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Octomom's House

A Picture of Squalor

4/25/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom and the horrible house conditionsTMZ has obtained pictures of Octomom Nadya Suleman's home that have triggered a police and child services investigation into allegations that her 14 kids are living in horrendous conditions and are being grossly neglected.

TMZ broke the story, Octo's hairstylist, Stephanie, went to La Habra cops Tuesday afternoon and filed a formal complaint. A La Habra cop and 3 reps from the Orange County Department of Children and Family Services went to Octo's house Tuesday night to investigate.

One picture shows two children pooping in a portable training toilet in the backyard. We're told the plumbing in the house is shot, and only one toilet is operational. 

Another photo shows Octo just after she got her hair done. What's shocking is that she locked her kids in the bedroom by propping a chair against the door so they couldn't get out.

Yet another pic shows the children's bedroom, with 2 cribs and a mattress. Stephanie told cops some of the kids are forced to sleep on the floor.

And there's more ... a pic shows some of the kids in the backyard, barefoot, dirty and wearing no pants.

Stephanie tells TMZ, "The kids are in desperate need of help, and I tried to help and she's not open to anyone helping her." She says the boys are wearing girl's clothes, they are neglected and Nadya is just incapable of caring for them.

Authorities stayed at Octo's home Tuesday night for an hour-and-a-half, and determined the kids were not in danger. There will, however, be follow-up with Children's Services.


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You know it sad how cold Americans have become. Apparently the woman you call Octomom had some mental issues and is not able to perform her motherly duties properly. I am saddened to see the press and the public go on a feeding frenzy that so denigrates this woman and her chilren. If you're so concerned get her some help. Unfortunately her children (who just like you did not ask to be here) and are the one's who are suffering the most. We knew when she got pregnant that she had some issues but I was surprised how she was treated like dirt when on the flip side terrorists come here from foreign countries and use this countries resources and technology to reek havoc and literally bite the hand that feeds them. This girl needs our compassion not our scorn, Wake up America, look at how hard we have become the bible is correct, the love of many has waxed cold.

856 days ago


This is my favorite video of people knocking on a door ever.

856 days ago


I am happy Stephanie/the hair dresser turned Nadya in. She, really needs some type of mental help, cause she has a lot of problems going on. She said, she never sleeps, she works out for hours, she isn't eating plus dealing with all the kids and stress of no income. Nadaya isn't stupid, she just needs mental help and everybody knows and knew this from the beginning, everyone that is except Nadya. Her pride is always in the way of what is right for those kids too! A few of the kids have special needs and you have to watch that they don't hurt themselves or one of the other children. How she has held it together as well as she has is beyond me. Most normal people would have a problem with just a few of these kids, why she thinks she can do it is, because her head is screwed up. And to pay all that money for a hair cut, when your kids are dumping in the back yard?? Yep her head is no doubt broken. Nadya suck up your pride and take all the help people want to give you right now, before the state takes your kids away! And I don't understand Why you don't let people pay you to film your family or take pictures, cause anytime you walk out the house people are looking and taking pictures anyway why not get paid for it? Start now and let them pay you. And hey what better time your hair looks fabulous! Good luck Nadya, I really want to see y'all make it together. I'll keep you and the kids in my prayers.

856 days ago


leave the poor woman alone- who hasnt let their potty training kids run around with just their training undies on. She was in her own home, not out in public. Its so easy to cast stones at everyone else. People should start worrying more about themselves and leave others alone. Why wpuld her hairdresser fo that to her? Was she out for her 5 minutes of fame?

856 days ago


How bad does it have to be before someone steps in and helps these kids. I'm sure its borderline abuse and until one of the kids get really hurt nothing will be done. This woman is unstable at best and she has lost control of her kids and her life. The kids deserve more than just existing in that filthy hovel and they should be removed to a better home where they will get the love and attention they deserve.She tells the media that her kids have a blessed life so she is clearly insane.Those kids need someone to step in fast to get them away from this delushional woman.

856 days ago


She don't want to give her last name but is doing an interview...

856 days ago


I think that everyone is missing the real point here. If these children are pooping or whatever out side and sleeping on a floor or being locked in a room isnt deemed as un safe then i think that CPS should re avaluate how they work. that is way past neglect. She can afford 520 dollars in hair cuts and products but cant get proper bedding or toleits in that work. wow nadya u are seriosly messed in the head. Take the help and stop making it about u. kids come first before ur own pleasure. I cant believe some parents.......... an this hole story is for her to get more money from hard working people who take care of there familys.

