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Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband

Keep Her Daughter

Avay from Her!!!

4/25/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor
's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt is firing back at his step-daughter Francesca Hilton -- claiming her recent attempt to gain control over Zsa Zsa's conservatorship is a disaster waiting to happen.

You'll recall ... Francesca Hilton filed to take over Zsa Zsa's conservatorship last month because she doesn't trust von A-hole to care for her mother ... claiming he isolates and sedates her regularly.

But Prince von A-hole has filed a formal objection with the Superior Court of L.A., claiming Francesca is the worst person to take care of Zsa Zsa due to her "past conduct," which includes an alleged assault on Ahole last year.

He also claims Francesca is personally responsible for his and Zsa Zsa's current financial problems ... though he doesn't really explain why.

In legal docs ... Von A-hole is adamant he does everything in his power to take care of his ailing wife ... including hiring help and "prudently" controlling the withering finances.  A judge has yet to rule on the case.


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my buddy's ex-wife brought in $18852 last month. she is making cash on the laptop and got a $3360...00 house. All she did was get lucky and put into action the steps laid out on this web site

876 days ago


they both sound like leeches. they both use her for money and for fame. the ones that are siding with A-hole...did you forget that he claimed to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith WHILE he was married to Zsa Zsa??? Did you forget he was found with hookers handcuffed to a steering wheel? He doesn't love Zsa Zsa. He exploits her every chance he gets. Everyone knows how Zsa Zsa was dressed up perfectly every day- now he parades her around on her motorized bed at parties like she's some kind of party favor. Are you telling me that if she was aware, she would like that?? would you? hell no. she's probably so drugged up. of course it's easy to love someone who can't talk, walk or do anything if they have money or fame to mooch off of. He's an ass.

876 days ago


I recall hearing him say he and ZsaZsa lost ten million dollars in the Bernie Madoff fiasco. He claimed he was the father of Anna Nicole's baby, he was found naked and handcuffed to the steering wheel of his Rollys Royce convertible claiming some women did it to him. And that's only the stuff I can remember off the top of my head! I wonder if he keeps ZsaZsa alive because something happens estate-wise when she dies that is not going to be to his benefit. Just wondering.

876 days ago


Why don't you leave these folks alone. Let them work with the courts to find a reasonable settlement. You are not helping. You are just another bunch of blood-sucking leeches. Oh yeah, and instead of calling names, try using the given name. It makes you sound like one of those trashy, grocery store rags. Try to show a little class.

876 days ago


Need to get a unbiased third party to see over her health, life, and finances. Get BOTH of them off of her payroll. There has to be someone who would do this, not for the money, but for the welfare of this wonderful lady. I have always felt that there is something not quite right about this whole situation. Who has seen Zsa Zsa lately...besides
her "husband"? Please, put the welfare of this lady first!!!!

876 days ago


The mother and daughter should be together and she shouldhelp her mom.....a new husband just wants to save money for himself....

876 days ago

carol toppel    

Prince Von Phoneuy! Is this guy for real? Anyone can buy a title. What a fraud!.

876 days ago

bj brigham    

THE prince has gone to europe quite often and probaly took parts of her money to switzerland.. nobodys been watching this dude....

876 days ago

bj brigham    

he was not a prince by birth,,he bought the title with zsa zsa s money..something like that...he s just a gigolo he might of been locked with handcuffs..but not with women but with some other type of prostitutes..he was probably being handcuff from some other reason...he probably has had another will made up while shes been medicated,thats what do so they can get the money when they die..he has tried to sell her house with her staying in it until she dies.get a job,she taken care of you forever

876 days ago


Being a caregiver is a difficult job and can so heartbreaking for a husband or wife or significant other.
We don't know the story of the family dynamics of mother and daughter and we do know that this man has been through a lot with his wife the past several years. I don't think writing unkind things about him is helping anyone. It is really best to leave it to the family to work out. They are the only ones that know what is really happening and what has happened in the past. Zsa Zsa has always been special to me since we share the same birthday (2-6) along with the late President Ronald Reagan and other notables. I do hope she is in no pain and at peace and that her family shows their love by surrounding her with a calm and peaceful environment.

875 days ago


Miss Von A Hole needs to do what he does best. He likes to cruise mens public bathrooms. Anyone who knows him knows he likes very young boys. He has one right now in Santa Barbra in an apartment.

875 days ago


They've been together for 26 years, husband #7, so who are we to judge him? Obviously, he's what she wants or she would have tossed him like the others. She had a falling out with the daughter years ago. I guess the end is near, so it's probably how the daughter tries to get something while the gettings good.

875 days ago

Cruise Lover    

40 years ago Zsa Zsa performed in Las Vegas with Boyce and Hart. Zsa Zsa wore a $9000 hippie costume. Don't know what else Zsa Zsa did in that show, but I'm sorry that I missed it.

875 days ago



875 days ago


He's called Von A-hole because while married to Zsa Zsa Gabore, he went to claim Anna Nicole Smith's baby as his own, even to filing a paternity suit to gain some kind of financial inheritance to Anna Nicole's winnings from the billionaire's court case, the billionaire Anna Nicole was married to when the billionaire died. Von Anhalt (aka A-hole), at the time of trying to take Anna Nicole Smith's baby as his own, outed himself as having sexual relations with anyone he wants to while married to ailing Zsa Zsa - with Zsa Zsa's permission of course, he claims. Well, she, a glamorous beautiful star, I don't think she'd really like his relationships with all others if she could actually do something about it and no one believed him at the time he made the claim his chasing Anna Nicole's baby that it was alright with Zsa Zsa he do so. He creeps people out with his un-natural care of Zsa Zsa, taking over her public relations (publicity) for her in a very un-natural manner she never used to do ever. There came the nick name, for the man that took Zsa Zsa's affairs hostage portraying her as endorsing fully his womanizing, legally chasing Anna Nicole Smith's daughter as his own while married to Zsa Zsa, & spending of her (Zsa Zsa's) money the entire time he did it all. Not only does he mismanage her public relations, her money, but do try to tell us he also knows how to lovingly care for Zsa Zsa & that is a load of garbage. I feel sorry for Zsa Zsa. It is like she's been taken hostage by the behaviors of a crazy mind, HIS. Let her family see her. He's crazy.

875 days ago
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