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Octomom's House

Gets Graffiti-Scrubbing Facelift

4/26/2012 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's graffiti-riddled den of filth is morphing back into a normal-looking house -- at least for now -- because the entire interior just got a fresh new paint job ... and TMZ got the photos.

As we first reported, La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Children and Family Services showed up at Nadya Suleman's home Tuesday, after receiving a complaint that the mother of 14 lets her kids live in horrendous conditions.

But today, -- the website that pays celebs to talk to their fans on the phone -- donated the company's first month of profits (over $10,000) to spruce up Nadya's house.

A rep for the website -- which employs Octomom along with several other celebs -- tells TMZ, cleaners have already started painting over the giant murals of graffiti inside and outside of the house, patching holes in the wall, and fixing the doors.

As for Octomom's stylist's claims that only one toilet works in the house -- we got video of Octo proving it's no longer true ... you see her flushing THREE toilets.



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She should have gave her kids up for adoption when they were born!! SHE CAN'T HANDLE IT and they would have been better off without her!

880 days ago


Good that she is stepping up and taking care of these things, but pretty bad that it took being exposed for her to put her children's needs first now.

She should not have to be told to be doing these things.

880 days ago


why didn't they fix the holes in the door and wall before they painted it?

880 days ago


Well, she's got herself the ultimate scam going on, doesn't she. All it takes is pictures of those poor kids sitting on potty's outside, a story of locking them in a room for a hair appointment and comes the bleeding hearts to bail her out yet again.
BTW, whoever is doing the sprucing up should be fired immediately, 10k should've gotten the walls PATCHED FIRST, (who the HELL paints before patching), the spots that were patched were never sanded down and that paint job looks like her three oldest painted the wall. That has got to be worst job I've ever seen. Oh, I get it, dial a dumbarse gave the 10k directly to Octoslob and she's doing the work herself, right?

880 days ago


The house has been in that condition for the last couple of years. She had no problem living in what looks like a crack house until Social Services showed up.

Please... she said she is moving. We know her home will be auctioned off Monday (if anyone buys it)
She is a slob and it didn't bother her in the least until yesterday.
This house is in the same condition she left her mothers home in.

It's only going to get worse as the children get older.

880 days ago


This whole thing is starting to smell like a promotional scam. DiaAStar donated $10k for this skank ? Why did the house have all that grafitti in the first place? Was it like this all along or just in the past few days ?

If this was a setup I hope the police go after these people for wasting tax payers money.

880 days ago


Let's see: she's now got free cleaning services, free hairstyling services, free home improvement services, and on and on. What exactly is she doing wrong? It's working so far.

880 days ago


Yea, lets take her kids away put them in foster care to be molested and given experimental drugs like there some damn guinea pigs. TMZ and the people that support TMZ are why pigs like Kim Kar***rag and her family of pigs are famous for doing nothing other then piggy backing off a brutal murder. PIGS PIGS PIGS EVIL BORED WITH YOUR OWN LIFE LOSERS. Why did I come here? Because I read the headline on another website that made me think some more coward swine like the ones that broke her car window with a car seat had attacked her again by spray painting her house. You people contiune to supprot a ***(Harvey ***GOT Levin) while all he does is promote negativity and talentless bums. Meat eaters disgust you well human butt plugs disgust me QUEER BOY

880 days ago


i bet there was more graffiti on the walls before the paint even dried. and there will be new holes in the walls before next week.
she needs her kids taken away.

880 days ago


The welfare gubment ought to move that clan to North Dakota and let them take up residence in one of those abandoned underground missile silos we no longer use. They're made strong enough to take a nuclear strike, so those little turds won't damange a thing.

880 days ago


It is starting to look like she may have set this whole thing up with her friend (stylist) to get more freebees an a house cleaning.

880 days ago


I think this Lady knew having 8 babies at once would get her lots of attention & fame,$$ but then the story fizzled out and now she is on welfare And those poor kids have to live that life she choose for them-what is she thinking spending $520 on hair. Go to local cuts and get one for $25.oo !!I hope those kids end up normal and not mentally unstable adults!!

880 days ago


Why don't someone offer help for the children?? They are in desperate need of some counselling! Offer the services free! They also need to learn to behave! How about someone offer to mentor the older ones??? Then they'd be really helping!

880 days ago


What kind of parent allows their kids to run wild and paint graffiti all over the walls? Lazy person who doesn't watch after her kids. Damn - she is too much.

880 days ago


Oh my god TMZ leave this lady alone.. your posting stories about her everyday.. I wonder how some of your people live. the more you dig into her business the more people are going to bash her..Harvey, have you been go to lunch with Nancy Grace lately??

880 days ago
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