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Jennifer Aniston

Scouting Trip to Crete for Wedding

4/23/2012 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux are planning a wedding thousands of miles away from Hollywood ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the Elounda Beach Hotel in Crete (where Aniston's dad was born, located about 230 miles south of Greece) tell TMZ ... Aniston was there recently, scoping the place out. Our sources say Aniston mentioned a July wedding.

The hotel website boasts a wedding package that includes:

-- A dedicated consultant
-- Legal, License Paperwork Requirements
-- Civil or Religious Ceremony outside of the Hotel’s Church 
-- Bridal Bouquet, Groom's Boutonniere, decoration of the club car
-- Bottle of champagne & Greek Wedding Sweets after the ceremony for the bride & groom

You get all that, plus a series of other complimentary services, for about $2,300. 

Aniston made that for roughly 2 seconds of work on "Friends." 

BTW, one of the hotel big wigs says Aniston hasn't settled on his hotel for the nuptials ... as he put it, "She has connections on the other side of the island as well."



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Zombie Whitney Houston    

Is that guy's head really that abnormally gigantic? His head looks like it's in one of those fun-house mirrors that stretch everything.

922 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

Planning a wedding??? lol what when did they get engaged tho?

922 days ago


TMZ's sources are not 100% so I think I'll just wait until Jennifer & Justin announce they're getting married before I believe unverified wedding plans.

922 days ago


If that is true (which I am very skeptical about considering the media has proclaimed she is engaged about 3 dozen times) It is a VERY BAD IDEA.

She seems to insist that she is sick of the whole Brad Pitt thing. Being mentioned in storys about he and Angelina.

People will think that since Brad and Angelina just got engaged then she felt the need to aswell, even if it's not true.

It will fallow the marriage around. Why start off a marriage with something that supposedly annoyes the heck out of you? Eh, whatever it's her life.

922 days ago

My Big Salami    

Brad Pitt was right to leave her....She's a "serial dater"...She won't marry this guy. She will F this up as only Jenn can do!

922 days ago


Ofcourse Jen is scouting for a wedding. So because her EX announced that he is getting married, Jen decides after dating this balloon head for 2 seconds that she needs to get married. She always struck me as desperate but this is really desperate.

922 days ago

BB not bb    

I think maybe Brad was waiting for Jennifer to find someone else before he proposed to Angelina. I think he feels bad for leaving her and knows that he was in the wrong. He must have a guilty concience. I think she is just trying to make the best of a messed up situation however she can.

Now Brad gets to run an international orphanage with a Mother Theresa wannabe who treats his own kids like garbage. I don't understand why Shiloh gets dressed like some butch, and why his kids are always running around with bags of junk food and candy. Angelina doesn't seem like a very good mom to me. Maybe to the foreign kids she is okay but not to her own so much. I think Jen probably has a better head on her shoulders and wouldn't be so neurotic towards her own family.

I always liked Anglina better as an actress in certain roles that weren't action roles, but this situation just disgusts me to no end. I think it would be great if Jen and Brad could just reunite somehow, but that is a social mess any more.

I don't think Anglina really meant to break up their marriage but she is so neurotic and self centered that i don't think she realizes the damage she causes. Brad is nothing more than her latest accessory while to Jen he was her life. So I guess his upgrade was really a downgrade.

Ideals are not the reality. Angelina can really suck you into her dream world, making her a great actress at times, but that doens't translate well to reality. I think ther second husband essentially said the same thing about her. She is a real artist type, while Brad is more just of a standard star type like Jen. I don't think Brad can ever really understand Angelina, he will just have to cling on for life and make the best of it.

I wish they would even let Shiloh look gender neutral instead of looking so butch. At least give her a chance to be something normal. She is so pretty and you don't get to see that the way she is presented. She is way too young to be having a sexual identity crisis. I find the way she is dressed to be psychologically abusive.

This reminds me of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. I think he waited for her to get someone else before he finally proposed. I think he wanted to be with Jessica but coudln't figure out what she wanted from him. I don't think she knew herself either. That was just another big mistake.

I think the key here is that marraige takes patience and humility, which alot of people, especially stars, don't have.

922 days ago


Not buying these wedding plans. It's just teat for tat because of Brad's announcement. It's still not too late for Jen and Brad. Drop those losers and reunite to be the Hollywood Golden couple once again.

922 days ago


can somebody explain me something ?
if Crete is the largest Greek island,how can it be : 'located about 230 miles south of Greece'???????
you mean located about 230 miles from Athens

922 days ago


That biological clock is tick'n away.

922 days ago


What the HELL is in Crete?!?!?! And why the HELL is she considering marriage?!?!?! The 1st one didn't work out so well......

922 days ago


With her track record, it would be cheaper to go to the Justice of the Peace.

922 days ago


every one has his or her life to life you can never tell what tomorrow will be u can never tell my dear

922 days ago


omg.... look at the size of his forehead!!! is he related to the Mannings or the Munsters? wow

922 days ago


So this is where Cretins are from.

922 days ago
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