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Police Investigating

Child Neglect Claims

4/25/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Family and Children's Services showed up at the home of Octomom Nadya Suleman Tuesday night, after receiving a complaint from her hairstylist that the mother of 14 allows her kids to live in horrendous conditions.

Octomom's hairstylist went to the PD today and she tells us ... she told cops she has been in the house and seen the following:

-- the plumbing is a disaster ... there is only one working toilet in the house
-- some of the kids are pooping on portable training toilets located in their bedrooms and in the backyard
-- the kids appear malnourished and unbathed
-- she observed Octomom locking her kids in a bedroom while she tended to personal matters
-- the house is filthy

The stylist made other allegations as well.

When the cop and 3 Children's Services workers arrived and walked inside, you can hear Octo say, "Excuse the graffiti." 

The authorities stayed an hour-and-a-half and left.  We're told they determined the kids were not in danger so they weren't removed from the home, but there will be a follow-up with Children's Services.

We're told the authorities will continue to investigate.


No Avatar


Octo needs a total redo OF HER BRAIN.She's one of the most usless human beings ever created.

914 days ago


So they see the photos from the hairdresser that the tax payers paid for and do nothing. I want a refund please.

914 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Surprise, surprise.

914 days ago


Everyone has a freaking opinion on this woman and her children...I bet some of your houses are full of crap too and I bet some of you spend all day sitting on your lard a$$ just commenting on other peoples misfortunes...Get a freakin life and help someone that needs help instead of pointing fingers you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

914 days ago


What a suprise, but at least her hair is styled......

914 days ago


They should let these chidden be adopted at birth. Orphanages are full of older children, adoptive parents want babies. Sad, but true.. She needed medicine along time ago!

914 days ago


how can she afford a hairstylist?

914 days ago


How can she afford a personal hairstylist? I'm far more financially secure than her, and I dye my own hair (unless I'm getting highlights of course).

914 days ago


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914 days ago


No, you don't want to separate them BUT they are living in filth with not even a toilet.
How an agency can say this is acceptable is beyond me. There are community agencies
who could house the 8 together.
It is so beyond selfish that she allows helpless children to live like this. It is abusive
and neglectful.

914 days ago


She needs food stamps, can't fix the plumbing, the kids don't have clothes or enough
beds BUT SHE HAS A HAIRDRESSER??????????????????

914 days ago


talk about your welfare queen and the bad part is this woman didnt have to have all those kids.. getting her hair done.. please.. and since when does the man who spermated these brats not have to support them.. thats awful.. 14 kids and he or them get away with doing nothing and this octo-idiot living off welfare.. here is your welfare queen and she didnt ahve to ne that which is what makes it so sickening!

914 days ago


"The kids were not in danger." Just like Josh Powell's kids were not in danger. Catastrophe waiting to happen.

913 days ago


People please these children are not at fault here no matter how terrible the act! This woman made a horrible decision years ago but it's done now and these kids should not be punished for that! However, the person who should be responsible and start paying the support is the DOCTOR who performed this procedure implanting so many eggs knowing the possible outcome with all the children she already had and not demanding proper mental evaluation. Bottom line there is NO reason any woman should have that many children at one time!

913 days ago


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913 days ago
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