GF

4/19/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian better not be counting on Michael Clarke Duncan's vote -- because dude laughed so hard when he caught wind of KK's political aspirations ... his girlfriend got pissed.

MCD and Omarosa Stallworth were outside Staples Center when a camera guy told them Kim's considering a run for Glendale, CA city council and eventually mayor. Michael's awesomely honest response -- "No she's not! Are you playing? Are you serious?"

But Omarosa immediately had Kim's back, saying ... "Run girl, run! You can win."

The whole thing quickly melted down into a heated debate -- Lamar Odom's name even got dragged through the mud.

Check out the lovers' spat. We're guessing Mike's still in the dog house ... a really big one.


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"How do you know she's smart?"


-changes subject-

896 days ago


Boycott the Kardashians!

896 days ago


I think it is laughable that he is dating and from what I understand, going to marry Omarosa!!!! LOL

896 days ago


say what you will about Kim K (and personally I have nothing against her)... at least she's not like the lying/cheating/manipulative disgusting divorced Omarosa
I remember her far too well from Trump's Apprentice show as well as a few other reality things. She lied about another woman calling her the "N" word on the Apprentice when we saw what really happened- and she went on other tv shows continuing the lie

anyone who does that for attention or to try to win a job through a reality show is "evil"- plain and simple
and my word for Kim K would be not be evil it owuld be more "naive" in putting her authentic self out (not sure how many others would be bold enough to be so authentic and face the judgment/condemnation/harsh words of others
used to love Michael Clark Duncan- but now I'm having reservations about him if he can't see through her and her motives in pursuing him
money-limelight-celebrity through association
he should not trust her or her motives
feel bad that he has opened his heart to her
he deserves so much better!

896 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Attention whores of a feather....

896 days ago


MCD knows what a f'n joke it would be. He's smart.
Now his girlfriend on the other hand - dumb as a post - just like Kim, but I bet she's great in bed.

896 days ago


I've always liked MDC - he's a classy actor. Not surprising, I guess, that he's as prone to bad choices as any other human. Love the idea of his reaction to the KK news - can't get the video to play though to enjoy the real thing.

He's engaged to Omarosa...seriously? He better hire a fleet of lawyers to draft an ironclad prenup. I have folding money that says 'rosa will call off the engagement once she finds out what she wouldn't get when she divorces him.

Love ya, MCD,but Omarosa...really? It's comparable to Owen Wilson teaming up with Cruella de Ville.

896 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

Haha she can't even keep her marriage together, and she wants to be mayor!!! WTF she's way to Self Absorbed to do anything but focus on herself!! if she wanted to keep her marriage going, she should have talked to her Hubby, not everyone else like she did, she should just stick to buying clothes

896 days ago


Aw, hang tight Michael... Omarosa is always touchy when she misses her distemperment shots!! However, I BEG BEG BEG you, please do not consider having children with this woman as you both are cosmetically challenged and she is flat out mean.

896 days ago


I had no idea that a big time actor such as Michael would even think about dating omarosa, much less get engaged to her. I have a feeling she is already calling every network trying to pitch a reality tv show of the two. In my opinion, very bad move for Michael.

896 days ago


WTF is Michael doing w/ that stupid, famewhoring b**ch, Omarosa? Of COURSE she thinks reality TV is the best thing ever - if not for it, she'd be even MORE of a nobody than she is. Kim's smart, huh? Way to ignore the question when Michael asked you how you know that!
Run away, Michael. RUN!

896 days ago


Maybe He can do to Kim K. what he did to Percy in "The Green Mile". The world would be a better place. I love this guy!!!

896 days ago

Fantastic Four    

I used to like MCD until I found out he's dating Omarosa.

Remember when she pretended to get hit on the head by a piece of wood to sue Trump on The Apprentice?

Then it was exposed she had totally lied about being Al Gore's assistant?

Dump that tramp MCD. She'll destroy your image.

896 days ago

A Wood    

Thats one big dude, do they test actors for steroids?

896 days ago

moe l.    

KK is a walking disease factory. If the Armenians want to elect her as mayor, they'd better be prepared for a clueless STD making financial and planning decisions for their city. I think the only thing that would happen is that the porn industry would relocate from North Hollywood (due to new condom laws) to Glendale where the "new mayor" wouldn't be concerned with STD's since she has every one of them residing in every crevasse.

896 days ago
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