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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dodges Speeding Ticket

4/21/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger
was caught red handed speeding through Beverly Hills Wednesday ... BUT the cop let him skate -- 'cause seriously, who challenges The Terminator?

It all went down on the rough streets of Bev Hills ... the ex-Governor put the pedal to the metal of his Mercedes AMG ... then was stopped dead in his tracks by a man in crisp blue.

"The Expendables" actor must have turned on the famous charm that both cops and maids just can't resist -- Arnold got a warning and was sent on his merry way.

Hasta la vista, baby , $400 ticket.


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Why does he get SPECIAL privileges? I got a camera ticket and have to pay $500.00 I am furious that these people are given special privileges. I heard in California those Camera ticket Do NOT have to be paid, is this TRUE?

916 days ago


lousy rebuplicons always breaking the law

916 days ago


is it sad that i was disappointed that arnold was spelled correctly and "ah-nold" was not used as it typically is in such articles

916 days ago


So, he's crashed his motorcycle, then theres these... now today, not to mention our state's economic collapse when he was in office and dont forget the dangerous, unsafe sex he head with the help (ie: bastard son) and now he skates on this slacker move as well. I guess, because of his social status, he will have to literally kill someone before anyone gives a sh it and call shim on his behavior. However if the homicide is spectacular enough he could use the footage in his next Hollywood blockbuster and win an Oscar for it. What a moron loser douche. And as for all the trusted officials who keep letting him off the hook, well, I'm just ashamed for humanity.

916 days ago


Did the cop get an autograph and picture too? That's usually how it seems to go.

916 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Police cyclist 123 you're fired! Common folks have to pay that fine or spend 4 days in jail. But what common folk can't spend 4 days in jail? Remember it cost the state more to incarcerate you than your fine. If they let celebrities go for minute $400 tickets. You might as well make the state pay big by not paying the fine and just doing the time.

916 days ago

Tigers Wood    

TMZ needs to un-fuzz the license plate of that cycle, so we can call and and complain to the Chief about this officer.
Does that say the cycle identification # 123?

916 days ago


You drive safe meow.

916 days ago


I am remembering how much i hate schwarzenegger

916 days ago

Bill Leslie    

With that motorcycle cop it looks like a scene straight out of T2 with Robert Patrick.

916 days ago


maybe that cop should be fired for letting him off speeding is speeding 400 dollars is chump change for him it not fair this should be investigated any other person would have to pay yes i want to no if he got a autograph

916 days ago


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916 days ago

princess leia    

Celebrity has its privileges.

916 days ago


Is it true that the camera tickets in Los Angeles DO NOT have to be paid?

915 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Funniest part was Arny impregnated the cop during the stop.

915 days ago
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