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'Basketball Wives' Producers

Jennifer Williams' Suit Is a

HUGE Slap in Our Face

4/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Williams
' "face-slap" lawsuit is the giant shovel digging her reality TV grave ... TMZ has learned ... 'cause we're told "Basketball Wives" producers are PISSED!

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... Williams was already on thin ice with the show -- even before her slaptastic showdown with Nia Crooks -- but now that she has filed a lawsuit ... that ice is breaking FAST.

We're told producers think the suit is BS ... claiming Jennifer never had a problem with fighting before and insist this is a desperate publicity stunt to keep her storyline interesting -- securing her a place in season 5.

But a source tells us the stunt is not working, adding, "Filing broad lawsuits when you are as much to blame for the drama, is not the way to get your contract extended."

Ouch ... now that's gotta sting.


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To me this says the Producers condone violence. Jennifer also did not encourage this fight or any of the fights she's been involved in. Its not about getting another contract. This girl was slapped across the face. Not once this season but twice. Lets not forget the slap across the face with Evelyn's purse. She also tried to avoid the fight by responding to Nia's question about their friendship and what problem Jennifer had with her. She said; I do not have a problem with you. She also warned Nia not to slap her. Now, whose kidding who Nia. She should have filed charges against Evelyn for threatenng her life

910 days ago


I applaud Jennifer for continuing to be a REAL lady despite all of the ANIMALISTIC behavior going on around her. Why would the producers be so mad at her for filing a suit and charges against this animal? This is the 2nd time this season someone has smacked this girl. If we can all recall Evelyn slightlyslapped her across the face with her purse. She also tried to prevent the episode with Nia. When Nia asked her what was her problem with her, she responded by saying, I don't have a problem with you. Enough said. Evelyn is an Animal...Tami is a NO DRESSING WANNABE...She spent half a show critizing Kenya for the way she dresses when she cant dress at all. Shaunie has sold her dignity for a dollar and lets be reminded that Jennifer is worth $30 million dollars without her settlement from her husband. Evelyn is ONLY worth $1.5 million...Tami $500 million. So, what Jennifer had only 4 colors of lip gloss. They are all owned by her. Evelyn had to get investors because she doesn't have it that way. Jennifer doesnt need to go on Reality TV and act like an animal. Jumping off tables and mess. Just too GROWN. Do your thing Jennifer. We love you

910 days ago


I can't believe that they are mad about the face slap law suit, how about being mad with the face slap. Get real producers, how would you like it someone slap the **** out of you?

910 days ago

Nadine Owens    

I really do not find it acceptable for grown supposedly adult women to be acting so so foolish, and especially those with children. If you cannot get along then move on. But putting your hands on an individual is totally out of the question, there is not that much money in the world, people get hurt and graves are getting full behind foolishness. Don't care if it is reality tv, keep your hands to yourself.

910 days ago


How is it that that the producers on Basketball wives states that Jennifer Is skating on thin ice, when this girl is taking hits from several parties. The ones that should be punished are Evelyn, Nia and Tammi for bringing such hostiility towards others

910 days ago


If anyone gets put off it should be Evelyn,she is a disgrace to all LADIES. Is there one person she has not been into it with. You need to leave the show to the younger ladies they act like ladies.

910 days ago

Linda R. Herman    

They don't care about Jen's well-being. I don't blame her, I'd sue Nia and if possible, I'd sue them as well. It's easy for them to talk smack...they didn't get smacked in the face!

910 days ago


Did you hear Chad? He said he was not with Evelyn for her looks. I guess he did not like the look he saw of her running across a table. What kind of role model would she be for the younger generation. I hate to say: as a mother. Who wants that look for his future wife?

910 days ago


tell her to pack up and go live with starr jones, i hate her, she knew what the show was all about, she wouldnt have been nothing with out the show and her husband, go find somewhere else to be look like a big old horse, they need to slap u one more time ( off the show) and why are you guys who complain watching the show turn the channel watch ms. america or miss universe

909 days ago


OMG I can't stand Evelyn!!!! She's such a f'in bully. She always wants to fight and act and look so stupid. I dont understand why they would allow Evelyn to keep assaulting her cast mates.

909 days ago

fran leialoha    

I truly cannot believe that these grown women, with children think that it's ok to assault someone,dive from a tabletop to harass them with evil raunchy word, what does your "Mamas" think of your behavior? Especially Evelyn and Tami who have beautiful and well mannered children..what do you think that they really feel about there mothers? I would really try to correct my wrongs and remember that young women and men watch your actions. You really need some professional help ladies ( maybe "ladies" is not the right word to call you folks.)

909 days ago


ya'll have it twisted ev's @$$ rag nia had no reason to slap jen why? just becuse ev "the devil" put her up to it. jen needs to learn how to defend herself against b----- such as this. if she does not return next season she will survive b\c she has class & can go anywhere. the show needs her.

909 days ago


It is obvious that the networks only want to operate within the narrow framework of mainstream media’s stereotypical black woman. For those who believe that this issue is about changing the channel, please take heed to her words. The networks aren’t interested in a media image for African American women that is positive, intelligent or even dignified. They only want the image with which they are comfortable. African Americans should be offended by this philosophy. We are better, we deserve better. We must demand better.

909 days ago


Now no one deserves to be hit... but I think I would have hit her too! No need to sue for a slap. Instead of dancing with each other, Jen should have tried to hit her back. The comments that came out of her mouth were hurtful to the majority of the population. The size of someone's home, the location, their chosen profession - should always be off limits. What Jen said was very offensive. I agree with another writer that mentioned her annoying voice. Let her go...get her off the show!

907 days ago


jennifer never liked to fight she really needs to file a lawsuit against that bitch evenly she starts everything and she said royce was a bum bitch and didnt have anything just for the record cause she said jen said it to mia

907 days ago
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