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721 days ago


Do the Hells angels have a trademark on the logo? If not its a tough case to prove.

721 days ago


That DEATH HEAD LOGO belongs to the HELL`S ANGELS Period. You Know nothing! I have had my Intellectual Property, Name of my Company etc. jacked too! I come from the Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd days when Jimmi Hendrix said "I`m the one who has to die, when it`s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to!" The Hell`s Angles own the logo period!!

721 days ago


I gotta say when I saw this article I was pretty shocked. This is not something that you should just sweep under the rug. I used to have a bar that some HA used to frequent and I can tell you first hand that they do not take kindly to anyone posing as one of them or wearing anything that resembles their patch. Even if this is Chris' Company, Rob should of stopped this before it went to print. Even if he won the court case he's still gonna end up paying money. Only a moron would ever cross the line with these guys.

721 days ago


Drama ****ed himself, how are you going to steal a logo from a bike gang known for not murder but ****ing slaughtering people? If I was MTV producers, I would just say not my business cuz Hells Angels will put them out of business.

721 days ago


it wrong for that guy to use the logo that don't belong to him and the hells angels logo is their logo only becuz it is well known as theirs

721 days ago


REALLY BAD IDEA!!!!! Stupid in fact!!!

721 days ago

Bad Idea...    

Really? This is probably the WORST decision anyone has ever made. Regardless if the logo is trademarked or restricted, this is territory you DON'T want the F**k with. If they think the 'law' will protect them if an argument arises, they'd dead wrong (and that's literally speaking most likely given the HA don't care what happens to them)

721 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

I think it was smart of the Hells Angels to sue for now, cuz Drama isn't just some guy on the street. It would bring too much attention to them if they were to do anything stupid. Sue now, and THEN take matters into your own hands if nothing happens. And like somebody said before me, it is changed a tiny little bit, and that tiny bit might make it different enough to be legal. We'll see, I guess

721 days ago

Who Knew    

Well that was stupid, better get out the checkbook. It's an exact match with a bandanna on it's mouth.

721 days ago


They should be sued, white boys think they can ripoff anybody with impunity. But you can't blame them because the courts have their tier system of "justice" and will only prosecute to the degree that the party that was jacked party can afford an aggressive attorney to FORCE the judge to enact the law. I hope the hell's angles sue the pants off of them [they won't get sh1t from MTV, those Jews has the courts in their back pocket.

721 days ago


I never thought I'd see the day when the Hells Angels would jump the "publicity" train for their infamously lawless and ruthless organization. What are they gonna start selling cookies next?

721 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

Come on! with the infinate amount of designs they could have used, why steal one at all, especially from the Hells Angels, and especially when you know it's going to be seen? I like Drama, and Rob and the fantasy factory, but this is seriously dumb.

721 days ago


The really "bad" thing here isn't these idiots who've jacked the Death Head's going to be the "youth" who'll buy these items and then wear them...without knowing that when a Hells Angel, or a Hells angel support club sees that on them...they'll get it ripped from their body.

I don't know what these guys had on their mind when they decided to do this...but it was a really stoopid move.

721 days ago


That's the first I've seen of that logo on a Young & Reckless shirt. I would discontinue that design if I was Drama. You don't want to piss these guys off.

721 days ago
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