856 days ago


Such a sad situation for these children. Mom has issues that are way above any single parent's capabilities. Its mayhem in that house. There is a reason the state sets a ratio of children to care providers ... so they can care for them in a safe, clean manner. These kids are getting the wrong end of the deal. At least the Duggars had their kids one at a time and care for their children very well! They're also not getting brazillian blowouts!

856 days ago


I don't think we should be so hard on poor Suleman. What is done is done the best thing to do is to look after the kids. And having to take care of any child is a full time job. If she works she would be working just to pay nanny's. so that may be y she looks to make fast cash. That lady has a big dilemma but i really hope things get better for all in that family.

856 days ago

steph m     

Its sad about the conditions that her kids are living in but, I dont think its right to have pics of them going to the bathroom on the internet.

856 days ago

Don Admire    

What a shame. These children ned to be taken away and she need to be placed into some type of work release program where she will be required to pay for the needed assistance. I feel horrible for these children but I am tired of paying for other peoples children. We need to stop bailing these people out.

856 days ago


I'm sick at the fact the plumbing is "shot" as reported, and CPS says the children aren't mistreated or in danger? Even is this is all true, why this woman STILL has her children is beyond me. She was just on The Today show and I would swear that woman was on drugs! I hope the best for those children, but not with this woman, who can AFFORD over $500 for a haircut and products. Shame on her!

856 days ago


If I were her landlord, I'd be LIVID!!!!!!!!

856 days ago


I think everyone on here should walk a mile in her shoes, no i dont agree with her having so many children, where is the doctor that implanted so many eggs? He knew what the possibilites were, he should have to help finance their lives. He is responsible for much of this mess.
That being said I dont think Mom is running on all cylinders, I think she sees how wrong she was and regrets the whole process. She is a single mom with no finances. Why is it that if you go to adopt one baby you have to disclose your whole life as well as your bank account... not so with IVF. That is wrong.. maybe new rules and regulations should be put into place so this doesnt happen again. Two children will drive you crazy on their good days imagine 14 children, that is an impossible task.

856 days ago

A Chic    

Sorry TMZ but I really think you dropped the ball on this one. Here my reasons why this shows no proof of neglect.
1. She is potty training and the fact that she has 14 kids and the potties are outside shows more of a concern for sanitation then neglect. Why would you have a bunch of potties inside with that many kids learning to use the potties? Kids have accidents and with the potties outside she could probably spray the sidewalk clean every once in a while instead stepping in pee and poop inside their house.
2. We all know she is a tad weird but being unconventional doesn't make you abusive or neglectful. The weird spray painting is odd but there is no damage done to the kids. The bedroom that allegedly locks kids in also says do not enter so it looks like it's locking kids out.
3. These kids are not sleeping on the floor. Their mattresses are on the floor outside of the crib. The woman in the video offered bunk beds. WHAT!!! That's outrageous. Those kids are 2. Again, a safety concern would be kids climbing out of the cribs and bunk beds are worse.
4. Again with the potty training and the pants being off. Kids generally don't wear pants when they are potty training and don't usually like to wear pants even when they do know how to potty.
CPS is an EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL organization. Harvard and MIT studies show that kids are 11 times more likely to be abused in foster homes and 2.5 times more likely to die. CPS turns there head to kids being abused in foster homes because they feel they are an elite organization that are completely above the law. They have funds available for stuff like furniture and food but they do not offer these services unless you go through your kids being taken first and then returned. I run a NPO that actually helps families that need some extra help and protects them from STUPID people like this hairdresser who have no idea WTF they are doing when they think they are helping. This b*tch clearly has no kids or no clue. Please do a thorough investigative follow up on octomom. She is definitely strange but she nor her kids deserve this from her community or haters with out a clue. Again CPS is NOT what you think it is. It is the most broken part of the judicial system. Both republican and democratic senators across the country are FIGHTING to change the system but no one knows (or cares) so people don't see what is going on. It costs tax papers billions of dollars to support this failing system and then support the kids the system failed as adults. I would promote my organization here but that would be spam. Please do a follow up because octomom & family will become victims of something more out of control than a celebrity addict.

856 days ago
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