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Octomom's House

A Picture of Squalor

4/25/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom and the horrible house conditionsTMZ has obtained pictures of Octomom Nadya Suleman's home that have triggered a police and child services investigation into allegations that her 14 kids are living in horrendous conditions and are being grossly neglected.

TMZ broke the story, Octo's hairstylist, Stephanie, went to La Habra cops Tuesday afternoon and filed a formal complaint. A La Habra cop and 3 reps from the Orange County Department of Children and Family Services went to Octo's house Tuesday night to investigate.

One picture shows two children pooping in a portable training toilet in the backyard. We're told the plumbing in the house is shot, and only one toilet is operational. 

Another photo shows Octo just after she got her hair done. What's shocking is that she locked her kids in the bedroom by propping a chair against the door so they couldn't get out.

Yet another pic shows the children's bedroom, with 2 cribs and a mattress. Stephanie told cops some of the kids are forced to sleep on the floor.

And there's more ... a pic shows some of the kids in the backyard, barefoot, dirty and wearing no pants.

Stephanie tells TMZ, "The kids are in desperate need of help, and I tried to help and she's not open to anyone helping her." She says the boys are wearing girl's clothes, they are neglected and Nadya is just incapable of caring for them.

Authorities stayed at Octo's home Tuesday night for an hour-and-a-half, and determined the kids were not in danger. There will, however, be follow-up with Children's Services.


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Why is any of this a surprise?

911 days ago

Mystery Guest    

This woman is clearly in WAY over her head. I would be too, as a single mom of 14. These kids need someone to step in and help them.

911 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Anyone who enters that house to specifically, tend personally to the mother is an ass imho. She needs nothing but help with the children.

911 days ago


I don't think she's getting her deposit back!

911 days ago


As a parent potty training my son, pretty much those things you see are not uncommon.

They sell those little toilets specifically for use "around the house". My son would only sit on that little potty if it was in a corner and you couldn't see him.

The no pants thing, that is actually again another accepted form of potty training.
In warm weather you let them roam around pant-less or naked. When they have to pee or poop, they figure it out that they can use a toilet (or sometimes go outside)...I know it sounds disgusting, but it is an accepted behavior and training method.

911 days ago


I truly commend the hair stylist for stepping up.

Octomom is a disgrace to the female gender!

911 days ago

She's baaaack    

@ Comment #108 Achcott. I replied to your comment but I'm doing it again. I appreciate your compassion but it's wasted on her. She has been offered more by private entities than any person I know in terms of donations of time, caretakers, vehicles, and specially designed residences. She had those children by mechanical choice. It isn't like she was in a relationship and had them. Her only relationship was with some warped doctor and a turkey baster. She deserves locked up and those children deserve to get psychological support before they too are let loose on society because I doubt if any of them will be anything but messed up individuals. Why the hell should I support her?

911 days ago


Wait a min... are you telling me Christian Services are now an arm of the State of California and are therefore making decisions about child welfare for the State?? Those kids ARE in danger! The most formative years of a child's life are happening for those kids right now. They are learning in order to make a place home - you have to write on the walls... and you lock kids in a room so you can get your hair done? Those kids need to be placed up for adoption or put in forster care, because there is no way this is going to get better. Poor kids, they didn't ask to be born in a litter.

911 days ago

all about the money    

Kind of BS...CPS has taken kids away from parents for less before yet here they determine the kids are in no danger? State probably doesn't want to take the kids because the press over it because shes octomom or don't want to try and find a safe place for 14 kids so they can stay together. The state is either being too lazy or afraid of bad press so just going to let it continue till one or more of the kids have a really bad accident or worse :(

911 days ago


I guess have 15 kids at once don't seem like good of an idea now does it? What an idiot.

911 days ago


I think it's safe to say, that woman is now Octomom"s FORMER hairstylist.

911 days ago


How did they not take her kids away? They're going to the bathroom OUTSIDE and she has them locked in a room?

911 days ago


Bios for your favorite housewives!

911 days ago


Stupid b*tch bred like a coockarocha, now her offspring live like them. She should be in jail.

911 days ago


Bios for your favorite housewives!

911 days ago
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