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WTF!!! This guy MUST BE ONE BONAFIDE GENUINE *******!!!! I kinda hope the local 81 or support crew pays his shop a lil "visit" to awaken this turd about something called "Reality".....Is there any other term lower than stupid foolish beyond all words? This guy must be a fool and i hope that no one is caught walkin down the street wearin that shirt cuz it will be open season on that poor guy and IT WILL BE A VERY VERY BAD DAY for HIM!

728 days ago


@Tigers Wood. There you go, you might have a point. I would suggest you stop by your local HA chapter and mention it to one of the members. Maybe they'll change it, but it's more likely that the result won't be so pleasant.

728 days ago

Ronnie Angel    

for all you brainiac's wondering if Hells Angels own their "trademark". google 'hells angels lawsuits'.....they have been successful suing some very major players....and btw...they are willing to defend their trademark in ANY arena, or a court room. When you are dealing with cop calling bitches (MTV, drydick or whatever his name is)...the obvious play is a lawsuit....

728 days ago


Who is going to wear that logo unless you earned it. I would hate to sport the Death Head and encounter the real deal. I would have a real good ass whipping coming just like this punk who jacked it.

728 days ago


Not only would they piss off the red and white, but any "reckless youth" ****ups that get caught wearing this in the wrong territories will regret it. My comments are not to be taken as a threat or a promise. However, i am a rider! If you have any knowledge of these guys (which you do not) you would clearly know not to screw with them. Like most bikers, you may get a nod from them if you give them one, but with these guys, that could be the most aknowledgement you will receive without ending up as a missing person. Lastly, due to how similar the patches are, there would be too much unneeded attention coming down on the Angels in the event of a few dumb ass kids being put in body bags over a patch that they thought was "cool".

728 days ago



728 days ago

Dan McC    

You are sooooo screwed!!! They're going to give some "colors" to and blue.

Dumbest thing you could do, screw with a motorcycle club like the Angels.

727 days ago


hope the ha win that law suit . red&white supporter 4 life

727 days ago

Dr Death    

smooth move there bowels,
you really want to steal from the Hells Angels?

726 days ago


hope the the law suit cause that skater *** dont got what it takes to be a prospect or have the balls to ask to ask if he could use there center patch .there are people that work hard to earn that and there are men that have died 4 that patch.just cause hes got money he thinks he can just take and use anyones copy righted design and make money on it ! hope he pays back all money he made on it . RED&WHITE SUPPORTER 4 LIFE !

726 days ago

Rae Ann Smith    

This is clearly copyright infringement, logo stolen from Hells Angels Are you insane! How disrespectful and stupid are you, unbelievable!

726 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Hells Angels are a bunch of ******* which is why they have to gang bang, not one has a penis big enough to actually satisfy.

726 days ago

West Canada Rider    

This was the stupidest thing i've seen in years. Any guy wearing this craps gonna have his shirt ripped off his chest including his lips and lower jaw... Heat Score guys... dont do it. Yes its a copyrighted image.. Yes your gonna lose this case. Paint the next logo as a big Bulls Eye...

725 days ago


I think Rob Dyrdek needs to be schooled.

725 days ago

jeremy lampert    

i bet tremaine dared him to do it.

724 days ago
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