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Welfare Mom Blows $520


4/25/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom check for $520 for haircutsOctomom Nadya Suleman -- who is pulling in $2,000 month in food stamps thanks to California taxpayers -- spent $520 on a Brazilian blowout, and 2 cuts ... TMZ has learned.

Octo's hairstylist Stephanie tells us ... she went to Octo's house on April 18 to cut her hair and do a Brazilian blowout -- a chemical straightening treatment. Octo owed Stephanie for an earlier haircut, and the grand total came to $520. Octo also paid Stephanie $80 for hair products. Mind you -- Octo wrote the check at a time when she was in dire need of welfare.

Stephanie -- who went to cops yesterday and filed a report claiming the 14 kids were living in squalor -- tells us she couldn't believe Octo was spending this kind of loot on haircuts when her plumbing didn't work. 

Stephanie says a plumber had been to the house recently and told Octo it would cost $150 to fix the pipes, but Octo declined, saying it was too expensive. As a result, the kids have to use portable training toilets in the backyard.

Octomom and the horrible house conditions
By the way, Stephanie also says while she was cutting Octo's hair, the mother of 14 locked her kids in the bedroom. Take a look at the pic -- notice the chair she used to keep the door shut.

9:00 AM PT: Octomom just walked one of her kids to a school bus -- we asked about the giant haircut check, but she had no response. PS -- nice Elmo slippers.


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if the hairdresser was so worried perhaps she should have done the cut for free, and maybe offered a little sitting time to Nadia.....

880 days ago


I am appalled by the amount of people that are blaming the stylist and are siding with Nadya! Is anyone thinking about the kids here, because apparently, the mother is not!!!

880 days ago


Just running her child out to the bus and leaving the others alone in the house is scary! It only takes a minute for something disastrous to happen. She really does need help with her children! She needs to stop the nonsense and accept some help!

880 days ago


There are some parents that can't even watch over one child without a heavy appliance (suspiciously) falling over on them, running over them in the driveway, finding them face down in a pond somewhere, mauled by the family dog, etc... I give Octomom that.

880 days ago


I'm pretty sure that with the check's acct. number you can call the bank and find out if the check will clear....I wonder how much she has in her account.

880 days ago


To those of you supporting this POS -While you are getting your hair done at Supercuts for $12 she's spending your tax dollars on over priced hair care and getting lip injections as her kids are living in 3rd world conditions.

880 days ago


She's a narcissistic piece of TRASH but the reality is that most people on welfare spend the money not on school supplies and clothes for their kids, but on drugs, alcohol, skin care products and various other frivolous and destructive vices.

This is the product of failed policies and free handouts with no incentives to help one's self and it's the reason this country is going down. Contrary to what Obama is telling us, a country can take care of its poor without KEEPING THEM POOR and unmotivated. But it takes some initiative on the part of the constituency.

880 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

The only crime I see is constant harassment from TMZ. I dont believe 1/2 of what is claimed. I remember Harvey claiming in an interview TMZ only reports on celebrities and backs off when asked. Yeah Right.

Sorry you cant give all our tax money to illegals.

880 days ago


TMZ why are you showing the bank branch that Nadya deals with? Is that really necessary??

880 days ago


Good Lord...take your Christmas lights down. Can anyone say Whiskey Tango????

880 days ago


14 kids and sleeping until 9am,no job and lives like trailer american

880 days ago


I thank the hairdresser for bringing this to everyone's attention. Everyone knew the truth and now we have the proof!

And did anyone actually read the article Nadya owed $200 from a past haircut, Paid $80 for hair products and had a hair straightening treatment which uses chemicals and is quite pricey. ( googling it shows that prices start at $150 and go up to $1000)

880 days ago


And on top of all that she is decreasing the value of the homes in the neighborhood by still having her xmas lights out when it's god damn April!

880 days ago


Those Brazilian Blowout chemicals have been proven to cause cancer in rats and should NOT be sprayed and heated inside a house. Let alone with all those little sets of lungs in the next room. This is wrong on SO MANY levels!

880 days ago


I think this is all on purpose with her friend telling on her etc..It seems staged to get her kids taken away. Maybe she finally realizes she cant handle all of the kids.

880 days ago
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