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Octomom's House

Gets Graffiti-Scrubbing Facelift

4/26/2012 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's graffiti-riddled den of filth is morphing back into a normal-looking house -- at least for now -- because the entire interior just got a fresh new paint job ... and TMZ got the photos.

As we first reported, La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Children and Family Services showed up at Nadya Suleman's home Tuesday, after receiving a complaint that the mother of 14 lets her kids live in horrendous conditions.

But today, -- the website that pays celebs to talk to their fans on the phone -- donated the company's first month of profits (over $10,000) to spruce up Nadya's house.

A rep for the website -- which employs Octomom along with several other celebs -- tells TMZ, cleaners have already started painting over the giant murals of graffiti inside and outside of the house, patching holes in the wall, and fixing the doors.

As for Octomom's stylist's claims that only one toilet works in the house -- we got video of Octo proving it's no longer true ... you see her flushing THREE toilets.



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CPS should have given her a Swirly in one of those toilets instead of a thumbs up...

908 days ago


Will she lose her state funded assistance after they just gave her 10,000? Brazillian blowout is going to give her money too, etc? So if she also claims she has money coming in, it does sort of seem like she is using everyone, including the tax payers now.

908 days ago


Oh my!I think TMZ IS SWINE is really Charley Manson!Lol & he reads TMZ hahahaha...well of course~

908 days ago


She allows her kids to trash the place then suckers go in and fix it for free. lol. Good God how dumb are people.

908 days ago


botch please this isnt the last month your going to be on food stamps she will be on it but no one will admit it.. this bitch aint got a job to handle her kids with no money .. just put them in a foster home and they will be better off,.

908 days ago


So what? While the laziest bitch on earth, OCTOMOM, is sleeping in or taking a 2 hour bubble bath...her older kids will be destroying the house again. She doesn't give a flying f*ck, the more trashed, the less likely it will sell. I think all of us with a brain can agree, that is 1 crazy, lazy, worthless bitch!

908 days ago


How can child services leave those kids there when they are obviously allowed to weild a knife or an ax. Thats what it takes to make those kinds of marks/gashes in the door.

The gashes were obviously made after the cleaning was done. This woman has absolutely no control over any of her children. Yet she is allowed to keep them? This is clearly unsafe for the children. It's supposed to be children's protection services, not lets help some crazy woman ruin a whole slew of kids lives all at once.

908 days ago


This woman is such a mess. Exactly how did she think she was going to afford all these kids once the media frenzy ends? If she can't afford to go to work because she can't afford daycare, she can't afford for them to be in sports or other extra curriculars as they get older either.
And, why in the world does she allow these children to destroy their HOME? What's she doing that they're able to draw all over the interior and exterior?
Nadia, I don't care how many excuses you make for yourself. STEP IT UP.

908 days ago


Am I the only one that thinks all they did was cover the walls and door with cardboard?

908 days ago


Jeepers, TMZ...I'd rather see you donate money to these 14 children to give them a chance at life instead of rewarding the baby killer Casey Anthony by paying her for staged photos!

908 days ago


They think she's doing a great job?! That's the joke of the day. Thing is again somebody gave her money and bailed her out she's not competant enough by herself.

908 days ago

La Mom    

The only reason to support this is because THE CHILDREN are better off for it. Broken toilets mean raw sewage, and holes in walls are nothing but a hazard. As for the graffiti, at least we know Nadya can spell (sorta) This woman has no shame when she SHOULD. Is there anyone left to helps this family for the CHILDREN'S SAKE and NOT for the free publicity? Dial A Star should've done their homework. When she loses this house in a matter of days I can think of MANY worthwhile families who could've used that 10-grand. Anybody wanna bet Octomom calls her attorney and threatens LAWSUIT when the auction makes her leave? That's all this crazy woman knows. God forbid something happens to her children ... how on earth will she make a living then?

908 days ago


Her only job is to take care of her children and her home.
I saw such a mess still in those pictures including the filth filling up the runners on the bathtub for the doors.
She could have painted herself, filled holes, patched holes, fixed toilets or called a plumber for a hundred bucks to do it, doors on cabinets get a screwdriver even an electic one if need be(20 bucks), and some wood filler and get the doors back up, same with everything broken in that house. As a single mom myself years ago YOU lEARN TO do these things and its trial and error, you eventually get it done and fixed and its a huge good feeling. Octo, just make lists of what do to, what you need, and look on the internet under "how to screw back on door to a wood cabinet" if you have to. Just do it, and you will be surprised at how well your house starts to look, and how well you feel about doing it. You have a 8 hr job, then another 8 hour job of being just Mom, that is what most of us do, but you get to do those 16 hrs all at home, then sleep for another 8 if you are lucky. So 16 hrs a day should be on the house, the kids and nothing else. THAT is the job you chose to do. Now learn to do it and feel the pride.
IT IS HER JOB and if she is working it 24/7 like a job 8 hrs, then a mom for another 8 hours like most of us do, then that house should be emaculate at all times except a few toys out.
Seriously what does she do all day??? There is no excuse for her house to look like that at all. As far as more mattresses for the babies to all sleep, hello, Pennysaver, or garage sales.

908 days ago

Janae R. Reed    

First off, why do her young children have access to spray paint? Why don't her toilets work and why is she still allowed custody of those children? Does anyone else see these problems?

908 days ago


Um, does anyone see the turd on the floor in the corner of the bathroom by the "working toilet"?

908 days ago
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