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Lindsay Lohan

Instigated Hotel Fight

... Says Witness

4/20/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was the instigator, aggressor and drink-tosser in the fight at The Standard Hotel Wednesday night ... this according to a witness who was with the other girl involved in the altercation.

The witness tells us ... the incident began after a major misunderstanding between the two sides while they were partying at the Smoke and Mirrors nightclub inside the hotel.

We're told the girl was hanging out at the booth next to Lindsay's ... when Lohan tapped her on the shoulder aggressively and asked, "Did you bump into me?"

The girl denied the bump ... and suggested the real culprit could have been one of the guys in Lindsay's group. She then pointed to one of the men.

Lindsay replied, "That's my dad ... why would he bump me?"

The girl shot back, "You go clubbing with your dad?"

That's when Lindsay snapped ... so says the witness ... who claims Lindsay began cussing at the girl and then threw a drink at her face.

We're told Lindsay's dad realized what was happening ... grabbed his daughter ... and bailed.

Michael Lohan appeared on "TMZ Live" yesterday and adamantly denied his daughter chucked any beverage that night (below) ... claiming it was Lindsay who was the real victim and the recipient of the liquid projectile.

Either way, the other girl is currently weighing her legal options.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us LiLo is adamant -- her dad is telling the true story.


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Rogue Warrior    

Don't forget that tomorrows accidentally push a H8turd in front of a bus day.

Liliolicious is Linnocent!!!!!!!!!!! Now the H8turds will proceed to give us their $2 worth...............

916 days ago



For one lucky soul, a night of true bliss can finally be achieved. Linds has consented to make the ultimate sacrifice to help fund her and DUIna’s upcoming nuptials. Yes, everyone - a chance at a night on the town with Linds can be yours for only one million dollars. I’d hurry if you want in - DUIna says the tickets are going fast. “Sources close to AA Aliana” already pledged to buy 1000 (don’t worry, they’re still available - Linds will steal ‘em back).

The date will begin at the Chateau Marmont hotel. Winner - please be prepared to pick up the tab and leave an obscenely large tip. After a few drinks in the Men’s room (and a little cocaine), Linds will entertain you by picking a fight with some random skank and smashing a champagne glass in her face while peeing on the floor. Winner - please be prepared to supply the cocaine. Then it’s off to the Clam Ahoy lesbian bar for some “Lusty Lindsay Limbo”.

A quick snack at Ginger’s Celebrity Seafood Buffet, followed by a few nightcaps at Cameltown, and then it’s on to Venice for some vandalism at Clam Ronson’s mansion followed by a late-night burglary or two. And a little cocaine. The date-from-heaven will conclude somewhere in the neighborhood of 8:00 am. Unless you can get some more cocaine.

916 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I drank because I had a thinking problem, not a genetic disorder. There's a HUGE difference between the two. A person who realizes they have a thinking problem and addresses it and is EMPOWERED. A person who thinks they have a GENETIC disorder has found the perfect ENABLER of powerlessness.

See the H8turds around here have a genetic thinking problem, that's why they're H8turds. They can't think their way out of the card board boxes their spouses or significant others put over their head at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


916 days ago


Gunna back LiLi on this one, and call BS from the accuser. Another attempt at LiLo Lottery since the $640M jackpot went off. Go on, Dislike me, I love it ! But, it's all good for you part time key-jockeys to presume she's guilty. Oh, and her old man is a twit. But, I'm happy for you to Disliske this :-)

916 days ago


I was just playing with words sweetie windbag, windmill, windstorm, windmachine....I do it all the time drive myself crazy doing it sometime...LOL..and believe it or not I still have trouble doing those puzzles in the back of the womens magizines were you sring words from another one...LOL
Rain coming in for the weekend...but son is puttin in the beans and tomatos this coming week..and the canning stuff...and corn....and I got my way and am getting a few dibbies(chicks) to raise when I get better..I just love playing with chichens....
My son built himself a Chateau Marmont of Chicken houses and pen down at his house...really those hens are going to think they are divas... He's getting Rhode Island Reds....only about 10 to start all ready to lay...
I like letting mine run loose...they eat Slugs from around the porch and back deck....Maybe we need to get some for the playground ...might take care of our Slug problem...LOL

916 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

For those of you that are new to Lilo threads, let me tell you how this "no fly" thing works. The H8turds monitor TMZ for any new Lilo stories and any new posts within those stories 24/7 365 lbs. a year! With every post they'd like you to think they are "no flying", they're communicating furiously via gmail, facebook, tweaker, phone, or text.....

TEST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd like to stay and bring up the collective IQ of the H8turds one schooling post at a time, but I gotti sh*t to do.


916 days ago


Why wasn't I notified that this is GC thread day? I would like to say something to GC on a personal note. You are the bomb, I am PROUD to say I have met you. Your honesty is refreshing. And to know somebody that has overcome what you have is a total honor. I likes you, I likes you a LOT. God Bless you. You are a WINNER in my book!!!

916 days ago


I told you that bitch was crazy!!!

916 days ago


Daddy M with his latest blonde bimbo at CM last night:

916 days ago


Now that I have said THAT I am out of here, cause the UPS man just brought my new toy and I waited to open it so I could say that to GC. BTW, a person that attacks another person for their SOBRIETY is a pretty piss poor specimen.

916 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

You almost have to feel sorry for someone who spends so much energy trying to pick fights with anonymous posters on message boards. As if it wasn't bad enough just to pick fights for attention, they'll use any means necessary, including using known personal demons of another user. All this does is show all others on the message board exactly how lonely and desperate they are for attention. So much so that they'll welcome negative attention to get their fix.

Despite what that person will claim, it shows exactly what kind of life they're living off-screen. Imagine how empty and sad one's life has to be to crave that kind of attention online. I'm sure that once other users respond to them, they feel some kind of victory within.

Man, I hope and pray that if I ever start needing that kind of attention, someone will kindly shove a 12-gauge shotgun up my ass and pull the fcking trigger. If my life becomes so sad and stale that I need the anger of other anonymous users to entertain myself, what's the point of waking up the next day?

It's really a sad sad example of some of the loneliest people on the planet. And it's on display for everyone online to see. Really sad.

916 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh Bingo Maddy!

916 days ago


GC, what did I JUST say 15 mere minutes ago? I hate being right 'most' of the time. LOL

916 days ago


Lindsay is a screw up and her supposed come back will not last!!

916 days ago

Ellie G    

It sounds to me like Rogue is a little miffed that he isnt part of the Tweeting, emailing, messaging etc..

916 days ago
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