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Octomom's House

4-Person Clean-Up Army

4/25/2012 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after TMZ posted pictures of the horrifying living conditions in Octomom's house -- a 4-person clean-up crew showed up in full force ... with enough cleaning supplies to shine the entire neighborhood.

As we previously reported, Dr. Drew bought Octo a year's worth of cleaning services last November -- as part of a life-improvement package that also includes a year of child care services.

Shockingly, the cleaning crew visits Octo's house pretty regularly -- though you wouldn't think it looking at the current state of her house.


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Christmas lights? Really? Who has their X-Mas lights still up???

920 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

What does regularly mean? Is it once a week and she just lets the house go to crap between visits? Where were the childcare providers when the opportunistic, $500 a whop, biker chick, good samaritian hair stylist was doing Nadya's hair?

920 days ago


This woman makes me so angry I know women who cant have children and would do anything to have their own child and this selfish, vile woman had 8 babies just to get attention, publicity, and to try and be a celebrity. Its obvious that she does not care about these children and was only using them for herself. She is sick and I think these children need to be taken away from her. She thought having those babies would make her into the next Angelina Jolie and she would be making millions but its backfired and she cant cope. Get yourself together and take responsibility as I said in a previous post these poor children did not asked to be born and she didn't even get pregnant by accident she used sperm donor. Stupid, disgusting woman.

920 days ago


Okay. So Dr. Drew pays for this.... that took away that part of my comment. But as a California taxpayer, a state which is facing bankruptcy, it really pisses me off that this woman spends, what, $520, on her hair and she is getting government assistance? I want someone to investigate this and hold her accountable. I do not want MY tax dollars going to her.

920 days ago


She gets a free cleaning service and her house still looks like a dirty mess? She needs so much attention and uses her children to get it but when the media disappears I think we can see that she doesn't know how to take care of these kids in a healthy way. Child services usually comes in too late with all their cases to help before something tragic happens. Our taxes need to be used in a better way. The children need help away from this crazy lady.

920 days ago


Dr. Drew is NOT helping her he is being an enabler. She spent her welfare check on herself. She should be taken off welfare, the kids put in foster care/social services. She hasn't proved anything to anyone other than she knows how to work the system.

920 days ago


According to her neighbors, Octonut was tipped off about the cops, ehem, perhaps by the same people who filmed their arrival? She was seen with a girlfriend cleaning, throwing out a bunch of garbage and running out for food.

920 days ago


Child care services? Does that mean Dr. Drew bought the chair she used to lock her kids in a room with?

920 days ago


Wonder where the workers go pee?? In the backyard also?? Poor Dr Drew is paying for the cleaning crew. Probably thinks he is helping her. She refused the nannies who could tell what is REALLY going on behind those prison gates.

920 days ago


Another hand out for the scrub trash that is Nadya.

920 days ago


That woman has mental problems she acts like a child in an adults body she needs someone to evaluate her mental state. SAD SAD SAD!!!!!

920 days ago


I were the cleaning people I would be wearing a Tyvek coverall with a gas mask, better yet a positive pressure hazmat suit.

920 days ago


Suleman is pulling the typical kid scam. She already had 6 babies/kids she couldn't take care of. So she 'INTENSIONNALY' gets InVetro fertizalition. Eggs and sperm take and 8 babies. That's a frigging litter. Now 14 kids she can't take care of and no reality show to pay for them.

920 days ago


What's their idea of regularly? Weekly, monthly? A house needs cleaning everyday, especially when you have kids. Maybe if she spent less time on her hair, more of the house would be done when needed.

920 days ago


I am just really curious to know, where the hell is the social services? They should take those kids away from this irresponsible woman.

920 days ago
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