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Lindsay Lohan

Instigated Hotel Fight

... Says Witness

4/20/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was the instigator, aggressor and drink-tosser in the fight at The Standard Hotel Wednesday night ... this according to a witness who was with the other girl involved in the altercation.

The witness tells us ... the incident began after a major misunderstanding between the two sides while they were partying at the Smoke and Mirrors nightclub inside the hotel.

We're told the girl was hanging out at the booth next to Lindsay's ... when Lohan tapped her on the shoulder aggressively and asked, "Did you bump into me?"

The girl denied the bump ... and suggested the real culprit could have been one of the guys in Lindsay's group. She then pointed to one of the men.

Lindsay replied, "That's my dad ... why would he bump me?"

The girl shot back, "You go clubbing with your dad?"

That's when Lindsay snapped ... so says the witness ... who claims Lindsay began cussing at the girl and then threw a drink at her face.

We're told Lindsay's dad realized what was happening ... grabbed his daughter ... and bailed.

Michael Lohan appeared on "TMZ Live" yesterday and adamantly denied his daughter chucked any beverage that night (below) ... claiming it was Lindsay who was the real victim and the recipient of the liquid projectile.

Either way, the other girl is currently weighing her legal options.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us LiLo is adamant -- her dad is telling the true story.


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LA Native    

Here's an idea.
Lilo, when you and daddy get home from clubbing tonight (tomorrow morning?) and you are having your bedtime bagels, why dont you ask him to tell you a bedtime story? One in particular comes to mind.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

863 days ago


At first I thought we could send jay w to do the job, but then I realized he wouldn't come back.

863 days ago


I want to know whose car she hit.

863 days ago


This is for the simple minded "fans" of LL.

Definition of terms under California assault law


"Willful" means intentional, as opposed to accidental. It does not mean that you necessarily

intended to injure the other person, or

intended to break the law.11

Example: Joe, upset that Betty was yelling at him in front of his friends while they were watching the big game, threw the remote control in her direction. Although Joe didn’t intend to hit Betty with it…he just wanted to scare her so that she’d leave…he acted "willfully" when he threw the remote.

Application of force

"Application of force" means any touch…no matter how slight…if the touch is done in an angry, harmful, or even offensive manner.

The contact can be through one’s clothing or even indirectly through an object or another person. The physical contact doesn’t have to result in any pain or injury. Simply "spitting" on another would suffice.12

It bears repeating that California assault law does not require that you actually make physical contact with another person. All that is necessary is that you have the intent and ability to injure that individual.

Example: Bob took a swing at Pete, but missed because Pete "ducked". Even though there was no contact, prosecutors could still charge Bob with Penal Code 240 PC assault. If Pete hadn’t ducked, Bob’s act of "swinging" would have likely resulted in an injury.

You were "aware" that your act would likely result in harm

Assault requires an actual knowledge that your act will likely result in harm to another person.13 You must be acquitted of this charge if neither you, nor a "reasonable person" could have expected your act to injure another.14

The bottom line is that accidental and/or unforeseen injuries do not rise to the level of criminal liability that is required under California assault law.15 But intentional acts that are likely to result in harm do.

Example: Firing a gun in a populated area is likely to result in a violent injury upon another person (even if you aren’t aiming at anyone). Committing such an act could subject you to an assault charge.

However, let’s say that you are "target" shooting in a remote area, designed for such use. If a bullet ricocheted off of a tree and hit someone in the leg, you would not be guilty of assault, since that would be an accidental (and unlikely) result.

863 days ago


It's terrible to say, but she needs a nervous breakdown. How can she go out in public? Does she have no shame? She must not have a conscience at all.

863 days ago

your not all that    

Can you say WHITE TRASH ????????????? Thats what she is.....a THUG !!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see someone put her face in the cement.....shes got it coming. Funny she STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL thinks shes above the law............

863 days ago


Why the heck hasn't a judge made Lindsay go to a MANDATORY "anger management" class? Lindsay obviously has problems with her temper. She still acts like an insecure 15 year old with low self esteem or something. Lindsay knows that there are "mean girls" out there. She doesn't have to "take the bait" and get into a fight if some girl makes fun of her or calls her a name or whatever.

863 days ago


I love Lindsay Lohan stories. They're the best. Just when I think the dumb c*** is going to start behaving herself and working on establishing something that resembles a modest career, she ends up playing bumper cars in a parking lot then throwing drinks at anyone who looks cross-eyed at her. I mean seriously, can no one in her entourage drive properly?

863 days ago


Time somebody gave that bad girl a spanking!

863 days ago


When the hell is Lohan going to realize how laughed at she is. Makes a complete fool of herself. Desperate that backfires. Of course Lohan speed dials tmz with her every move and 'sources close to Lindsay' Lohan has always been her own source, can't get any closer that that.

Lohan still thinks she can strut down the street in her over bleached hair, wigs, oversized sunglasses and floppy hats like she's god's gift or go to bars/clubs and people are going to say Wow, look who just walked in. NO.

People don't notice her and worse than that could care less if they do. So of course Lohan does intensional stupid crap to make sure she is noticed. Hey, I'm Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, so what.

We all know Lohan has been cut every break known to man. She did legally comply with what was asked of her and she is on her own. Can't blame the judge. Lohan is a 26 year old grown woman.

863 days ago

John T.    

Hope soon she meets the wrong one and they put her lights out, now that would be news.Had enough of this slut.

863 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I really like Milo's new parenting plan. Going to accompany his daughter to nightclubs so no one takes advantage of her by fighting back or calling the cops when she assaults them.

Yes Lindsay, start a fight, throw a drink, and run for the door with your father. Pure Lohan genius.

863 days ago

John T.    

Fights like a whore? About time she admits she is a whore.

863 days ago


maybe the "standard" finally asked her to leave..and she will be barred for a while..
end up hanging at a bar where the women where sleavless flannel shirts,work boots and Corduroy pants..
that all open their bottles with the tooth..
so they can beat her down like a rockem sockem Robot

863 days ago


One of these days, Lindsay's immaturity and temper problems are going to get her into a fight in a dark parking lot with some girl who knows how to throw a punch. Some girl might mess Lindsay's face up bad and then take off before anyone sees her.

Guys that tend to start fights while they are IN a club don't realize that the guy they start a fight with might be waiting for him to leave in the parking lot or alley. Getting into a fight with the wrong person can be very hazardous to one's health. Hot tempered, fight prone guys (and girls) better not assume that bystanders are going to come to your rescue and break up the fight either. Let's face it, there's some sick people out there that seem to enjoy watching some guy get his face beaten to a pulp.

863 days ago
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