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50 Cent

Sued for Allegedly Stealing

Sample and Just Not Caring

4/21/2012 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent is being accused of sampling a song without permission on an album he released for free online nearly three years ago -- and the guy suing claims 50 knows he took the song ... but just doesn't care!

According to a lawsuit filed in New York, Robert Poindexter of The Persuaders claims 50 used a snippet from his band's song "Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out" on a song called "Redrum."

The song appeared on an album that 50 posted online for free ... which Poindexter claims 50 feels gives him immunity from any copyright claims.

Poindexter says in the suit, "Fifty Cents [sic] has not denied the infringement, but appears to be basing his defense solely on a frivolous and immaterial claim that the illegal version is not being commercially exploited, but is given away for free."

Free or not, Poindexter is suing for unspecified statutory damages and an additional $600,000 in punitive damages, plus interest. 

Calls to 50's people were not returned.


No Avatar


Dude you're either lame or desperate.

Probably both.

914 days ago


Ever since Obama wormed his way into office it seems like blacks (certainly not all of them) think that they can do what ever the hell they want, and feel they have the right to do so. Just like Obama pissing on the Constitution and doing every thing by executive order. Anyone else noticing this?!?!

914 days ago

Paul B    

Tell him to "shove off" Fiddy. You are one of the smart artists who knows how to protect your pot of gold. Perhaps that loser boy Sean Kingston could have asked you to manage his finances.

914 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

He sux. How would he like it if someone did that to him? Oh wait, his stuff is NOT good enough for someone to want to sample!

914 days ago


NOBODY cares...

914 days ago


Pay up 50 Cent. Too bad if you are just giving it away. That is not an excuse.
If I come to your house, and give away your cars, did I still not steal from you?

914 days ago


a rapper stealing someone else's music?
i bet that has never happened before!
oh wait- just about every damn rap song ever does that!

914 days ago


Learn an insrument to play and you won't have to steal real musician's music. Don't steal mine, get your own. Wow, talking over other people's music. That takes real talent.

914 days ago

Sin D    

Dude is awesome...but ain't this silly the whole sample/royalty dealio? Rap is BUILT on rippin' other peeps tunes. Admit accept and continue to get taken as fools you hip hop fans...been this long ya ain't learnin no hows.

914 days ago


Standard Operating Procedure among the rap/hiphop community.

914 days ago

Jax Armani    

50 cent should have at least asked permission from the Artist, EVEN if the Song was part of a Free Mixtape. Whatever happened to making ORIGINAL music?!

914 days ago

h8turd deluxe    

He's innocent and kinda cool, too.

914 days ago


A lot of the hip-hop beats are based off sampling. I could bet anything on that 50 never heard of the band b4 this mainly because it`s producers who sample not the actual rappers. Plus it was on a mixtape. If you made no money off it it`s not illegal. The guy is wasting his time and money on this.

914 days ago


Ripping off (excuse me "sampling") other people's music is what rappers have been doing since day 1.

914 days ago


This has got to stop. There are too many R&B and hip hop idiots stealing music from other artists. They are talentless hacks. Melanie Fiona sampled the Zombies without their permission in Give it to Me Right. Fiona & 50Cent are a disgrace to the music industry.

914 days ago
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