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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Getting Their Licks In

4/21/2012 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get some ice cream.Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoyed a beautiful day in New York City, taking in the sights of the Big Apple while KK enjoyed an ice cream cone. 

A vanilla ice cream cone. 


Would not have guessed that.


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Wow!! a lot of these boards make me realize just how miserable and envious people are these days, none of these people have killed, stolen from, or injured anyone but still this vapid hate for them, and all because of 5 to 10 min on television or sh*t you read in the paper? there are 24 hours in the day people, all you see and hear from these celebs is less than an hour. EVERYONE deserves to be happy and if they are happy together, good for them, I havent seen Kanye smile like this in a long time, especially since he lost his mother. I guarantee that if we secretly filmed all of you negative people for 24 hours the trifling, disgusting, miserable ways that you live would put both of these people to shame. Get your Life people this level of hate for people that you dont know says an awful lot about you and guess what a the end of the day your hate for them is your problem not theirs because as you can see both are still on the top of their game and they are LIVING their lives to the fullest. You on the other hand?

853 days ago


Kim: (spoken through her teeth) "oh look Kayney Poo one of Mommy's planted E! cameras, smile."

Kayne: "Oh Kim, you know I love this attention, cannot wait to see myself on TMZ later, make sure to pose like we are a couple"

Kim: "Oh I love to make my husband jealous and show the world what a sleep around I am, just like my Mommy"

Kayne: "It's super cool you are wearing my sweatshirt, let's really play this up and fool your fans Kim."

Kim: "Oh Kayne, what kind of jewelry and trips will you buy me for doing all of this for you to help promote your song?"

Kayne: "we have quite the gig going on Kim, I help you promote your show and pull in viewers pretending to date you, you help me promote my music, my new CD release, my new song"

Kim: "As my Mommy always taught me, Use people to promote yourself. Now can I get pregnant with your baby so I can exploit our love child?"

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Find a guy, use him to promote yourself and have your Mom sell headlines to the press, exploit, exploit, exploit. Dump him when he no longer will be your puppet.

852 days ago


Did she even lick that ice cream ? It has little chocolate bits in it and that might show up in her teeth and ruin the shot, so I am guessing she tossed the ice cream once they got enough of her holding it. What a couple of frauds. Look

852 days ago


Kim: "Kayne, thanks for being the storyline for our show this season. Mom and I had to do dammage control after the way I used Kris Humphries as a groom prop just so I could have a princess TELEVISED wedding. I love that I stiffed people keeping their expensive gifts, displaying the china and crystal in my china cabinet. Smile, my fans are fools, but I love it, they keep me relevant."

Kayne: "Well just as long as you help promote my music Kim."

852 days ago



852 days ago


Kim K is a pig and deserves Kanye.

852 days ago


he got a big head

852 days ago


What a couple of arse wipes these two are.

852 days ago


Looks like oreo or chocolate chip to me . . . He's even fuglier than her!

852 days ago

A viewer    

That's not vanilla, it's chocolate chip. The last thing she'd do is go vanilla. The two idiots deserve each other.

852 days ago


She needs something to cool off the back of her throat. Is it the money or the two youngest girls that keeps Bruce Jenner from jumping off the ho train?

852 days ago


She has the exact opposite effect of Bruce and his surgery.

She's looking more like a man and he's looking more like a woman.

Odd family.

852 days ago


We all knew it was love. Check out for all up to date Kim and Kanye News. Thanks TMZ for sharing the love.

852 days ago


Two fame whores faking a relationship for media attention, him for his tour and her just because she's a media whore. Isn't that the same top Kim had on when her pimp mom supposedly took a picture of Kim in her bed this morning and put it online?

852 days ago


Thank you people who leave TMZ comments way more interesting than the story.

852 days ago
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