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'Two and a Half Men' Ad

You Don't Have to Settle

for Ashton Kutcher

4/24/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Two and Half Men billboard ad
Ashton Kutcher is no Charlie Sheen ... and he never will be ... at least that's the message an L.A. TV network is trying to convey in a new marketing campaign.

KTLA in Los Angeles has plastered billboards all over town promoting the syndicated run of "Men." The billboards feature Charlie's face next to the words, "The Original" ... and if it seems like it's a shot at Kutcher ... that's because it is.

A mole at the station tells us ... the marketing people are playing off the premise that "Men" was simply better with Charlie. They believe fans miss him ... and will be more into the reruns because Charlie "was the show."

Can't argue with facts.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

The Weekend Getaway

0424_ashton_kutcher_mila_kunis_launchDo "friends" take weekend trips to the beach ... go shopping for flowers ... and hit Starbucks together? 'Cause that's what Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were up to this weekend.

The former "70s Show" costars were spotted in Carpinteria, CA together -- a small beach community near Santa Barbara.

The two were seen picking up coffee and later buying sunflowers ... out of a van.

Friends don't let friends rock red socks with shorts ... so, they gotta be dating ... right?

Massive New Tattoo


He may look like a clean cut kinda guy, but this star of one seriously huge movie also has a massive tattoo!

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Before she became a Hollywood hottie, she was just another cry-baby growing up in New York! Can you guess who she is?

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The Cast of "7th Heaven"


Barry Watson celebrates his 38th birthday this week -- and to celebrate, we're taking a look at what the cast of the feel-good family show "7th Heaven" looks like today!

Who still looks great ... and what are they all working on now?


Inside the New Miami Mansion

It only took him five years, but Ricky Martin has finally unloaded his Miami Beach mansion!

Originally listed back in 2007 with an asking price of $16.9 million, the "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer finally sold his 7 bedroom, 9 bathroom abode for $10.6 million.

Check out the amazing interior shots!


No Avatar


I quit watching it when Sheen left it or got fired as the case may be because I don't think Ashton can act his way out of a paper bag and never could. Charlie might be a mental case but Ashton could not earn the right to kiss a particular part of Sheens anatomy. The series traded a comedian for a potty mouth kid in my opinion. The televsion station has it right this time.

889 days ago

tom oddo    

i think they should bring charlie back on the show not as charlie harper but charlie sheen, as the new guy that moves in nextstore, two and a half mens raitings will go through the roof higher then before.,Tom Oddo

889 days ago


I like the Charlie's shows, the day he was taken off of it, I vowed never to see the new one, i enjoy the re-runs with Charlie, HE IS THE SHOW, can't wait for his new gig to start!!!!!

889 days ago


i like ashton but charlie made it, without him its just dumb an kinnda boreing! sorry my opinion i tryed watching it and in the beggining was cute, but played out to just be desperate for laughs.

889 days ago


Loved Charlie,hate Ashton.Hate the show now. still love the re-run.

889 days ago


what a joke. he porrays an idiot.watched one show and will never watch again. bring back charlie

889 days ago


Two and A Half Laughs.

889 days ago


It was reported that Charlie Sheen arrived sober for work, never missed days, was a great performer, easy to work with, and the show was a smash hit. He got canned because of personal reasons with the shows creators. Ashton Kutcher made a bad career move taking his part on men. There is room for too many opinions about Sheen leaving, and what can Kutcher do to make people forget him and accept a new character on the show.Charlie Sheen only owes the public a good performance. His personal life should NOT have been involved in his work and he did manage to keep it that way. It was others that tied work and personal situations together. Some didnt like Sheens' image in his private life. Charlie Harper on Men was not exactly a Sunday School Teacher either now was he?? For all the criticism I hear now;...someone must have been watching back then, and they are STILL watching the re-runs.

889 days ago


AK is without a doubt the worst actor around. Never even bothered watching the show anymore when I found out he was taking over. The guy is a joke. Send him back to Iowa where he belongs. CBS! Mayday! Mayday! Your ship is sinking!

889 days ago


Personally I got tired of old Charlie. Only since the new character came on the show have I returned to watching 2 and a half men

889 days ago


Want to save the show? To easy for words. The body that was buried and could not be identified was not Charlie. Charlie is found in France and comes home. his jingle residuals have been accumulating and pay for the return of his house. Kutcher marries the British lady and moves on. Viewers return in droves. No charge for this, but I would like a front seat at the taping.

889 days ago


The show isn't as good with Kutcher. It isn't as though Chuck Lorre wasn't familiar with Sheen's history when he sold the idea and hired writers with CHARLIE SHEEN in mind.

It's just not the same. I'm not saying Charlie Sheen's not a hard drinking, coke snorting, Professor of female flesh, but Lorre knew that.

When Kutchher makes a film like "Platoon," or Wall Street maybe we'll take another look. Cryer's part has become a whining leach who has succombed to greed. The only part worth a damn is Berta and/or the Mother/Grandmother.

As far as comedic timing, Charlie was a genius and Kutcher can't find his mark.

The only good thing I can say is that at least he got rid of that horrible long hair and patchy beard. Blech. Blech. Blech.

889 days ago


The show sucks now. The original never failed to make me laugh. To be fair it is not all Ashtons fault. Someone new must be writing this mess now. But Ashton also is screwing it up too. It is not funny to me anymore.

889 days ago


I think everyone knows that the current two and a half men show sucks, except maybe kutcher.

889 days ago


I'm not settling for Ashton. I LOVE HIM!

889 days ago
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