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Fired 'Top Model' Judge

Good Luck Replacing Me

4/20/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Freshly-fired "America's Next Top Model" judge Nigel Barker tells TMZ, the show's in for a rude awakening now that he's been canned ... because his shoes will be INCREDIBLY difficult to fill.

Nigel tells us, "Good luck to whoever [replaces me]. I would imagine it's a tricky thing to replace someone who's going on their 19th season."

As for why Nigel believes he got the boot -- he tells us, the network is bent on completely revamping the show ... after record low ratings the last two seasons.

But he adds, "Who knows if this is going to work? I don't necessarily think it's a good idea ... Maybe it will work. Maybe it won't. I wish them luck."

Tyra Banks announced this morning ... the CW would not be renewing Nigel's contract for the show's next season. Two other famed "Top Model" personalities -- Jay Manuel and J. Alexander -- were also fired.



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I stopped watching competitive reality shows years ago. they dont live up to their promises anymore. for example, the winning models from antm dont really go on to big modeling careers anymore. just as the couples on the bachelor break up after 6 months. also, the winners of AI and X Factor dont really go on to do much. i am surprised anyone watches these competitive reality shows. im sure the contestants from seasons 12 are of antm are as interchangeable as the models from season 15 or 18. this attempt by tyra to revamp the show is pretty desperate. it's the sitcom equivalent of adding a cute kid in later seasons to keep viewers (like they did on growing pains or brady bunch). antm has definitely jumped the shark.

882 days ago


So basically they fired everyone but Tyra. There's no point watching that show anymore. It's bad enough with the British Invasion.

882 days ago


The change to CW really threw me off. Besides the morning news, I don't watch that channel. I missed a few shows when that happened and only watch on occasion now. I liked the Fashionista show she did... I think that's what it was called. The high end magazine wanna be worker show. Anywho, change is good, but not on my TV shows. Not trying to get to like new characters on a show I used to know. Don't watch Two and a Half Men anymore either. It is what it is. Good luck Tyra!

882 days ago


its messed up now. they think that drama is the only thing to fuel this show, but now its just gettting corny and cornier. if they would have stuck with the same format as before it wuold be a lot better. season 15 was the best.

882 days ago


Cancel this stupid ass show already

882 days ago


If they want to revamp the show about about getting models that are, well, attractive for once. Anyone see that man they have on this season as a contestant?

882 days ago


If you are having to get rid of all the cool people that made the show, why not just cancel it!!! this kind of show cant go on forever, its gets too repetative, same crap, different people...just cancel it and give tyra a break from that stupid line that she repeats over and over and over at the end of the episodes!!!

882 days ago


Tyra mail...Tyra, you have to go! Next top model...

882 days ago

lost grrl    

Nigel is not the problem...Tyra is. She keeps trying to find stranger and stranger things to so and because of that the show has turned into a cartoon. The challenges and photo shoot ideas are just stupid (like that one on a roller coaster...WTF?) and the show is getting more and more gimmicky with her secret language and shamelessly plugging her horrific novel. That woman they have on it as a permanent judge this season is not even really in fashion--she's a PR person...then you have all of the singing and music video stuff. I thought the show was called America's Next Top MODEL! Not America's Next Top Auto-tuned Artist (seriously...what if the winner can't sing? maybe they won't pick one who can't) or America's Next Top Extra Correspondent.

They need to get back to the modelling, bring back Janice and keep the Jays and Nigel. As for guest judges, they need to be fashion people, not Kris Jenner-Kardashian. I understand Tyra wanting to keep things fresh but their MUST be a way to do it without turning what used to be a good show into a total joke. Other long-running reality shows have aged much, much better. I don't think getting rid of Tyra but they do need to have someone else making some decisions.

882 days ago


Of course the record low ratings have Nothing to do with scheduling ANTM against the second hour of American Idol and Modern Family.

Instead of playing 'my fair lady/Pygmalion' perhaps casting you know girls who have actually done some modeling and need this show to reach the next step.

...and it's about money anyway. In addition to the "revamp" the budget was probably also slashed. I bet the tradition of going to some foreign city for the last few episodes is a goner too.

882 days ago


It's definitely not nigel or the 2 j's that make this show suck now, it's Tyra!!! She has only become more snobby and annoying each season, then to bring back ex-contestants for a season, bad idea. They did not win for a reason in the first place, why would viewers want to see them again. This show used to make me laugh at how stupid and self-centered these aspiring models were, the only smart ones who I respected were nigel and miss and mr J. All 3 of the fired still have awesome jobs while tyra has only fading beauty and no back up plan.

882 days ago


Bye-bye, Ty-Ty

882 days ago


Bye-bye, Ty-Ty

882 days ago


My daughter and I still watch repeats...we love it. The show has low ratings because it has a poor time slot and channel. The demographics are young teens and pre-teens. They don't stay up 'til 10 on a week night. I'm shocked that Nigel, and especially Jay Manuel got fired! They made the show...maybe there were some bruised egos??? (i.e., Tyra)? Maybe Jay and Nigel are more popular and sought out more. I'm disappointed, bad management decision. I hope Jay Manuel and Nigel start there own Modeling show. Good Luck! Patti & Summer

882 days ago


I stopped watching this show a LONG time ago... Tyra is so full of **** its unreal.. she goes on and on about how true beauty is on the inside and everyone is beautiful no matter what size, but then she comes out with a show that is all about physical beauty and all about skinny girls strutting around being bitches.. this is NOT beauty. also, those guys who got fired were the best part of that show, but it really doesn't matter anymore because the show is the ****s and is sinking fast.

881 days ago
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