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Kathy Griffin

Mel Gibson's Getting Off Easy

... Again

4/21/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's getting away with murder ... again -- at least according to Kathy Griffin, who insists the actor still hasn't been appropriately punished for his multiple violent-sounding rants.

We asked Kathy if she thinks Mel's taking too much crap for his outbursts -- and Kathy responded ... "No, he's not getting enough crap."

So we gotta ask ...


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Kathy G is the meanest bitch out there....she ridicules people in her act and whenever someone puts a mic in front of her. She is basically one of the biggest bullies out there. If she does not need to tone down her crap why should she be telling Mel Gibson what he should be doing? Look in the mirror Kathy and make fun of your mother some more. You really are the biggest hypocrite of them all.

917 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ, you do realize that you can't "get away with murder" unless you actually kill someone, right?

917 days ago


Poor Poo-Poo Hinny Sam, she just cant come up with a solid explanation as to WHY none of MR MEL's "friends in Hollywood" are supporting THIS TIME. Nor can she explain why none of "MR MEL's" children have EVER spoken out in defense of their father. 6 out of 7 children are all legal adults who can make their OWN DECISIONS. Maybe they havent defended him BECAUSE THEY DONT WANT TO. Maybe they're letting him "wallow in his own mess" because they've been embarrassed and humiliated by him. Have you ever noticed Mel is NEVER photographed with any of his 7 children? Maybe because they dont come around him.
All Sam can do is call people names.

917 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

I think the poll is broken again: the bulk of these comments are against KATHY and way way in Mel's favor. Yet, the poll shows no one wants to forgive him. Something stinks again in TMZ-land.

917 days ago


Cool Bunny: less than a minute ago
I think the poll is broken again: the bulk of these comments are against KATHY and way way in Mel's favor. Yet, the poll shows no one wants to forgive him. Something stinks again in TMZ-land.
OH I SEE so when the POLL goes AGAINST MEL, it's broken. When TMZ did other polls that were in MEL's favor LIFE WAS GOOD and YOU were happy.....

917 days ago


Kathy Griffin, is a piece of crap.

917 days ago

Mae White    

The jerk's a misogynistic, anti Semitic, racist slob.

Robin should be singing her good fortune in getting rid of the jackass.

917 days ago


Cool Bunny: less than a minute ago
BTW, WHO is doing the name calling?? ROFL at idiot!!
(I think you more than likely have serious mommy issues the way you hate 'flock' and are gay. Get help, dude.)
What's the matter Sam does name calling bother you? Maybe you should pull your head out of you HINNY and look in the mirror! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Le Snicker

917 days ago


WOW Poo-Poo Hinny Sam, look at the POLL NUMBERS. 67% of those who partook in the poll DONT THINK MR MEL SHOULD BE FORGIVEN.

917 days ago


Pull your head out of your HINNY Sam and look at those POLL RESULTS! Have a cheesy curl you'll feel better. maybe wash it down with some of that popov you like so much!

917 days ago


It's easy to sound self-righteous when no one has a recording of you at your worst moment. Everyone has there share of bad moments, but no one is selling those moments on a series of tapes as if they were a Time/Life series. People need to vent. We know how it is to vent. A lot of times our mouth goes further than our brain intended to. We may not have said the same things that he has said in anger, but we have said some stupid and hurtful things in our lifetime.

917 days ago


Fidel's niece: about a minute ago
Hi 2i,
yet ANOTHER conspiracy theory regarding
TMZ poll ???- LMAO!
24 thousand VOTES
67% for NO
33% for Yes
apparently thousands of people voted
but did not post...
if only bunny azz had a brain!
FN - I laffed and le snickered at the broken poll comment from Dumb Bunny Sam - she really needs to (using her terminology) "pull her head out of her hinny".....

917 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Well just goes to show how long your memory is FN (idiot is just an idiot)--cuz I moaned about the polls being wrong before when they were in MEL'S favor.

The polls are not accurate--probably something to do with if you want to see the results you have to click in on them. Comments have been in Mel's favor--argue with that one.

917 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Poor, poor Mr. Mel...
comedians are making fun of him,
let's see...Letterman, Craig Ferguson
(not a Jew, he is Scottish), Jimmy Kimmel...
just to name a few.
That is what they do with celebrities,
and like the saying goes
"If you can't take the heat get
the f*ck
out of the kitchen"
I like Cathy Griffin,
she is funny and smart.
Go Kathy!

God is also conspiring against Mr.Mel.

917 days ago

buzz kill    

Who cares what Kathy Griffin says or thinks, she is a dou*he bag anyway.

917 days ago
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