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Noah Wyle

Pulls a Clooney --

ARRESTED During D.C. Protest

4/23/2012 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Noah Wyle arrested
Following in the footsteps of his famous former co-star ... Noah Wyle has just been arrested during a political protest in Washington D.C.

Wyle, along with more than 100 members of the group ADAPT, were busted while trying to convince Congress not to cut Medicaid.

Wyle and ADAPT believe cuts in Medicaid spending would force many elderly people and people with disabilities into nursing homes ... instead of being able to receive treatment at their normal residences.

Just last month, Wyle's former "E.R." co-star George Clooney was arrested in D.C. for participating in a protest outside of the Sudanese embassy.

Clooney -- always setting the trend.


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Fifty Shades of WTF    

Pulls a Clooney? Umm... hardley anything new for celebrities to be arrested during a protest. LAME comment on Clooney being a trend setter.

890 days ago


Who is this guy?? Another stupid actor with a desperate try for attention. Try McDonalds, they may be hiring.

890 days ago

Throwback kid    

I was wrong, it looks like this Hollywood hasbeen can still get arrested

890 days ago


"convince Congress not to cut Medicaid. "

Another Poor Misguided Liberal. You should be here.

"President proposed $313 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid to help pay for $1 trillion health care reforms."

890 days ago


Noah wyly should feel insulted. Being compared to a self absorbed crusty old romeo. Noah was helping trying to help us. George saw a photo op. Sexiest man alive my aunt fannie. He looks insincere. Did anyone see turtle from entourage in think like a man act like a women? That's sexy. (hold on! i'm having a moment) Move over old man make way for a young man. Go help a poor nation learn to use a spoon. or adopt you some black babies or something.

890 days ago


Maybe there needs to be a special jail for former cast members of ER.

890 days ago


I work in healthcare, and the waste in Medicaid is unbelievable! There are people who receive Medicaid who drive better cars, have iphones, laptops, go on cruises...the list goes on and on. Most are unmarried with multiple children by multiple partners. Medicaid helps a lot of people, but a lot of people have Medicaid who should not be eligible!

890 days ago



890 days ago


At least Noah is concerned about the issues of our people. Clooney is like so many others who will ignore their own people to go to African or Asia, where it's the fault of the governments who withhold the aid the US sends

890 days ago


Medicaid is for the low income people, non-citizens or disabled people or children because daddy doesn't pay child support. Medicare is for retired people age 65 and older who have paid into the system for the years they worked. SSI is a federal program for the aged, blind and disabled with zero to low income.

It's costs an average of $2500 per month for assisted living for the elderly. It would be financially less expensive for the people to stay in their home.

All working taxpayers pay towards medicaid. Medicaid has been abused for too many years and now it has caught up with the government/states. Time to clean house from the abusers and in the state and federal administration.

890 days ago

billy cema    

Abuses of Medicare has been going on since President Obama was a toddler. Medicaid has also been abused from the start.
That's why I got out of the hospital business. My conscience would not let me stay.
Noah, thank you for thinking about the elderly. It is a shame how elders are almost non-citizens in the land they gave their blood, sweat and tears to help build.

890 days ago


You made an F-load of money with ER. Why don't you take that and spread it around. When you give your "fair share" away (which means all of it) then come talk to me about needing to do the same. If we had given people a choice on where to put their money, I would have money left when I retire in another 15 years. But as it is now, I'll probably not see one dime because idiot democraps (no wonder their mascot is a jacka$$) think we should give everyone a fair share instead of giving them an equal chance.

890 days ago

Jeff Becker    

I am so sick and tired of these overprivledged, over paid, arrogant, smug celebrities whining about curtailing spending, when the fact is we are spending a trillion dollars more a year than we take in. Obama's desire to increase taxes on the rich will bring in only 4.5 billion! Do these celebrities realize that we are paying benefits and services for the people of today at the expense of our childrens futures? Every baby born today owes $54,000 to the government before they even leave the hospital. It is time for our citizens to realize that every dollar they take from the government that a portion of that dollar will be borrowed from China and their kids and grandchildren will have to pay this debt? Everyone should quit being so self serving and live within their means

890 days ago


This guy has not aged very well.

890 days ago


we should all thank him for standing up for our disabled and elderly, at least he is doing something we know about, we see it happening to our aunts, uncles, Moms, Dads and friends, will we be herded like animals into facilities when we get old? yikes

890 days ago
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