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Obama on Secret Service Scandal

We Fired the 'Knuckleheads'

4/25/2012 6:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Fallon
got one hell of an exclusive out of Barack Obama on his talk show last night ... he got the POTUS to finally open up about the "knuckleheads" he 86'd in the wake of the Secret Service hooker scandal.

Obama told Fallon ... "The Secret Service guys are incredible ... they protect me, they protect Michelle, they protect our girls, they protect our officials all around the world."

"99.9% of them, every day, they're putting their life on the line, they do a great job. So, a couple of knuckleheads shouldn't detract from what they do."

"What these guys were thinking? I don't know" ... Obama said ... adding, "That's why they're not there anymore."

Obama didn't just talk politics ... he also SANG politics ... in Fallon's, "Slow Jam the News" segment ... pretty awesome.


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and he is the worst, he is the one that should have been fired. even been charged with being an idiot. what an as-.

879 days ago


Words of wisdom from the Chief Knucklehead!!!

879 days ago


Dumbass is busy scouting vacation spots for the wife, covering for fast and furious, doing nothing about immigration which he promised election year, promoted the racial situation that has caused harm to people over martin "looks like his son", is "angry" over the secret service which is to protect him-he gets whatever he deserves there as far as protection goes, he needs "space" from Russia, bows to anyone, has a wife that only became proud to be an American during his election campaign, 17 vacations later, has golfed more in the past three years than Bush did during his 8 years, at this point the list is endless. If this man gets another 4 years by the blind then the voters are far more ignorant than the man is arrogant trying to intimidate the Supreme Court.

879 days ago


Pretty awesome? Pretty sad really. This is (sadly) the President of the United States. Hopefully he will soon have plenty of time for comedy skits and pandering to the idiot young people who voted for him. And they'll have plenty of time to watch since half of them are unemployed.

879 days ago


Don - Obama did not get us out of a Republican caused recession.The economy has gotten a lot worse under Obama.He has show very little leadership.He has create more debt under his watch than many previous Presidents combined.I can go on ,and on ,but you should get my point. I do agree he is not a magician because there is no magic to what he has done.

879 days ago


are you sure you weren't there, mr o? now we just need to fire YOU.

879 days ago


The song he should have sang is "I'm a liar and my pants are on fire". He went after Bush for all kinds of things but he is doing the same things that Bush did. He called Bush a traitor and criminal for spending 4 trillion during his 8 years in office but has spent over 5 trillion in 3 years. I also would like to know what laws were broken by the Secret Service?

879 days ago


Wake up America? The guy has divided us and had absolutely no experience at "ruling". He travels all over the world on my dime. I just hope he doesn't get re-elected. Idiot people.

879 days ago


What a stupid tool this socialist loser is. "Knuckleheads"... they used drugs with underage hookers...heck, a kindergarten teacher would lose their job if they did that. This loser holds the secret service to a lower standard than a teacher that uses drugs with someone underage. Oh, those knucklehead teachers... they are so funny!

879 days ago


The solution probably would have been inviting the Secret Service all to the White House for a "Beer Summit" I wonder who found the word knucklehead? Obama just started singing recently. Looks like he's using it to get reelected. Let's go for the change and forget the hope this time.

879 days ago


Seriously, the leader of this county talks like he is our friend and not the President. Does anyone recall any other President speaking this way ? No wonder he has been a failure. President Reagan is turning over in his grave !!!

879 days ago


You're going to get fired in November Obama and it will be well deserved.

879 days ago


Only the liberal sheep and kool-aid drinkers will vote for this idiot again.

879 days ago

dick felterflapp    

if he really meant what he said...biden would be gone as well. you talk about a knucleheaded idiot...

879 days ago


Harvey and the other lefties at TMZ probably had a slumber party to watch their POTUS singin and dancin on tv, then they all masterbated to their Bono poster while listning the joshua tree!

879 days ago
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