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'Basketball Wives' -- Nia Crooks

Charged with Battery

for Insane Slap Attack

4/20/2012 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Nia Crooks has been charged with misdemeanor battery for pimp slappin' the taste out of Jennifer Williams' mouth back in January ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Broward County State's Attorney's Office tells us ... officials decided to file the charge on April 10 ... after Williams filed a criminal complaint.

If convicted, Nia faces up to a year in the slammer.

During the incident, which aired on last week's episode of "Basketball Wives" -- Nia can be heard threatening to slap Jennifer ... to which Jennifer replied, "I wish you would." Her wish was granted.


4:39 PM PST --
Nia's lawyer Marc David Seitles tells TMZ ...  "We will vigorously defend Nia against these charges. The women on the show executed contracts expressly accepting the risk that a physical altercation could occur."

The lawyer adds, "Given that Jennifer herself has previously instigated fights on the show, to cry foul now is absurd and a desperate attempt for publicity and money. We will fight until Nia is vindicated."


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Can't we just arrest everyone who is currently on a reality TV show and send them off to a small island to fight it out to the death and the rest of us can just get back to civility ?

917 days ago

Joan K    

If it was two white idiots I would say white trash but since this time it is two black idiots I will say it, Black Trash.

917 days ago

Trooper Tom    

When are we going to get some decent shows on TV, sh*t like this and all the other wives of what ever, the Kardashian skanks, Jersey Shore its all effing CRAP

917 days ago


Evelyn and the other one....(forgot her name...I stopped watching) created this monster & made her feel like she was the shnit. Deal people, deal.

917 days ago


When has Jennifer ever started or instigated a fight on the show?

917 days ago


Put them all in jail! The world will be a much better place.

917 days ago


Listen I live in Miami-Dade and there are bitches who test you here BEYOND.

I've lived internationally in some of the best places and one of my favorite fantasies is pushing the bitch over the way down the stairs and breaking her neck...

No apologies, she's evil and deserves it.

Didn't see the TV stuff mentioned here though...

917 days ago


What a baby! That pitiful little slap wasn't anything. Quit crying and get over it, bitch!

917 days ago


Thats right Jen ! file a law suit, do watever you need to do. I dont care about a clause in a contract,she had no right to hit you Nor does Sir Evelyn,, wat iz wrong with these women? or is this all for show ? who knows but stop hating on Pretty Jennifer ! shes hot and They just MAD. look at Nia ? who is she ? where the fudge did she come from ? get out of here as Sir Evelyn would say.. do u Jen, fudge them HaTERS !!

917 days ago


I would like to see the creator(s) of this crappy show be arrested for something. Anything. Please.

917 days ago

Miss Dee     

I think it is ridicious for these grown women to act so immature. I can not believe Evelyn ran across the table like that! Very sad. I'm sick of seeing these ladies fighting, cussing and acting like any old dude on the streets. Good for you Jen. Thanks for taking a stand!

917 days ago


If I was on the jury there is no way I'd convict her. It is the kind of reality TV show that actively encourages conflict and you know what you are getting into if you join the show. Maybe if the woman used some sort of weapon that would be crossing the line, but a slap is par for the course.

917 days ago


I wonder how many of you use the term "ghetto" to describe Mob Wives? I'm not condoning the behavior some of these women have displayed on Basketball Wives; however, I get damn tired of how "ghetto" is banded about in regards to them when the mob wives are trashy, classless, foul-mouth and rowdy. But, never are they referred to as "ghetto." Hmmmm

917 days ago


Nia's lawyer Marc David Seitles tells TMZ ... "The women on the show executed contracts expressly accepting the risk that a physical altercation could occur."

Mr. Seitles, Lawyering 101: Contracts cannot overrule laws. An absurd example: You put into a contract that if you don't pay your rent, your lawyer can shoot you. You signed it, but you bet the landlord would go to prison for life if he executes (pun intended) that clause.

917 days ago


I just cringe every time I see Jennifer. She is a plastic snooty bia. She is one of those women that would pass by someone that has a heart attack and keepit movin becuz she thinks she is better than everyone and too good to help someone below her. Get her off that show and make her irrelevant quickly. Make her a broke food stamp female...just so she knows how it feels to be in need.

917 days ago
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