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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Spicing Things Up

4/22/2012 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoyed a dinner out
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoyed a dinner out with Kim's family last night, hitting up the popular restaurant Spice Market in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.

As TMZ first reported, Kanye's version of Meet the Parents went well ... with the Kardashian clan thinking the two made a great couple


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Kim and Kyne together is a media gimic. Celebs do that every now and than to be in the public eye. This will be over soon once the contract between Kim and Kynes publicist will be over. After the so called break up Kyne will proceed toward releasing his upcoming album, where he would add a few tracks of lost love, dissaopointments stuff like that. Kim on the other hand would benefit out of this break up with cover page pics and articles on how she is reciprocating after this soon to happen break up and how strong she had become as a person, Girl Power things of that sort.

827 days ago


Anyone ever wondered why Kim is attracted to black guys?

827 days ago


He is a racist and thinks he is the **** out of everyone and really he ****ing sucks and is a nobody now, plus a total douche bag.. yeah great combo.. she is also a selfish narcissus, who doesn't give a **** about anyone and has this strange sense of entitlement. Like she deserves to be a celebrity and actually has talent, when really she just copied her ex-bff and a *******ed a d-lister on tape.. dumb cheap h0e and will always be..

827 days ago

juggalo 6    

Thank You kayne...... At lest no decent White guy will get stuck with this ho..... I sure am glad all the black guys take the white chicks white guys don't want. it saves our gene pool.

827 days ago


Go on the Daily Mail and there are 5 stories written about them and that's only now in the morning there is going to be at least 4 more stories written about them on there. Also Ive noticed either the Kardashian PR team, the Kardashian's themselves or their delusional fans are writing comments on their articles claiming people who dont like them are "jealous" or "hating" on them. They are paying the DM to get exposure and publicity in the UK as nobody there is interested in them and that's the only way they can get attention overseas. They also pay TMZ and Perez Hilton to keep posting stories on them and write nice stuff about them. They can pay all the top celebrity gossips sites all they like and post comments pretending to be people who like them but people will never change their minds about them. Karma hasn't come to them yet but it will sooner or later and they all are going to be crashing down very hard much worst than all those other hasbeen reality stars and me and a lot of others will be sitting, watching and laughing at the ride.

827 days ago


99% of the time, I couldn't care less who celebs are sleeping with/dating. But these two fame-whores make me want to vomit. They are materialistic, ego-maniacs. They have no class & wouldn't know what real love was if it smacked them in the face. Kim is c*m dumpster. How many dudes has this chick been with for God's sake?? They are all famous too. Kanye is a soulless, talentless piece of sh*t. I hope they give each other a bunch of std's & then have a big, humiliating public breakup. They are so gross.

827 days ago


Way to much attention is given to the Kardashians. Who really cares who she is screwing at the moment? Pay attention to people who actually work for a living and ones who do good for world.

827 days ago


How gross and sickening! She may be beautiful on the outside, but I wonder what she really is like.

Probably, very self-centered. The entire family should back out of the spotlight (or quit trying to be in it) and get real.

In the "normal" world, the entire family would be considered
as prostituting themselves.

"Family Values?"

827 days ago


What happened to "I not hooking-up with Kanye! I'm still a married woman"!! What a skank!!

827 days ago


S*** AND S***IER....

827 days ago


It is amazing you could fit both of their egos in one picture. Kanye is a rude idiot. I am sure Kim's dad is rolling in his grave over her choices in "men".

827 days ago


has she ever been with a 100 percent white guy? I bet her dad is rolling over in his grave over this skank

827 days ago

average jane    

These two have such egos that it is hilarious. Yes, the public may be looking at them but we are doing it while having a smile on our face from watching these 2 make such idiots out of themselves. These two "celebrities" are known for either being a whore or being an ass. That's something to be proud of!

827 days ago


Was her husband there? You know Kris Humphries.

827 days ago


Seriously though, who else would go there??? She is really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Kris Humphries was too classy for her - she cannot handle that. Trash is all she deserves and finally she has found it - Kanye's money means diddly squat - he is just trash with money. NO CLASS.

827 days ago
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