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'Two and a Half Men' Ad

You Don't Have to Settle

for Ashton Kutcher

4/24/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Two and Half Men billboard ad
Ashton Kutcher is no Charlie Sheen ... and he never will be ... at least that's the message an L.A. TV network is trying to convey in a new marketing campaign.

KTLA in Los Angeles has plastered billboards all over town promoting the syndicated run of "Men." The billboards feature Charlie's face next to the words, "The Original" ... and if it seems like it's a shot at Kutcher ... that's because it is.

A mole at the station tells us ... the marketing people are playing off the premise that "Men" was simply better with Charlie. They believe fans miss him ... and will be more into the reruns because Charlie "was the show."

Can't argue with facts.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

The Weekend Getaway

0424_ashton_kutcher_mila_kunis_launchDo "friends" take weekend trips to the beach ... go shopping for flowers ... and hit Starbucks together? 'Cause that's what Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were up to this weekend.

The former "70s Show" costars were spotted in Carpinteria, CA together -- a small beach community near Santa Barbara.

The two were seen picking up coffee and later buying sunflowers ... out of a van.

Friends don't let friends rock red socks with shorts ... so, they gotta be dating ... right?

Massive New Tattoo


He may look like a clean cut kinda guy, but this star of one seriously huge movie also has a massive tattoo!

Know who it is? Click to find out!

Guess Who This Cute Kid



Before she became a Hollywood hottie, she was just another cry-baby growing up in New York! Can you guess who she is?

Swingin' Stars


These stars are giving a whole new meaning to the term clubbing. Check out which celebs have hit the links and left it all on the green.

The Cast of "7th Heaven"


Barry Watson celebrates his 38th birthday this week -- and to celebrate, we're taking a look at what the cast of the feel-good family show "7th Heaven" looks like today!

Who still looks great ... and what are they all working on now?


Inside the New Miami Mansion

It only took him five years, but Ricky Martin has finally unloaded his Miami Beach mansion!

Originally listed back in 2007 with an asking price of $16.9 million, the "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer finally sold his 7 bedroom, 9 bathroom abode for $10.6 million.

Check out the amazing interior shots!


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I love Ashton on that show. I think he is great and adds a great deal to it!!

911 days ago


Hey give Ashton a break! Yes, he's no Charlie, but he has to do the part the writers give him and he's not doing a bad job. Yes, I watch the reruns of Charlie, but also am trying to be fair with Ashton.

911 days ago

he's zero and a half of a man    

thank GOODNESS Kutcher doesn't imitate sheen, whose drunk playboy routine was ruining the show and had made me stop watching. I think Kutcher is great and anyone who doesn't need not watch the show and won't be missed. If people think sheen will be back he won't...he was permanently written off the show, good riddance, and it's his OWN fault.

911 days ago


I love Ashton on the show...I think he adds so much and he is GREAT!!

911 days ago


charlie sheen caused these problems. he didn't try to get clean and continue with two and a half men. so lay off ashton. they kept the show on the air and found a replacement - not for charlie but for another man. or it could have been 1-1/2 men. ashton was never supposed to be an uncle charlie replacement. and sheen put his drugs and personal problems first - and his career and fan base second.

911 days ago


I agree the show now really sucks. What kind of message is it sending to kids when Allen's son and friend are layed up on weed all show. Bring back Rose and Allens Mom. Get rid of Allens girlfriend and Kutcher and that kid friend of Allens son. Eat some crow and bring back Charlie. Get rid of the untalented nut writing this mess!

911 days ago


It makes no difference to the people promoting these shows what the people on the street think, I can see that now. It's like, "hell, the audience is so large, we don't need you so don't let the door hit you in the ass". BUT, it's just like a local representative who also owns a big feed store. SOB screwed me over in 07 and now that my animal population is growing in leaps and bounds and I'm spending well over $100 A WEEK on feed, I drive over 20 miles past that ******* to get my feed. Same with 2 1/2 men. The ONLY time I've seen more than 30-40 seconds of the new crap, was when I hit on it, didn't recognize that particular segment and waited just a moment to see if it was one I had missed, or one with Ashton. As soon as I see Ashton then I know it's going to suck so I turn the channel. Talk about someone chopping off their own nose to spite their face, but damn, the writer and producer of that show did it big time. IF right now he put Sheen back on, the audience would more than double what it was before, just to welcome Charlie back. Yea he acted like a complete dumbass and it was disappointing, but that's Hollywood where the wh-ores and whor-mongers move about in vast numbers.

911 days ago


I can't stand to watch Charlie Sheen in anything now. He ruined it himself with his antics. I love Ashton on it!

911 days ago


Ashton has added absolutely nothing to Two and a Half Men! If it was not for the rest of the original cast, the show would be completely underwater by now. The first and worst thing that their dumb producer did was to get rid of Charlie Sheen. The producer knows it now and so does everyone else. I would have rather had the show come back on without anyone taking Charlies place. Best of luck to Charlie and his new show! It will be a hit I am sure!

911 days ago


CBS needs to bury that show. Sorry, whether it's with Sheen or Kutcher, it's way past its expiration date

911 days ago


All you people on here posting that you like Ashton on 2 1/2 Men really need to watch some good TV. You must have also liked him on that 70's show. If he is so great why are the ratings slipping every week. Charlie Sheen made that show and I havent watched it since the new season began

911 days ago


I think Ashton does a great job. The show is a little different as it should be with a different character. Actually one of the more recent episodes I thought was truly hilarious and that the show as a whole never missed a beat.

911 days ago


well, where the hell did my post go? I don't have time to sit and write something just to have it disappear, like Charlie did. Damn, for those of you praising Ashton, really doesn't take much to make you people happy does it, or is it that you still live in the 70's when Ashton didn't need any talent to survive? At any rate, there are multiple thousands of us that NEVER watch the show anymore, and why? Simple, it sucks without Charlie, yep, poor old losing Charlie.

911 days ago

Carol Welch    

I don't watch Two And A Half Men anymore because I absolutely dislike Ashton Kutcher in his current role and anything else he does. He ruined the show. Charlie Sheen was terrific and I always laughed at his character.

911 days ago


The problem with Two and a Half Men has less to do with Ashton Kutcher than the writing. The writing is not very funny and the storylines sometimes border on the ridiculous.

911 days ago
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