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Miss Dominican Republic


Over Secret Marriage

4/26/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Miss Dominican Republic Carlina Duran
The woman who won the title of Miss Dominican Republic 2012 ... has been forced to relinquish her crown after officials discovered the ultimate skeleton in her closet -- A HUSBAND!!!

25-year-old Carlina Duran has been 86'd from her post ... after pageant officials say she violated a rule which requires all contestants to be single.

According to reports, Duran has been married since 2009 ... and never told anyone about her ol' ball and chain ... until AFTER she was outed as a MISSUS.

Now, the crown will be passed to the 1st runner-up -- Dulcita Lieggi.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Not sure its stupid. They assume a single person is free to travel & promote crap more without immediate family obligations. Also, she knew the rules and did not tell the truth so she should step down.

889 days ago


Contestants enter contests. The contests aren't going to change for the comfortability and flexibility of each contestant. If the contestant doesn't qualify or can't make the grade, it's simple. Don't enter. Find a contest that suits you.
Is anyone else getting tired of headlines where dishonest people act SHOCKED at the consequences of their behaviors?

889 days ago


Hiding your husband means you're guilty of something. This lady lost her credibility and reputation for life. People play such stupid games with their lives...

889 days ago


I've always thought it was a stupid rule. I have to compete in the Mrs. even though I'm young enough to be in the Miss category...which is not as prestigious. And I disagree that it's heavy-weight vs. lightweight...being married or unmarried doesn't give you a leg-up in anything. And besides, why MUST they be single? Do people think there's a chance to be with them? lol. Not only that, but I doubt that 10% of them are even single.

889 days ago


the pageant ain't called "MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC" or "MISS USA" or "MISS UNIVERSE" for nothing! The "title" if miss in any language implies an UNMARRIED WOMAN.

889 days ago


It's right there in the title "Miss Dominican Republic," so of course it's not surprising. It's not "Ms. Dominican Republic" it's not "Mrs. Dominican Republic" ... shouldn't expect to be able to qualify if you're married, or divorced for that matter.

889 days ago


If it's "Miss" anything the title implies not married. Therefore us guys can imagine banging her, which makes the swimsuit competition that much more important. If it's a "Mrs" contest then who cares?

889 days ago


I can't believe the poll is at 70% for Yes and 30% for No right now for "Stupid Rule..." I guess there are 70% of people that don't know what "Miss" means vs "Mrs". "Miss" states that the woman is not married. A person that is married is referred to as "Mrs" and cannot win this contest. If the woman was already married, she should be disqualified because she shouldn't have been in the contest to begin with.

889 days ago

jay alvarez    

great now we are losing carlina is actually preetier look her up

889 days ago


that means that the "sponsors" need'em extra virgin in order to...?

889 days ago


It does not matter if the rule is stupid. The contest posted the rules, the contestant agreed to these rules and signed that she would follow them. If she had an issue, the time to deal with it is before registering. It was dishonest and she deserved to be dethroned. Now, if she wants to challenge the rules, be open and honest, and do it the right way.

889 days ago


OK you idiots, It's called the MISS Dominican contest, not the whatever contest. You can't be married, you can't be a man, you can't be a man who thinks HE is a woman and has HIMSELF cut up to resemble a woman. If I as a white man tried to enter the Miss Black America they would tell me to take a hike, because I am not black nor a woman. When are you idiots going to realize that encouraging these mentally challaged people helps no one.

889 days ago


Of course it's a great rule...can you imagine the jealousy issues????

889 days ago


What don't you get about the contest being MISS Dominican Republic. Women have been ousted before when it was discovered they were married. This is nothing new. There are pageants for married women. What would you have them do - call it the whoever wants to enter pageant?

889 days ago


This isn't a stupid rule as the title says MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, not MRS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

889 days ago
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