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Rick Ross

Pulled Over By Cops

... ON A BOAT!!!

4/22/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross on his boat talking to the FWCC
Cops in Florida were thiiiiiiis close to making a drug bust on Rick Ross' yacht ... if not for a quick-thinking cohort who ditched the evidence at the last minute ... this according to law enforcement.

A rep for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (yes, they can arrest you) tells us officers flagged down Rick's boat on Thursday after noticing the odor of weed.

We're told cops boarded the water vessel and conducted a search ... but found nothing.

Now get this ... cops tell us one of Rick's homies ADMITTED to smoking weed onboard the ship ... but claimed he threw the dope overboard when he noticed the officers. 

The plan WORKED -- a rep for the FWCC says because the officers didn't find any marijuana on board, no arrests were made ... and no further investigation will be conducted.

The lesson -- see a cop, ditch your weed in the ocean.


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Wait.. I don't get it, why would Rick Ross be running from his own coworkers??

878 days ago


Don't smoke weed but I agree it should be legalized. It is medicinal and not as addictive or harmful as alcohol, cocaine, crack, meth, heroin, cigarettes and prescription drugs. Many people need the drug to combat pain. I would consider using weed when I'm a senior with ailments. However, I don't approve of recreational drug use, especially for minors.
The war on drugs is a losing battle and even dangerous artificial weed is being marketed and legally sold. They need to take a closer look at the issue.

878 days ago


Let Me guess...He was topless and there is a Law against bare Boobs in Florida.

878 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Dumbass couldn't even wait till they got out far enough to light it up. They should throw his ass overboard and make him swim on the way back.

878 days ago


Never 'sea' weed again.

878 days ago


cops cant search because they smell weed anymore because people could have a licensed to smoke its unconstitutional its an illegal search since weed is used for medical reasons now

878 days ago



878 days ago

King Anton    

wait the real rick ross or the rapper?

877 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lessons still in need to be learned: stop city town and boat coachin around people who think about you, that you just trying to prove something to the white man, now that you got money, and that now that you 'own a boat' you think you better than everyone... just a hunch.

877 days ago


hes on a boat mother****er

877 days ago

your mum    

the story is not clear , rick ross the rapper or the real rick ross? the picture is also not clear.

877 days ago


PS; I am trying to get this message out to all the red necks .. BET is not own by Robert Johnson anymore it's own by a big white company know as VIACOMM. Geez now what you all got to say?

877 days ago


Was his tail dragging in the water???????

876 days ago

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871 days ago

Boss like Rick Ross    

Kml rozay a beast

870 days ago
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