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The HA will knock him off.

808 days ago


of course he cant come up with anything on his own...ridiculousness is just a failed crappy version of tosh.0.

808 days ago


Sorry but to me that's a lousy logo anyway...why use that and also its pretty stupid to mess with that groups colors.

808 days ago

Ann Racca    

I see that the hells Angels logo was stolen..I have seen this logo since i was a child.We lived next door to them in Baton Rouge.You thieves need to change your logo. Hells Angels do good and live peaceful,least the ones we lived near did. So do good folks change your logo and pay the Angels for whaat you took from them.

808 days ago


What a bunch of whiners. It's a crappy looking logo anyways.

808 days ago


They do have a trademark on this and just protecting that. Look at the bright side, they are doing it legally! LOL. Show them respect and you don't have a problem. I Think they got it down, when they do right no one remembers, when they do wrong no one forgets. Go for it HA i hope you win.

808 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    


I second your comment about the Hells Angels being great guys. I grew up on the same street where the local Hells Angels club house is located (my parents still live there). When I was a kid we had an electrical fire at our house that burned down our garage. A couple of days after the fire the Hells Angels showed up to our house with tools in hand and over the next few days they rebuilt our garage and refused to take any money from my father. Considering that my family is black and this was the 60s, that busts apart a whole lot of preconceptions people have about the Hells Angels. My father, who is a Baptist minister, always said that he'd never seen a more Christian act than that of the Hells Angels helping out their neighbors with no reward in mind. His congregation still talks (in hushed tones) about their minister throwing a giant BBQ for the Hells Angels back in the day. My father just refers to them as "good Christian boys".

808 days ago


A lawsuit??? You're the freaking HELLS ANGELS! Go down to the Fantasy Factory and beat the brakes off em

808 days ago


AMAZING,---- i read all on post on this and all people did is repeat what some one else posted, i know some hells angels members and these guys are not bums, some of them have familes and have very important jobs

808 days ago


All the people talking **** on here would never say anything to anyone that has anything to do with the club. Enjoy your internet balls pansies.

808 days ago


****ing s***bag wannabe hollywood asshats. I hope 81 nails his/their asses to the wall and make them destitute.

808 days ago


no matter WHO own logo
u break any trademarks
you are FCUK !
end of !

808 days ago


I was watching that show when I noticed the picture on the wall first, then I saw the t-shirt. And I thought to myself,,I sure hope he has permission to use that. I even told my wife, I bet we'll hear something about that. Sure 'nuff,,, The 81 dont f*ck around.

808 days ago


It's not identical! For one, it has a BLACK AND WHITE (heeheehee) bandana over it's mouth, and two, the whole thing is done in BLACK AND WHITE! Simply put.....S.Y.L.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!

808 days ago


What a bunch of whiners. It's a crappy dated logo anyways.

808 days ago
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