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Oreo Cookies

Breastfeeding Ad Was NEVER

Supposed to Go Public

4/19/2012 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oreo cookies breastfeeding advertisement
The Oreo cookies advertisement featuring a breastfeeding baby was NEVER intended for public consumption ... this according to the people at Kraft Foods.

The ad went viral earlier this week ... with several media outlets reporting it was a legitimate South Korean ad created by the Cheil Worldwide ad agency.

Now, a rep for Kraft -- the company behind the cookie -- tells TMZ, "Kraft Foods did not create this ad. It has never run in Korea or any other markets."

The rep adds, "This ad was created by our agency for a one-time use at an advertising forum. The ad was never intended for public distribution or use with consumers."


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Jennifer the natural way of feeding children offensive to people?

The reason we have breasts is to feed our children.

915 days ago

Jay W.     

Breast milk and an Orea...

Life is good... Life is good !

915 days ago


So, what's wrong???

915 days ago

just_sayin' it!!

915 days ago



915 days ago


dont black out that tit ! !

915 days ago


Breastfeeding is natural and not offensive to me. However its quite tacky to have a oreo photoshopped into the photo (whoever did it, is quite tacky). To me, breastfeeding shouldn't be to increase sales of a cookie.

915 days ago


This is cute why hide it its normal,they show war victims on the news but this is bad?

915 days ago


Why black it out ????

915 days ago


These women on here who are defending breastfeeding as a natural event that shouldn't be hidden make me laugh. If you walk down the street with your boobs hanging out you'd be arrested but if you have a baby hanging off each nip suddenly it's a lovely thing? It's a natural thing, yeah, but that doesn't mean it should be on public display. Taking a crap, vomitting, peeing, having sex, etc are all natural functions too but are meant to be private.

915 days ago

Alicia O    

Why is this such a big deal? Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful, natural acts a mother can do for her child. People need to get over their own insecurities about the human body.

915 days ago


Why are they making this a bad thing? There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding, women's bodies were intended for that. They are making this taboo when it doesn't have to be. If anything, a baby that young just can't eat oreos yet!! I don't even know why the breast is blacked out. Apparently, only when viewed in a sexual manner are breasts ok to be exposed!! UGH!

915 days ago


And how was this supposed to be accessible even if 'private' to Kraft employees????

Just an excuse for unwarranted exhibitionism.

915 days ago


I agree, No boob should be hanging out in public. But i still think breastfeeding is natural...nothing wrong with it as long as you take appropriate actions to the people around you if you are doing it in public (say go to a more private place when out with your child.)

915 days ago


@Meggie 24, you are an idiot. How can you compare vomiting, pooping, etc., to feeding your baby? Are you supposed to go and hide because your baby needs food? Americans never cease to amaze with their BS!

915 days ago
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