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Lane Garrison

Domestic Violence Captured

On Security Camera [VIDEO]

4/23/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_garrison_security_videoSurveillance video shows Lane Garrison slapping Ashley Mattingly square in the face after he waited for her outside her apartment -- a much different story from the one Lane told his attorney after his arrest for domestic violence.

TMZ obtained a copy of the building security camera recordings from Saturday ... and the full video (below) shows the "Prison Break" star sitting outside his ex-gf Ashley's Beverly Hills apartment building until she arrives home. When Ashley drives into the building's garage ... Lane is seen stumbling as he runs  after her.

Lane and Ashley are then seen walking into the building together, but clearly arguing as they get into an elevator. Ashley seems to be asking Lane to leave ... but when he refuses, she gets off the elevator -- and then things get physical.

Just outside the elevator -- in the apartment lobby -- Lane is seen grabbing Ashley's arm with his left hand ... and then slapping her face with his right. After a few more seconds of struggling ... Lane runs out of the building.

In the final clip ... Lane is seen chucking what we believe is Ashley's mobile phone into the street, and then stumbling up the front stairs and leaving.

Yesterday, Garrison's attorney Harland Braun said Garrison told him he was in the building to dog sit for a friend, and just happened to run into Ashley in the lobby. Braun says Garrison admitted there was an argument, but claimed he did not harm Ashley.

Garrison was arrested for felony domestic violence -- and has yet to post his $50,000 bail.  He is also on a parole hold because of his manslaughter conviction.


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This dude needs an ass whooping. There goes what little career Lane Garrison had.

883 days ago


I'm reading these comments and I'm thinking to myself...why is everyone being so polite about what's really happening here? When the Chris Brown story hit news it was Ni**a this, black b*stard that...Loser this, Stupid Ni**er that. The comments I'm reading right now are more like what people would say at an Where's that tenacity you all seem to have when black people beat up on women...or when they blow a bunch of cash at a strip know those avenues that allow you to behave like the true racists you are.... Is it okay for white dudes to slap their "bitches," but not okay for blacks to do the Let us ponder this....

883 days ago


What a 'mutha effin' idiot! Parole revoked!

883 days ago


If this had been a man repeatedly hitting a woman for trespassing, then the woman hit the man ONCE to stop him from physically barring her from leaving, would all of you be screaming for her head? No? Thought so.

883 days ago


This guy is a complets a-hole. If you slow the video down you will see that he is pulling her by the hair, that's why she's trying to get away from him, then he slaps her in the face! Hope they lock his a$$ up for a long time.

883 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

This guy needs help.

883 days ago


Yeah, if you're going to beat someone and lie about it make sure there's not a video tape. This moron belongs in jail.

883 days ago

Captain Long Slong    

Had to register an account for this. These comments make me laugh about people saying his career is over.Perfect example look what Chris did, he beat the mess out of Rihanna Im sure with a closed fist. Enough said

883 days ago


Am I watching the same video? It is hard to tell who is doing what in the video. It seems to me she was pushing and swinging at him. It also looks like he could be blocking her hits. I think this video makes them both look bad. He should have walked away as soon as those doors opened especially considering the police were involved in the past. Dumb on his part for sure!

883 days ago


I don't know how people think that someone slightly pushing a drunk, stalking a-hole out of the elevator is considering that being the "aggressor". If I wanted someone away from me I would give them a little nudge as well. As for who did what when they are in between the elevator doors, you can't see what he is doing so maybe she used her arm to shove him because he did it first. To me it actually looks like he could be choking her @:27!! From what I saw there was NO reason for him to slap her!!

883 days ago


HE IS A WOMAN BEATER! Lets see how the hollywood cops get him off the charge with probation and then he will do it agian. MARK MY POST

883 days ago


Watched it's a list so you can watch it yourself:
First shove at 00:03
Blocks exit at 00:12
Grabbing his arms at 00:30
Rushes at him head down at 00:33 (he is NOT "pulling her hair" like Muppet claims. He has a hand on one arm, and the other on the shoulder to steady himself as she pushes him with her head down)
His "strike" happens at 00:37 (looks more like he was getting control of her as she was ramping up, but COULD actually be smack....won't contend that.)
They go off camera a 00:38 and he walks off a few seconds later.
NOW, if he was actually grabbing her by the shoulder, and he already had control of the other shoulder, would that NOT prove that what he said (I grabbed her by the shoulders and sat her down in a chair) actually be more feasible than the theories presented here? She literally assaults the guy several times before his "strike". Last I checked, hitting someone after they hit you first is self defense, no matter who does the first hit, and who defends themselves (man/woman). In Oregon, where I lived until a few years ago, the beginning of a fight isn't even the first punch anymore. It's whoever makes the first aggressive movement, which can even be considered walking at someone with a mean look on their faces. This woman had every right to pop him one. He was being a drunken asshat. She did NOT, however, have the right to block his exit, grab his arms, run at him with her head down, etc.. She IS the aggressor at that point. Had she popped him, then got out of his way and left, or just gotten out of his way so HE could leave, she would have been in the right. As it stands now, she assaulted him, then blocked his exit, then attacked him again....even though at no point was he between her and the exit. She could have walked away. Instead, she chose to try to play the victim, and I think this tape is gonna bite her in the ass.

883 days ago


Thats a ****ing bad video,no hold in that,but in mother****sucking America is anything possible.We did not see he hit her face,it could have been the body,and maybe they playd in fast film,just to have something to blaim him for!?

883 days ago


****sucking American laws,**** it!!!

883 days ago


Has she been fined for not picking up the dog's poop?.....Beverly Hills has a pooper scooper law and TMZ caught her on camera clearly showing her neglect!!!

883 days ago
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