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Wiz Khalifa

Busted for Weed

... at a Holiday Inn

4/25/2012 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

"Black and Yellow" rapper Wiz Khalifa tried to hide a bag of weed in his room at a Holiday Inn in Nashville ... this according to law enforcement.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Metro Nashville Police responded to Wiz's room on April 21 after someone complained about a strong odor of marijuana.

When officers arrived to the scene, Wiz -- real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz -- allegedly tossed a "marijuana cigarette" out of the window.

Cops say the recovered the item ... saying, "inside the rolling paper was a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana."

According to the report, Wiz eventually admitted the joint was his and said he had 3.7 grams of weed in his pocket.

Wiz -- who's VERY open about his marijuana use -- was hit with a citation ... and probably smoked more weed after the officers left.



No Avatar


You call that a story that is normal as hell for him.Wow he got smoking weed not really a suprise.Him checking into a rehab would be a story.

875 days ago


WOW! Is this even newsworthy? A partial joint and a lil baggy of weed...Not even an OUNCE.. I get it's not the politically correct thing to do in a hotel room ... In this day and age with Medical Marijuana licenses being thrown out there right and left to ppl that falsly take advantage of even having a license in the first place. SERIOUSLY, BIG WOOP, he got a citation.. He's not underage or pushing it to school kids on the playground. Must be a slow day for TMZ...

875 days ago


Wait....a rapper.....caught with weed? The HELL you say! Next thing you know, wrestlers will be killing their families on roid rage and white, privileged asshats will be drinking to excess. Wait, that's already happened too?!

875 days ago


All you people b*tching that its not fair that cops let him off if it was you, you would have been arrested bla bla bla...apparently you don't know that in most cases when cops bust you for possession of weed, it is just a ticket to appear in court...and that is what he got.

875 days ago


rich people have benifits. But he is just another weed smokin loser.

875 days ago


it's just weed, chillout

875 days ago


everyone smokes.. rappers to old ladies... stop acting like he is killing babies.. and i always see stupid comments on here most of them saying who? .. what do you live under a rock or are you all 40 year old depressed white guys?

875 days ago

Jasmine T    

It's quite ****ing hilarious how this article ends. I was JUST thinking "This guys does NOT give a damn about a Pot citation." He probably called Snoop, Jay'Z, Alannis and Rihanna and giggled on the phone for hours about it.

875 days ago

artie help    

how come peeps don't be more discreet and ****, people take kids to hotels for weekends to use pools etc. a lil break from home , and to have to smell weed is disruptive, go out to the ****ing parking lot and chill

875 days ago


He got arrested for ruining Chrono Trigger with his **** music.

875 days ago


So what he gets drunk! So what he smokes weed! He's just having fun! And he dont care who sees! So what he goes out, thats how its spozed to young and wild and free

874 days ago


Wiz Khalifa send on some kush and lite a incense,open the window,or febreze do something Lmfao all that weed you'r smoking you should do all three you dummy and stop uploading videos to youtube you make me sick when I see you waste all trees with a joint that runs fix it !

874 days ago


Interviewed Wiz the other night and this was the 1st thing he talked about. Almost like he's psychic...or really high...

874 days ago

Taylor Gang Or Die_    

Wiz Is Amazin.. Idgaf What Anyone Says..

873 days ago


To all of the people complaining about the cops letting him off because he is famous.... Marijuana offenses vary by state. It has been decriminalized in many states. Where I live getting caught with Marijuan is similar to getting a parking ticket.

872 days ago
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