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Most Beautiful Or Most Bankable?

4/25/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Beyonce just got tagged the new Most Beautiful Woman in the World -- but does the title have more to do with beauty or money?? Guest co-host Omarosa Stallworth thinks B deserves it, while Charles says ... well, let's just say Jay-Z ain't gonna be happy.

Plus, Octomom's in danger of losing her kids -- partially because she chose to pay her hair stylist $520, instead of paying a plumber to fix her toilet! We'll show you Octo's 11th hour attempt to make it all better. Also, Kris Jenner's cooked up a new way to cash in on her kids!

(0:00) Octomom investigated for child neglect -- you won't believe the photos of what the inside her house is like.
(8:50) LiLo will never learn -- she went out last night ... and ended up being late this morning for her gig on "Glee."
(12:10) An incredible makeup artist makes herself look like celebs ... you gotta see these pics.
(14:50) Obama's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show was awesome ... and took focus completely off Romney's victory.
(18:18) Breaking news involving the FBI, Joe Francis, a politician, a super hot chick, and an alleged imposter.
(20:10) Is Beyonce really the most beautiful woman in the world? Some beg to differ.
(22:11) Tareq Salahi calls in ... he's serious about running for governor.
(27:08) The Kardashians prep the next generation.
(33:02) Why did Jennifer Hudson have to leave the courtroom today?
(38:30) Harvey calls BS on the carmageddon baby boom.


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That Octomom is one ugly azz woman!!! No wonder she had to have in-vitro!!!

911 days ago


Beyond ce is NOT the most beautiful in da world..I am

911 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

I don't see why are people harassing this women when she's not the only one parent out their struggling to feed their children. I guess you all have not walked the streets of poor out in LA, NY, MI, the list goes on. At least she's not using drugs like some parents who abandon their children. Leave this woman alone!

911 days ago


Why do Octomom's kids have access to spray paint? And if it's not her kids, then what's wrong with her?! I also think she locks her kids in often. That door says do not enter.

911 days ago


The media has too much time...Look at the picture she looks like a mane and teeth to match

911 days ago


I meant beyonce the horse I could care less about octodegrace

911 days ago


She is soooo far from the most beautiful in the world! She's just barely cute!!!!

911 days ago


Octomoms house does not look that bad. She needs to get busy doing laundry and organizing clothes, and get her dad to do a bit of painting, repairs and it is fine. As far as the hair cuts, that does seem expensive even for 14 kids. As the hairdresser snuck in and took pictures and was so nice to make a copy of the check to make some serious CASH by selling all of it, I do not think she is a honest or nice person. ASK the HAIRDRESSER Why she charged Octo so much eh??? Probably some was to make a home visit.
Right now the only person that TMZ and the hairdresser managed to look bad is the HAIRDRESSER, not Octo.
Also her children look clean, it was a hot day, and they are all adorable. Lots of light hair, and clean.

911 days ago


What was the hair stylists name again....want to make sure we never hire her...dont have kids but wouldn't want her invading my clients privacy while I am paying her...or leeking photos to the press....I am sure many others would want to not hire her or foe of octo that is unprofessional. She was paid to cut hair not talk to the press about the kids and publish photos of kids on the potty at their own home.... Tell the cops if you think kids are in danger yes...but leeking to the press and handing out photos of children when they are on private time in their home is shameful. TMZ how much did you pay much money has the hair dresser made of this story....going to police was the right thing to do if you think the kids are in harms way....but going to the press...I smell motive.

911 days ago


Apparently Octo-crzy beotch can NOT handle all of these children, they poor innocent babies are not being care for properly and it's so sad. She is so freakin selfish to have her hair done for $250 or whatever the price was. She should blow out her Ugly-Ass hair by herself.

911 days ago


While the majority of people disagree with what Octomom is doing with her money, there are thousands doing the same thing. There are children living with drunk/drug addicted parents on welfare. They're not taken away and they live in squalor. I think you're wrong and her children will NOT be taken away. The problem goes way beyond Octomom. It will take alot more than money thrown at people to fix the problem.

911 days ago


Today's the 5th anniversary of the Vick dogs being rescued. I am a loyal viewer and knowing Harvey's passion for animals, I think this is a topic that should be brought up on today's show.

911 days ago

Countess Jenni    

The kids should be taken away temporarily and Octomom should take a whole bunch of classes on finance, child rearing, and child psychology. What a mess!

911 days ago


Wow TMZ why are you hating Beyonce is beautiful inside and out. U guys probably would have liked someone with lighter skin right? SMH all media outlets are the same.

911 days ago


To get all the info on Natalie Doud you should visit ivf lies & videotape or
This monster shouldn't be anywhere near children.

911 days ago
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