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Octomom's House

4-Person Clean-Up Army

4/25/2012 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after TMZ posted pictures of the horrifying living conditions in Octomom's house -- a 4-person clean-up crew showed up in full force ... with enough cleaning supplies to shine the entire neighborhood.

As we previously reported, Dr. Drew bought Octo a year's worth of cleaning services last November -- as part of a life-improvement package that also includes a year of child care services.

Shockingly, the cleaning crew visits Octo's house pretty regularly -- though you wouldn't think it looking at the current state of her house.


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We all realize this woman made a horrible mistake having 8 kids at once (and 14 kids total). But since those poor decisions can't be un-done, I just hope for the kids' sake that things work out and that they can have a good childhood despite the uphill battle ahead of them. They didn't ask for this mess; I just hope there's a good solution to get them out of it.

879 days ago

BB not bb    

These ladies looked really negative about going in that house. Maybe because they are prepaid, they don't want to do all the work in there. They aren't cleaning off the walls much, but maybe they need paint for that. They seem like they are there to do the minimum and get out.

She doesn't really have much furniture or decorations on the walls. All I see is clothes, toys and beds. It can't be that hard to clean so little. I would like to see how the house looks right after they leave, if it looks much better. That place looks like it wouild always look kind of bad.

I don't think this is a very good ad for The Maids company. They all looked like they didn't want to be there. I wonder when the Dr. Drew babysitters show up.

879 days ago

Andrea B    

I don't know who is reading this but, I WISH you would get ALL pertinent fact before labeling someone a WELFARE FRAUD. Do you know that FoodStamps are NOT given in cash? Therefore, the $520 was NOT from foodstamps. Additionally, did anyone see if she had FOOD in the house which was from welfare. She does Not receive CASH Aid.

879 days ago


Why should anyone be obligated to send a plumber over? She should be the one fronting that money instead of spending hundreds of dollars on her hair. Ever heard of Supercuts??

879 days ago


so she has a hair person, maid and cant pay a plumber..i guess this lazy "C" gets everything for need for welfare

879 days ago


Wtf will she break a nail or something, why cant these people clean their own damm houses. They are truely pathetic really!

879 days ago


Looking closely at that some of those spray painted images they are very neat and precise. I doubt a child did that. Actually, she has a few spawn with autism so it might have been done by one of them. I'm sure Octo is too damn busy running her mouth and primping to be so precise.

879 days ago


People are telling Harvey to send a plumber to her house? Why? She can clearly afford to hire a plumber if she can spend 500 dollars on herself. Not only that, but if she's renting, isn't it the landlords job to fix something like that. I think that TMZ pays way too much attention to this loser, but I don't think that it's anyone else's responsibility to take care of this broad. Like I said before, as for the pictures... the potties outside, the kids in t-shirts, clothes on the floor.. that's not abuse. People do that all the time... NOT fixing the plumbing... allegedly locking your kids in a room... the graffiti all over the house.. those are odd things that should be looked into. I am shocked that this woman still has all those kids right now anyway... it's crazy. I also can't believe she gets so much money from welfare... why is she getting so much if she has the cash to get her hair done for 5hundred bucks?

879 days ago

Mrs. E    

Wasn't he also going to help her get some sort of training, so she could get a JOB? I'm sure taking care of 14 kids is difficult, I have 3 of my own and it's overwhelming. But, she should at least get a part-time job to work for the money she is getting from the state. The state should also require her to have her tubes tide. Not trying to be mean, but that woman is not mentally stable, and should never be able to procreate again.

879 days ago


Also, and I am not looking down on charity, but there are some people out there who really need outside help. Food Stamps, welfare... not easy things for some to ask for. This broad is taking advantage of how sorry people feel for her kids. Having people pay for year long child care, cleaning services... private school, cloths for her kids, health care for her kids... etc. It's just a shame that people out there who do things the "right way", go to school, college, get a decent job, get married, have kids, own their own home.. you get my point, are being screwed over by taxes and gas... struggle to do what's right, never getting help from welfare... and she pops out six kids, gets IVF to have eight more, can't take care of them, doesn't work, dropped out of school... but people are just handing her stuff. I know they are doing it for the sake of the kids, but come on...

879 days ago


Too many people living in a very small space will "NEVER" stay adequately "CLEAN". These children aren't old enough to understand the importance of "PERSONAL HYGIENE" and picking up after themselves. She clearly needs a much larger home with more "WORKING" bathrooms. Nadya Suleman really should be taking advantage of her "FREE CHILD CARE SERVICES" in order to complete her graduate school education. At some point, she's going to have to establish a "REALISTIC" means to support her family rather than depending upon constant "HAND OUTS". The more she demonstrates the willingness to "HELP HERSELF", PEOPLE WILL STOP CRITICIZING HER CHOICES TO DEATH!!!

879 days ago


I will admit - this women definitely has mental issues... She must to have all these kids like this..Her own Mom showed her living conditions before she had these kids and it was just like the pics we saw... But for these kids to live like this is just wrong... it's not their fault... I really hope children services really looks at this situation and makes some moves here to make sure these kids are really taken care of.. Cleaning service helps for a moment - but a Mom who doesn't have it together like her - should really be looked at... she shouldn't be allowed to be alone at all times with these kids... her judgement is twisted ~ when friends try to help you & you refuse their help.. something is really wrong here

879 days ago


If only those walls could talk.....

879 days ago


For Christ's sake get her uterus sewed shut already!!

879 days ago


First thing I'd do is remove the Trash... just tie her up in a big black bag and haul her to the dump.

879 days ago
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