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Rodney King on Trayvon Martin

Thank God My Attack

Was Caught on Tape

4/24/2012 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Rodney King tells TMZ ... he sincerely hopes Trayvon Martin's family will eventually get justice ... but says Trayvon's case makes him realize how lucky he was to have his beating captured on tape.

Just days before the 20 year anniversary of the L.A. riots, King was in NYC promoting his new book in which he describes his journey through the violence ... from the infamous beating at the hands of LAPD officers ... to his public plea for peace.

"It's not one day that goes by that I don't think about the incident ... I get these headaches ... when I [sniff], my sinuses start burning."

Now, with the Trayvon Martin case stirring up similar emotions as his legal saga  ... King says the judicial system is a "slow process" .... and adds, "I'm hoping he gets justice for his family ... 'cause he's no longer here, so for his family."

King went on to talk about how his own life is finally heading in a positive direction ... but noted, "Luckily I got [my attack] seen on tape."


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wouldnt matter if the trayvon thing was on tape..the race baiters could see trayvon smashing zimmermans head into the concrete and they would still swear zimmerman had no right to defend himself.the bleeding heart liberals are the same way.they think zimmerman should have allowed this thug trayvon to kill zimmerman..FREE ZIMMERMAN the political prisoner

876 days ago


OMG, go the F*** away Rodney King, you have proven what a POS you are over and over again!!! and I am sure those burning sensations you are having when you "sniff" have nothing to do with the "incident"!!!!

876 days ago


Why is this moron comparing his stupidity to Zimmerman/Martin case?

876 days ago


Rascisim will not stop until the black community stops segrating themselves, using the race card, and ALWAYS playing the victim.

876 days ago


Really? He has a book?? People will buy anything. Loser drunk.

876 days ago


Good job TMZ for resurrecting this loser and asking his useless opinion. Now you have given fresh fuel for new hate. Frankly, the cops should have just shot his azz back in the day, less controversial.

876 days ago

buzz kill    

Who cares what this loser thinks? He caused his own problems by being an out of control crackhead, and he thinks he is the victim. How about all the people who suffered as a result of his actions and that of other members of his community, ask Regnald Denny who was dragged from his truck and beaten and stoned.

876 days ago

buzz kill    

So what is he saying? The black community is going to riot if Zimmerman is not convicted?

876 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't Trayvon Martin 6' tall and 150+ lbs, and Zimmerman 5'8" 160... lbs? Wasn't Trayvon wearing a big loose hoodie that would allow anyone to believe he was possibly heavier/larger than 150 lbs?

Don't get me wrong, Zimmerman should have stayed in his car as he was told to by the 911 operator.

Why did he feel the need to get out of the car is my only real question?????

876 days ago

Fantastic Four    

King married a juror in his trial.

I used to see her coming to visit him DURING the trial.

He'd page her and she'd come running over in her little Honda Civic.

His place always smelled like pot ten feet from the door.

876 days ago


Hey. Here is a thought. Stop Committing crimes and you Don't have to worry about coming in contact with the police. And if you get pulled over, don't mouth off. And if you say that blacks get pulled over for no reason, then blame your own people for how they represented themselves throughout the years.

876 days ago


How does Rodney feel about all the Black on Black crime? 93% of all Black murder victims are murdered by a fellow BLACK!

Black make up 13% of the population and yet commit over 50% of all murders. I know I know, it is all WHITEY's Fault.

876 days ago

Ang Enman

So it is ok if a white man is beaten?

876 days ago


I knew we were getting the bs express on this Trayvon thing, when the first picture that came out in the media of him was when he was a sweet little innocent 10 year old boy. Seriously, from that, most famous pic of him, who would have believed Trayvon was 17 years old and over 6' tall?

876 days ago


God...reading these comments just solidifies that Americans are the most hate-filled ignorant people on the planet. You say you live in the "land of the free", more like "LAND OF THE RACISTS"!!!!!!!!!!!!

876 days ago
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