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'Two and a Half Men' Ad

You Don't Have to Settle

for Ashton Kutcher

4/24/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Two and Half Men billboard ad
Ashton Kutcher is no Charlie Sheen ... and he never will be ... at least that's the message an L.A. TV network is trying to convey in a new marketing campaign.

KTLA in Los Angeles has plastered billboards all over town promoting the syndicated run of "Men." The billboards feature Charlie's face next to the words, "The Original" ... and if it seems like it's a shot at Kutcher ... that's because it is.

A mole at the station tells us ... the marketing people are playing off the premise that "Men" was simply better with Charlie. They believe fans miss him ... and will be more into the reruns because Charlie "was the show."

Can't argue with facts.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

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The two were seen picking up coffee and later buying sunflowers ... out of a van.

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No Avatar


I don't watch "Men" anymore for a couple of reasons. 1. The writing sucks and 2. I can't stand Ashton Kutcher in "Men". I will, however, be watching the reruns with Charlie Sheen. At least with Charlie Sheen he made being a playboy appear respectable whereas Ashton Kutcher makes it seem vulgar. And why are women always wearing their undergarments to bed. This is America for Christ's sake not the middle east.

849 days ago


I still watch the show but for SURE it was better with Charlie Sheen!

849 days ago


I think Ashton does a great job and he has plenty of acting roles under his belt to prove he was qualified for the job. Recent episodes I think were as funny as any of the older ones and to me the show hasn't missed a bit during the transition. I like that Ashton is a different type of person. Maybe Jake is the "new" Charlie once he gets older? He seems to be headed that way except he's not very sharp lol.

849 days ago


As a female, I really enjoy watching 2-1/2 men. Charlie Sheen is a funny guy as is the rest of the cast. A good, funny sitcom, far better than the cr-p that's on today, in my opinion. I don't think that Ashton Kutcher will be bad, but not as good as Charlie Sheen.

849 days ago


shame ashton gets credit for this show CHARLIE SHEEN made it famous not this child in a mans body that SUCKS at acting hahahaahhahahaha

849 days ago

Benjamin Ross    

Seriously, I don't get why Ashton Kutcher is getting slammed like this just because some people like the show better with Charlie Sheen. After what Charlie had put everyone through, you'd think Ashton wouldn't get this kind of disrespect. Ashton is an all-around nice guy. So what if he didn't have the same kind of humor that Charlie had? He's not trying to be like Charlie Sheen. Some people just need to get over it. Charlie is off the show and he's not coming back because he blew career right out of the water.

849 days ago


I really didn't want to like this show because of all the stuff with Charlie Sheen. I thought he was just a poor little rich boy and I wasn't going to watch it but then I came across it one day and it's a funny show...I guess I am just watching reruns now, but it is one of the best shows I've seen in awhile. I watched one of the shows with Ashton and I say bring Charlie back...and Charlie get yourself together you are a funny man and you have alot to offer with your talents...Ashton, I don't know man, you seem like a whinning baby...grow up and be a man

849 days ago


doesnt matter what people think. the shows audience is up and at the highest level ever!!!
Ashton kept it alive. And good for the show. Sheen can go...........

849 days ago


Is Sheen behind this or in on this idea of billboards proclaiming Kutcher is no Sheen. Thank God he's not. He's not supposed to be is he? He's supposed to be a different character, not a new Charlie. I enjoy watching the show. Just would like to see Rose.

849 days ago


You can tell what comments come from the teeny boppers and the ones that really know what makes good comedy. Aston is a one horse pony... He really only plays one character over and over and over... He really should have stuck with modeling but then again, he really isn't anything great to look at either... Sorry... I've followed his career and it seems like he really doesn't know what acting is all about... He plays himself and nothing more. Charlie had a career before he came to Men and he was a big part of the show...Jon Cryer and he played off each other so well, I just don't see that with Jon and Aston.. It's as if Jon is carrying Aston... But as with everyone else, that's just my opinion and you are welcome to yours...

849 days ago


I am sure that there are lots of shows for Kutcher, but Two and a half men is not.
They show is now carried by every other character in the show, Kutcher has become like the outsider,
Whether you like Charlie Sheen or not, the show was his, is time to simply let go.

849 days ago

Milos W. B. Dobroslavic    

Ashton K. is being killed by the writing which stinks. They put him in a rock solid mold, a fatal love for a woman who treats him like a child. The whole thing stinks except for the rest of the regular cast who manage some humor around the rotten character nobody likes. Get some decent comedy writers or quit.

849 days ago


We never miss the re-runs and the new show just does not work. Sorry. The actors are doing their best, but without
Charlie it is just plain dumb!

849 days ago


There are children and women being forced into slavery by the sex trade all over the world and they waste time reporting this.

849 days ago


Ashton Kutcher has no acting ability regardless of what role he has managed to land.

He was in way over his head even in That 70's Show acting like the fool that he is.

849 days ago
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