TMZ Live 'American Idol' Contestants Welcome to the Big Leagues

4/20/2012 12:30 PM PDT
TMZ Live

The final six "American Idol" contestants joined us in the newsroom to get tips on how to handle the spotlight -- now that they're famous -- and they're off to a great start. You gotta see the hilarious shot one of 'em takes at Harv.

Plus, Justin Bieber drops $20k on a motorcycle ... that he can't even drive yet! Is he throwing away all his money? Also, Tyra Banks cleaned house at "America's Next Top Model" -- so ousted judge Nigel Barker called in ... to vent about getting axed. 

(0:00) Prepare to be NOT shocked -- an eyewitness claims LiLo caused the altercation at The Standard.
(7:02) Nigel Barker -- who just got fired from "Top Model" -- calls in to tell us how Tyra gave him the ax.
(10:10) The gnarliest reality show fight you'll ever see ... thanks for "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.
(15:22) Justin Bieber just dropped $20k on a motorcycle ... that he can't even drive yet.
(19:50) It's about to get serious -- Harvey and The Game are about to settle their beef once and for all.
(30:10) Does Suge Knight really think Tupac is alive?
(33:20) It's been 20 years since the L.A. riots ... Harvey reminisces about being in the middle of it all.
(36:10) The final six contestants from "American Idol" join us to a little training on how to deal with the media.
(42:10) We take your calls!