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Fired 'Top Model' Judge

Good Luck Replacing Me

4/20/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Freshly-fired "America's Next Top Model" judge Nigel Barker tells TMZ, the show's in for a rude awakening now that he's been canned ... because his shoes will be INCREDIBLY difficult to fill.

Nigel tells us, "Good luck to whoever [replaces me]. I would imagine it's a tricky thing to replace someone who's going on their 19th season."

As for why Nigel believes he got the boot -- he tells us, the network is bent on completely revamping the show ... after record low ratings the last two seasons.

But he adds, "Who knows if this is going to work? I don't necessarily think it's a good idea ... Maybe it will work. Maybe it won't. I wish them luck."

Tyra Banks announced this morning ... the CW would not be renewing Nigel's contract for the show's next season. Two other famed "Top Model" personalities -- Jay Manuel and J. Alexander -- were also fired.



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en Todo Momento!!    

it's funny how just about every employee who gets fired, is CONVINCED! their now previous employer is gonna be ruined and go bankrupt without them xD! i feel ya, bro! i been there too before!! xD

916 days ago


I know why. You never know if the shows a re-run or the new season. No one keeps up with those numbers. They would get their audience back if they corrected this MAJOR error.

916 days ago


These 3 are the only reason to watch with them gone it really is over. Tyra kept keeping the worst girls on the show just to prove that ugly girls could be top models and sorry Ty-Ty but the public wasn't buying it. I quit watching after Whitney won because you had too many loser brat girls on the show.

916 days ago

G. Doll    

That show is beyond DEAD! Give it up....

916 days ago


Bad move..............

916 days ago


Like others, I stopped watching it 2 or 3 seasons ago because of its racial bias against white models. The models weren't judged on their talent, instead it was based on skin color. The white models had to work harder than the black models to get to the next round.

916 days ago


How unfortunate! Nigel was an integral part of ANTM, not to mention J. Alexander (Miss J) and Jay Manuel. I truly believe the decision to fire them will be regrettable. In my opinion, the three of them should start their own show. I would watch it.

916 days ago


big mistake. They are as much (if not more) a part of the show as Tyra. I've watched every season but will be done now.

916 days ago


Hear that.........that is the sound of a "crashing plane" that used to be ANTM. Who is more flamboyant than those queens.

916 days ago


I just sent this one to my wife. She's a big fan of that show. She said, if those three are gone, then so is she. She said that transexual contestant was the one who put her off a bit watching the show. Loose these three, you've lost her too, maybe you don't care.

916 days ago


Tyra has been increasingly annoying and ridiculous and it seems like she is just using the show as a platform to show herself off. Can someone please tell me wtf she is doing in the show opening licking her face, eating what she licked off, then asking us "do you want some"? eeeeew. FIRE THEM ALL and start the whole show over fresh!!! They are all boring predictable duds!

916 days ago


Nigel should start a reality show about photography like Russel James and he'll do great! The show has gone down hill because it keeps getting further away from the concept of what makes a good photograph and is all about the cat fights and drama. And I am so tired of Tyra and her all knowing attitude. She's become tiring.

And, the Jay's kept it interesting. JAY M and Nigel please give us a photography based show and I'll watch!

916 days ago


and by 'all' I mean Tyra too!

916 days ago


Good luck to Tyra because Nigel is right; he's the ONLY professional critical person there.

916 days ago


WOW. I agree with others' comments about forgetting the show is on because its on the CW. I only watch reruns on weekends because I DVR them off of Style channel. I seriously have never been to CW or even know what channel that is on Direct TV.

Does Tyra think people watch ANTM because of her? If so, she's in for a rude awakening because the three they just fired are what made that show remotely interesting..... they've replaced the other female judge with several different former super models and its made ZERO difference... they've all just been a blur. But, take away Nigel, Jay Manuel and Ms. J and you've got NADA. I won't even watch the reruns anymore... so buh bye Tyra! Have fun being a "has been". Soon you won't even be worth a small blurb in the tabloids.

916 days ago
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