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Child Protective Services

Thinks I'm SUPERmom

4/26/2012 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Orange County Department of Children and Family Services will NOT be taking away Octomom's children -- this according to the mother of 14 herself, who tells TMZ, they came to her house today ... and just gave her a "clean bill of health."

Three DCFS workers showed up moments ago at Nadya Suleman's Orange County home -- and according to Octo, the trio gave her a rave review ... despite the shocking living conditions in her home.

Octo called in to TMZ Live, saying, "[DCFS] said it's a very suitable environment for these children."

Even crazier, Octo claimed the DCFS workers were actually impressed with her parenting skills -- telling us, "They can't even believe that I can do what I've been doing."

Neither can we.


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So making your babies sleep on the filthy floor and sh_t in the back yard like dogs is "good" parenting? I must be the best father in the world in that case. My kids have their own beds and get to use the bathroom inside! People need to stop treating this woman like she's some kind of martyr, and start treating her like the sack of sh_t that she is. Maybe then she'll get motivated enough to get off her lazy ass and do something for herself.

846 days ago


Well, if they are impressed with her, it's time to fire them and hire some competent workers for the DCFS. Oh that's right, they usually don't do anything until a child is dying or dead. It's so much better to have a child with their biological parent or so they keep saying.

846 days ago


Geee Whiz! Just leave this lady alone. People, when you have 14 kids in a house, the house will NOT be spotless, ever. When the child protection folks investigate, they are not looking for perfection. They are not looking for Mrs. Cleaver. They are checking to see if the children are adequately cared for and safe. Octomom obviously met that standard.

846 days ago


Fg morons should be fired.

846 days ago


You're all delusional if you think her home isn't suitable for her children. Try saving your disgust for real child abuse and unfit parents/homes.

846 days ago


Without a father figure in their life, there is going to be some serious behavioral issues as they get older and into their school years. Lacking a male role model and being raised by a mother that acts flighty and manic? Not good.

846 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Childrens services don't talk like that. They don't tell you they are impressed with the condition of your home OR your parenting skills. I am/was a foster mother many times over and they just never talk like that. They are always clinical obeservations.

846 days ago


I pray that nothing happens to these children, to many times they say everything is okay, and a child ends up hurt or dead!! Just pray for these children!!!

846 days ago


An open invitation to everyone that keeps giving this pathetic woman money.
I too am a single mother. I have a 2 year old son. My pregnancy was a surprise and my ex split when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Meanwhile, I do my best to get by. I am very educated and teach for 4 different community colleges to make ends meet; but part-time status at each place of employment means that I pay $400/month for healthcare. I don't receive a dime in child support and make $5,000 a year too much to qualify for any state assistance. So I have given up things like getting my hair done ( like Octomom, I used to pay for the Brazilian Blowout). I get my clothes fixed instead of buying new clothes, etc. This woman wholeheartedly chose to become a single mother. I could give a *&^% about her, weep for her children, and invite everyone who gives her free stuff, to give me the same. In particular, I have yet to pay my labor and delivery bill. I would like to pay them since they were so kind to me and delivered my precious baby.

846 days ago


I hate octo. That being said, I HATE the kardashians alot more. octo is a crazy piece of sh t. But she's not crammed down your f ck ng throat everyf ck ng day like that whore no talent family of fools.

846 days ago


That just shows how stupid they are..Insane

846 days ago


Really people? It doesn't matter what she does or says, you wannabe detectives are just going to criticize her anyways. She didn't want to do nude pics and started receiving food stamps because she wasn't making ENOUGH money (she has jobs, she says, and we all know about Dial-a-star), so now she is going to do the nude pics so she can go off of assistance and I'm sure everyone will have something to say about that too.

She has 14 kids, I'm surprised her house isn't worse. I'm sure it's messy because (I know, super shocker here) she's taking care of her kids. You know, like feeding them, giving baths, washing clothes (that must be a nightmare with that many kids). Just because she's not the world's greatest housekeeper doesn't mean she isn't a good mom.

Simmer down folks.

846 days ago



846 days ago

jam doe    

This is BS. Social Service workers cant even find waldo in a black and white copy. They are a horrible almost useless agencey they couldnt even find jaycee Dugard after going to Phillip Craig Garrids house. The fact that the brazillian hair company is giving her money shows the prase that unfit mother get all over this country put those kids up for adoption if you have any common sense and if you ever want your kids to have a good life cause im sick of paying for your hair matance.

846 days ago


Then CS is on crack. How the hell can this loser deny these poor children, live like a filthy pig & think she's doing a great job. WTF? One can only hope these children grow up fast and leave this psycho mom behind as fast as they can. I'm digusted not only by her but lack of action by the govt.

846 days ago
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