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Lane Garrison

Domestic Violence Captured

On Security Camera [VIDEO]

4/23/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_garrison_security_videoSurveillance video shows Lane Garrison slapping Ashley Mattingly square in the face after he waited for her outside her apartment -- a much different story from the one Lane told his attorney after his arrest for domestic violence.

TMZ obtained a copy of the building security camera recordings from Saturday ... and the full video (below) shows the "Prison Break" star sitting outside his ex-gf Ashley's Beverly Hills apartment building until she arrives home. When Ashley drives into the building's garage ... Lane is seen stumbling as he runs  after her.

Lane and Ashley are then seen walking into the building together, but clearly arguing as they get into an elevator. Ashley seems to be asking Lane to leave ... but when he refuses, she gets off the elevator -- and then things get physical.

Just outside the elevator -- in the apartment lobby -- Lane is seen grabbing Ashley's arm with his left hand ... and then slapping her face with his right. After a few more seconds of struggling ... Lane runs out of the building.

In the final clip ... Lane is seen chucking what we believe is Ashley's mobile phone into the street, and then stumbling up the front stairs and leaving.

Yesterday, Garrison's attorney Harland Braun said Garrison told him he was in the building to dog sit for a friend, and just happened to run into Ashley in the lobby. Braun says Garrison admitted there was an argument, but claimed he did not harm Ashley.

Garrison was arrested for felony domestic violence -- and has yet to post his $50,000 bail.  He is also on a parole hold because of his manslaughter conviction.


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Shaun O'Rourke    

Disgusting. I hope he gets what is coming to him. Let's see him try to break out of a real prison.

725 days ago


it's just all?

725 days ago


Isn't the 21st century awesome, everything is taped, at the dunkin donuts, at a stop light, at the grocery store, and in this girls apartment building!!

Keep this lying a hole in jail he has no credibility, no defense, nothing, it looks like he stalked her no matter what the their discussion was about, boys don't his girls ever never!!!
something that we all learned at a early age

725 days ago


Lane Garrison better start singing and dancing and have number one hits if he wants to have a future in Hollywood.

725 days ago


Busted! He needs to be bi*ch slapped. Lock the lying prick up and throw away the key.

725 days ago


To the people saying she instigated the "fight" by pushing him off the elevator... are you serious?

He waited for her, entered the property without authority (running in while the gate was still open. They walk into the building together and when the tape cuts to the elevator scene, his gf is clearly seen gesturing for him to go away. She pushes him out of the elevator and HE COMES BACK to drag out her, proceeds to slap her. We don't see 15 minutes of what else he's done. He walks away and then we see him throwing her phone.

Self defense my ass.

725 days ago


it looks like to me, he was pulling her hair and grabbing her arm. she could not have gotten out of that azz whuppin if she tried. she was a gonnar

725 days ago


It was obvious he is drunk. So that is a party foul. However, I saw no fear in her at all and quite honestly I didn't see him slap her. He reached out but that could have been a drunken grab or an attempt but I didn't see the connection. He probably did though. I did however she in the second video see her grab him behind his neck and pushing him out the door. Neither one is innocent. Best way not to get beaten by a drunk is A) Not date a drunk B) Don't hit him first.

725 days ago


lol bitch gets what she asked for....and its so funny, how its always the guys falt....never know what she did, in order for him to act like this....

725 days ago


now he can star in "Prison Break: Reality Show"... ;)

725 days ago

ike turner    

He should of punched that dumb broad in the face, that slap is nothing to complain about.. oh wa

725 days ago


Wow he slapped the mess outta her. He should just stay in jail. No bail for this guy obviously. What a pig.

725 days ago


what is this bitch crying about she was barley touched. i wonder what she did to him

725 days ago


This murderer never should have been released from prison. There are people locked up for decades over DRUG POSSESSION charges, and this guy KILLED A KID and got out almost instantly. Then instead of realizing how unbelievably LUCKY he was to get off with such a crime, he goes and hits a girl in the face.

He is a disgusting human being and needs to be locked up.

725 days ago


Oh I'll also say I love how Mel Gibson gets more **** than this guy. All Mel did was use WORDS as hateful as they were. Nothing else (not even his wifes abuse claims) were proven. Yet this guy drove drunk, killed a teen boy in doing so, now hits his girlfriend in the face and he will get less than a slap on the wrist from the public. While Mel Gibson will be publicly slaughtered for saying the N WORD for the next 20 years. Where the fawk are people values?

725 days ago
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