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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

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4/22/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West met Kardashian family yesterday in New York.
Kanye West met Kim Kardashian's family yesterday in New York and according to our sources ... the Kardashian clan absolutely loved him.

According to our sources, Kanye and Kim were excited for the family gathering and the opportunity to show them just how great they are together.

We're told the meeting went great and the family thinks they make the perfect couple.

Earlier in the day, the pair went shopping around SOHO and were photographed eating ice cream and smiling up a storm.


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Say what you want about this family but at least they're not racist unlike the majority of Americans.
KK is also a good manager. Don't agree with everything she does but you can't deny she knows how to market their brand. Hell, she could market me if I lived in the US. Happily, I don't.

916 days ago


IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER how vigorously we complain about the K Klan they love every negative comment as long as the comments keep them front and center. We all know K K and Mama have very low morals so why would they feel insulted and betrayed? They can't, as long as the publicity clears their path to the bank, and, it does. These people are not dummies. They don't care who they hurt. Every move they make is well calculated to benefit their individual life style and to push their wealth further into the millions. Example, Kris Humphries. Enough said!

916 days ago


that notthing new, tell me when they have not approvel on a guy... all they want is attention like always and there getting olddddddddddddd.

916 days ago


Wait, I thought he's been a "family" friend for years. So has he been a "family" friend or is he just meeting the family now? Just something else to keep them in the tabs. They need to keep their stories straight.

916 days ago


Harvey, have you been banging Kris Jenner? Are you really Khloe's father? Is this the real reason TMZ keeps covering this slut f--king Kardashian/Jenner family. Do you have some vested interest in the propagation of this family's future? Come on Harvey, its confession time.

916 days ago

Who Knew    

Another bad move by the adulteress momager. He's a racists and this may cost the Kartrashian Klan some of their remaining white and Hispanic fans they still have. Hey, that's a win-win.

916 days ago


He wouldn't even need to show up, just send a suitcase of cash and he can stay home and enjoy life,

but he'll beeeee soooorryyyyyyyyy

916 days ago


never go full retard.

916 days ago


Holy mother of all things sacred..ENOUGH KARDASHIANS ALREADY!!!
Nobody cares who she is sleeping with today. Give it time some other dummy will come along, because there is always someone dumber than the last guy....Mama K..take your daughter by the hand, teach her class, manners and most of all teach her how to stop sleeping around..OH wait you can't, you did it yourself...OOPSIE

916 days ago


Don't blame the Kardashian's, blame Ryan Seacrest. Boycott him and maybe the Kardasian will go away.

916 days ago


Boycott!! Let's watch something better. "The Big Theory" , "Modern Family". If you want reality, watch "The Celebrity Apprentice", "Storage Wars", "Pawn Stars" or "Action Hunters". They give more fun then the "KarTrashian's".

916 days ago


Next stop on the whore train after Kanye? P. Diddy! and you know that one is coming!

916 days ago


News about Kim K brings flocks of fans to TMZ or any news media. She's the number one attraction. If you hate it too bad, because she will be on your face everyday, every hour for the rest of your lives! haha!

916 days ago


Pigs in Blankets.

916 days ago


This has go to be the silliest article out of all the articles I've read on these two. Everybody involved know this "relationship" is for the media. These are two narcissistic screw buddies helping each other out with publicity.

He might or might not take Kim on tour which would probably bring in more ticket sales if the fame whore is sitting in the audience and the fame whore and her family would get higher ratings on their show if Kanye made an appearance especially after all the media about them being so in love.

I can't wait for the other shoe to drop. lol

916 days ago
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