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50 Cent

Sued for Allegedly Stealing

Sample and Just Not Caring

4/21/2012 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent is being accused of sampling a song without permission on an album he released for free online nearly three years ago -- and the guy suing claims 50 knows he took the song ... but just doesn't care!

According to a lawsuit filed in New York, Robert Poindexter of The Persuaders claims 50 used a snippet from his band's song "Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out" on a song called "Redrum."

The song appeared on an album that 50 posted online for free ... which Poindexter claims 50 feels gives him immunity from any copyright claims.

Poindexter says in the suit, "Fifty Cents [sic] has not denied the infringement, but appears to be basing his defense solely on a frivolous and immaterial claim that the illegal version is not being commercially exploited, but is given away for free."

Free or not, Poindexter is suing for unspecified statutory damages and an additional $600,000 in punitive damages, plus interest. 

Calls to 50's people were not returned.


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Poindexter doesn't have a case. He must not know how the mixtape scene works. Mixtapes are free and rappers usually promote their next studio album in most of the songs somewhere in the lyrics. Rappers use other rappers beats and sample other musicians like crazy on mixtapes all the time. Not part of the beat but the ENTIRE beat. When it comes to sampling other musicians they'll usually interpolate parts of their songs. No lawsuits occur cause the mixtapes are free and for promotional purposes. When Lil Wayne did "A Milli" Jay-Z did "A Billi" and other other rappers used the beat. Same thing with Wiz Khalifa with "Black and Yellow", other rappers used the beat and changed the colors.

882 days ago


People complaining about rappers ripping off other musicians are ignorant sh*theads. Most rappers pay for those samples. Some tried to get away with it and got sued. Same thing with white musicians taking from black musicians and trying to skate by and not pay the original artist their royalties. Don't even start with that black people stealing music bullsh*t cause white people have stolen from black music for eons. It's pretty standard information that white people have stolen a lot from black people. Don't even get me started and people can deny it but all I have to say is 3 words, Rock and Roll. Stolen. Other genres white people find their way into those too. Ska? Jamaican. Jazz? Southern african americans. I can go on and on. You can keep country music and polka. Everybody borrows from everybody so white people on here complaining need to S.T.F.U. with all the hypocrisy and slander.

882 days ago


i don't like 50 Cent, but free is free. i'm a DJ (in practice) and happen to know a lot of producers and labels release uncleared samples on whites and even regular releases. if people aren't making any money from it, then you can't sue.

882 days ago


Who cares! Your lucky 50 even sampled it now you just want fame for your lame band

882 days ago

Joseph Carrello    

50 Cent did not break any laws here. If he performs the track live (for profit), or sells any material which contains the track in question, then he is infringing upon copyright law. This guy is not going to win a dime. Enjoy the free promotion Poindexter.

882 days ago


A lot of hip hop and R&B people sample other artist's music without their permission. What do you expect from them? Melanie Fiona stole a Zombies' song. You can hear that in Give it To Me Right. I cannot belive that b*tch won a Grammy. She is a dishonest talentless hack.

881 days ago


I thought 50cent had saw the error of his ways.... got his funky teeth fixed and wear'n fancy clothes... but it all goes to prove a leopard can't changes his spots nor a thug his thuggery

881 days ago


Yes rappers sample a lot of music, obviously. But they payed for it, if it is on an album they SOLD.

The music was free. THINK OF IT THIS WAY. All those video's on Youtube that people put music on. Making their own music video or just being goofy singing along or you think they should pay the artist? CAUSE THIS CAN GO BOTH WAYS.

Next big youtube video with music on it, some RICH FAMOUS ARTIST can sue the heck out of average joe for using their music even though they didn't make a dime. STUPID.

This could have been a huge opportunity for that bands career. An established music star sampling their music. But instead he runs to court, big mistake.

881 days ago


What does Obama have to do with anything? The article was about 50 Cent, his music, and a copyright infringement lawsuit. As a black man I get tired of seeing everyone attack the President because he is black not because of politics because I remember 2 Presidents maybe you hear of them Reagen and Bush. Who did what they wanted, when they wanted, and lied consistently about it. It's TMZ not CNN

881 days ago


Ever since 50 has become one of the most successful and richest rappers to date, more and more people try to sue him to see if they can get something out of his fortune, and its happening to other rich artists that are still making music to...None of the artists lose

879 days ago
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