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Welfare Mom Blows $520


4/25/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom check for $520 for haircutsOctomom Nadya Suleman -- who is pulling in $2,000 month in food stamps thanks to California taxpayers -- spent $520 on a Brazilian blowout, and 2 cuts ... TMZ has learned.

Octo's hairstylist Stephanie tells us ... she went to Octo's house on April 18 to cut her hair and do a Brazilian blowout -- a chemical straightening treatment. Octo owed Stephanie for an earlier haircut, and the grand total came to $520. Octo also paid Stephanie $80 for hair products. Mind you -- Octo wrote the check at a time when she was in dire need of welfare.

Stephanie -- who went to cops yesterday and filed a report claiming the 14 kids were living in squalor -- tells us she couldn't believe Octo was spending this kind of loot on haircuts when her plumbing didn't work. 

Stephanie says a plumber had been to the house recently and told Octo it would cost $150 to fix the pipes, but Octo declined, saying it was too expensive. As a result, the kids have to use portable training toilets in the backyard.

Octomom and the horrible house conditions
By the way, Stephanie also says while she was cutting Octo's hair, the mother of 14 locked her kids in the bedroom. Take a look at the pic -- notice the chair she used to keep the door shut.

9:00 AM PT: Octomom just walked one of her kids to a school bus -- we asked about the giant haircut check, but she had no response. PS -- nice Elmo slippers.


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AGAIN...Why does this poor excuse for a mother still have her kids! She is unable to take care of them in any way, shape, or form. If she really loved her children she would have given them up to loving and caring parents who could provide for the type of life that every child deserves, and by that I mean a loving, caring, nurturing, stable, safe environment. She has used her kids for financial gain from the get go, and now she is using them to collect from the state of California. What is it going to take social services before you step in and do what is right by these children?

875 days ago


The Kids are using Training Toilets In the Backyard She Didn't want to spend 150 to fix the Toilet in the house Because it's to Expensive WHAT Are you Kidding me and Having your Hair done and then Spending another 80.00 Dollars Isn't that's INSANE Seriously that's Messed up She needs a Reality check these Kids Deserve to Live in a Healthy environment with Clean running water, a Working Toilet Warm Beds to sleep in Food to eat and I'm not talking about Fast food I mean Fruits, Vegetables, They need Clean Clothes which I think have been offered to her, she's Not a mother she's a Monster....

875 days ago


California has enough strain on its economy without having to put up the bill for Slobomom. The tax payers in California should be pissed over this. They should drug test her! I would not be surprised if she was spending money on smack too.

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875 days ago


Maybe she's going back on the Today Show tomorrow live via satellite and needed her hair done for her tv interview -- which means she will be getting an appearance fee check!$

875 days ago


Perhaps the hair dresser can buy the family some food instead of cashing the check. $500 is an awful lot for a couple of haircuts and an oil job.

875 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

this makes me soooo mad!!!!!

875 days ago

SMC RN    

I'd like to get my hair done, it's been a while...but I can't because of the tax bill that I paid this month which makes it possible for this person to continue living her unbelievably irresponsible, non-contibutory, blood sucking lifestyle. In what reality does one pay $520 dollars to have her hair done if she can't afford nourishment and basic needs for the 14 kids that she just had to have. Gross......

875 days ago


yeah and the kids were probably coming in and out and I'm sure their was someone watching them on the other side and they just kept them from barreling in. I dont know that for a fact but still. The fact is we dont know that. But as far as the cheque for 550 for haircuts...that has got to be for the whole family and for a certain amount of time. Personal hairdressers who come to your home do that. And clearly her hair is no work of art and that hairdresser must be the whole families hairdress cutting 15 Heads. This hairdresser is a piece of work. She has someone who helps her during the day with all the kids so she was most likely helping watch the kids while hair was being cut.

875 days ago


ugh i dont know the more pictures I see the worse she looks. My problem is I try to find the best in everyone but I guess I'm looking like an idiot doing that Sorry Nadia stop draining taxpayers for pretty hair while your kids go to the washroom outside. I hadnt seen that photo before. I tried looking at what could have been. However...whoever took the photo of the kids on the potties should not have done that. Who cares if their faces are blurred. I'm sure your word would have been enough given the rest of the issues.

875 days ago

randy goertzen    

At least she's an American on welfare sucking tax payers there !! NOT Canadian.Our system would expect her to look for work AND pay it back...Poor Kids,They deserve much better than her !!!! May the biatch never breed again,and her kids go to a real loving home.

875 days ago

randy goertzen    

At least she's an American on welfare sucking tax payers there !! NOT Canadian.Our system would expect her to look for work AND pay it back...Poor Kids,They deserve much better than her !!!! May the biatch never breed again,and her kids go to a real loving home.

875 days ago


I get my hair done every 4 weeks for $65.00. The hair places really try to push their products but I don't buy them. The Octo hairdresser got what she wanted and that is 5 minutes of notoriety on TMZ. She is a disgrace and if she doesn't like Octomom then she should not have gone over to her house. People will have less and less access to those kids if the Mom feels betrayed by people she lets into her home. Their are no illigitimate children but only illigitimate parents. Why isn't her local community reaching out to help with those kids? I cannot understand how so many people call themselves Christians and other people of faith but do not help one another. Terrible society down where Octo lives. Come to Thousand Oaks and people would help set her on a path to success for herself and family.

875 days ago


Take her kids! Welfare WHORE!!!

875 days ago


Nadya is only receiving FOOD STAMPS and last time I checked, you can't pay hairstylist with food stamps, you can't buy anything but food with food stamps! I repeat: Nadya Suleman is not receiving CASH BENEFITS, she is ONLY receiving FOOD STAMPS ASSISTANCE. GEES!
As for Dr. Drew giving Nadya nanny services. You people do not pay attention to what you are watching and reading. Dr. Drew apologized to Nadya, he didn't know the Nanny service he had hired required moving into Nadya home and had to have her own bedroom.
hope that link works.
- Stop being so damn judgemental

875 days ago


Most mothers I know pick up behind there kids all the time and the kids mess up the room like nothing happened. Does Stephanie have any children? I believe that Nadya was treating herself. I doubt she has much time for herself with all those beautiful children. Some people treat themselves with: Video games, pedicures, getting nails done, shopping, alcohol, concerts, basket ball games, gambling, collecting cars or drugs can be expensive. I don't believe that Stephanie should have publically hurt her friend like that. It's sad that in our society people feel like they have to hurt others publically. I believe strongly that God is looking at our intents and motives and how we use our affections, time and money to help others in the end. God is not impressed with our material stuff. In our so-called economy down turn. I just don't believe we have to hurt each other to make it to the top.

875 days ago
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