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Suge Knight

BLASTS 2Pac Hologram ...

He Was Death Row-less

4/21/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight
is FURIOUS over the look of 2Pac's hologram at Coachella ... telling TMZ the people who created it screwed up one major detail.

The rapper was out in Los Angeles last night when he pointed out that the 3D hologram used to bring 2Pac to life on stage was missing the rapper's famous Death Row Records chain.

Knight told us, "At the end of the day, how you gonna take the Death Row chain off Pac? That's like taking the Raiders symbol off the Raiders."



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he's just jealous 2pac still makes more money then his fata** from the grave, he's just trying to stay relevant, he killed 2pac.. that should be enough to make him keep his mouth closed.

885 days ago

Bwoy dem    

Whatever Suge.

885 days ago


Well, seeing how there is a chance you may have something to do with Pac being dead, that would be inappropriate.

885 days ago


knight is irrelivant.

He's just pissed they didn't give him a reason to sue them for using his logo.

Pac wasn't Death Row. Knight might think he owned him, but he didn't and doesn't.

Question: Was knight watching the hologram performance from jail or is he out for a few weeks before he does something else stupid to get himself thrown back in with the other downlow folks?

885 days ago


Hey Suge, You just mad cause Pac got a GREAT sex tape and your only sex tape is with one of your prison buddies!

885 days ago


Hey Suge, Nice pic of you in your prison blues shirt! Looks good on you! Maybe they should keep your fat azz there! You definitely ain't smarter than a 5th grader! Oh yea, where's YOUR Death Row necklace??? You don't have yours on so why should Pac? He left your fat AZZ!

885 days ago


Oh yea, Hey Suge, Don't you need to report to your Parole Officer about now????? I know that Pac, Snoop and Dre don't have to do anything like that! That's cause they aint STUPID like you! and for all of you people that think these Gangster-rap-musicians ain't nothing but trouble, think again. Just read about Snoop and Pac! These guys are musical geniuses! That's coming from a middle aged white lady who loves country music! These guys are for real! Don't hate!

885 days ago


Suge(what a STUPID name, who names their child Suge?)#1 you should first and foremost know that Snoop and Dre ain't stupid like you! They would never put Death Row anything on Pac's or you would sue them. #2 Everybody knows(even me and I'm a white chick) that Pac started his OWN record company Makaveli and Euthenasia. His last release was on Makaveli, NOT Death Row! You just jealous cause you didn't think of it which just goes to prove that Snoop and Dre are da men! NOT YOU, CHUMP!!! You never showed Pac any respect for his talent and he left your azz in the dust because he was a brilliant genius! I have read alot on Pac and he was a musical genius! I have alot of respect for the man and wouldn't have enough respect for you to even spit on you! I think what Snoop and Dre did by bringing Pac back was out of this world! Thanks Snoop!!!!! Once again, you did it! Luv ya!

885 days ago


Hey Suge, Pac was getting a blow job from a beautiful woman in his sex tape. Who were you getting a blow job from in your sex tape? Oh yea, your bunk mate in prison had to give you your blow job and by the way, when you were in prison, who was on top during your only sex tape? I think I'll stick to watching Pac! Can't wait till you get arrested again! I wish Pac would come back! I know you would pay dearly for the respect you never showed him. That's why you are broke now! STUPID! Funny, Pac has money, Snoop has money, Dre has money, but YOU ARE BROKE!!!! Karma is a Biatch!

885 days ago


**** that douchebag Suge..

885 days ago

juggalo 6    

They took the chain off because Pac was killed for the money Suge Knight owed him and the fact that Pac was getting ready to leave death row when he was killed. How do you shoot over a fat man like Knight and hit the skinny guy next to him anyway. Knight had Pac killed. That is how.

885 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Is that loser still bleeding out of his rectum from his last prison stay?

885 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I just read the first couple of pages of comments, and it's clear that White, Black, or Brown, all men and women seem united in their utter contempt for your flaccid black a$$.

885 days ago

Yup Yup    

Is he an idiot? It wasn't a hologram. It was a video projection -- so whenever Tupac did that performance originally, he wasn't wearing the chain. It's an old parlor trick, called Peppers Ghost... it was NOT a hologram. Here's a diagram of how it's done:

885 days ago


Deathrow killed Pac, why would they put the chain on him?

885 days ago
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