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Octomom's House

Gets Graffiti-Scrubbing Facelift

4/26/2012 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's graffiti-riddled den of filth is morphing back into a normal-looking house -- at least for now -- because the entire interior just got a fresh new paint job ... and TMZ got the photos.

As we first reported, La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Children and Family Services showed up at Nadya Suleman's home Tuesday, after receiving a complaint that the mother of 14 lets her kids live in horrendous conditions.

But today, -- the website that pays celebs to talk to their fans on the phone -- donated the company's first month of profits (over $10,000) to spruce up Nadya's house.

A rep for the website -- which employs Octomom along with several other celebs -- tells TMZ, cleaners have already started painting over the giant murals of graffiti inside and outside of the house, patching holes in the wall, and fixing the doors.

As for Octomom's stylist's claims that only one toilet works in the house -- we got video of Octo proving it's no longer true ... you see her flushing THREE toilets.



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I love how she paints over 10 foot holes

912 days ago


The toilets work, but the house still looks terrible. Why is every other wall colored on? A lil discipline goes a long way...if they color it make them clean it immediately. If they aren't taught now, they are going to be a hell of a handful when they are all in their teens.

912 days ago


who would give their kids spray paint! it's nit chalk on the walls it's a can of spray paint!

912 days ago


It sickens me that people are giving this woman exactly what she wants... Handouts so she can have a luxurious lifestyle off those children

912 days ago

Isabella Sarantakos    

There is something seriously wrong with that girl. Someone needs to step in and do something.

912 days ago


Look I like the octomom , But show her flush the toilet ones does not prove that it works. Anyone can fill the back tanker that a lot of water and make it flash. But can you flush it and let the tank refill then flush it again that proves that it works.

912 days ago


The ONLY reason those toilets are fixed is because there was heat on her for it. If no one had said anything or came and fixed it themselves, she'd still have busted toilets and f_cked up walls. The idiot was on Dr.Drew last night talking herself up like she's some kind of miracle worker saying, "I run a tight ship at my house". Really? Is that why your kids are running around trashing the house like little savages? And the broken toilets still don't explain why the kids were using the bathroom in the backyard. The potty seats should be kept INSIDE the house. What does she think she's teaching her kids? That it's OK to sh_t outside in front of everyone? Then she said "My kids have a great life, my one kid is going to camp this summer". WOW! Camp!? I bet the little guy can't wait to spend some time away from the hell hole that is his home. This woman needs to stop kidding herself into thinking that she can properly care for 14 kids on her own. She genuinely thinks she's a good mother, and frankly, it's horrifying.

912 days ago


You people who all denigrate this women should shut the hell up. She needs help!!!! There is a lot of money out there. No we are not responsible for her mistake but are we not our brother's keeper?? I raised four boys their room was off limits for me. Talk about graffiti walls.Take your judgements and shove them send this girl some money. Every twenty bucks help. If I had 14 kids I would be getting more than a Brazilian blowout. Open your hearts for the kid's sake.

912 days ago


REALLY?! When will people stop bailing her out? She dropped almost $60...0 on a freaking haircut & won't fix a toilet?! She could've fixed it & gone to Great Clips like the rest of us single mothers on Government Assistance do! Disgusting. This is one Quasi-pseudo celebrity I wish would just go away!

912 days ago


How do you all know what's better for Nadya kids, have you asked or even spoken to any of them? You see a messy house, a single mom who loves her kids unconditionally enough to take abuse from the public for being human-- while she's struggling day by day to survive in feeding, clothings and sheltering her kids, trying to keep them safe and together with her. You see kids artwork/graffiti all over the walls of the home and all of that in your minds makes Nadya a bad momma and grounds to take her kids away? Nadya is not without fault, true... but I see no signs of physical abuse, neglect, abandonment, child endangerment... none of Nadya children has been hospitalize or rushed to the ER for any giving reasons and that's more then I can say about a lot of the children's making the news today. Nadya kids aren't drop outs, they're not in the streets all hours of the night trashing/destroying the neighborhoods, her kids aren't beaten, molested... Her kids aren't starving to death either, and she broke her own promise making sure that never happened by swallowing her own pride and going on food stamps knowing full well how the public felt, but she put her kids needs first there, didn't she?

She's not making any money off her kids and they're not bringing any income into the home yet it's her body she is exploiting to earn money for her self and for them. Nadya made many mistakes but she's also just trying to survive them just like everybody else out there, people. C'on even the richest of celebrity's and wealthiest of people are strapped for cash these days and it why most of them, mainly women exploit their body doing nude or half nude photos for trashy magazines and they all have kids too. Shall I name a few?

I don't believe you people, you like have nothing to say about your gov't bailing out banks, car dealerships, credit card companies, spending your money or luxury vacation and giving themselves a raise... sending your tax dollars overseas or to some other foreign countries you never even heard of, seen or been to, to help out single mother's, single father's and families etc but have a problem with helping a single mother of 14 right here in your own country?

Please do not attempt to sit there and pretend what you see in Nadya Suleman is not what goes on around you or in just about every other homes in America and around the world. These are hard times for everybody, everybody makes mistakes and do dumb things they regret later... not just Nadya Suleman and her children.

People are losing their homes, fighting over divorce, custody of kids, homes, money and even going broke and can't find employments. Getting fired, strung out on drugs/alcohol, abusing their kids and the system, busted on DUI or some other illegally and drug related charges and all these people if not half have kids of their own. But I don't see you all on here screaming unfit parents and CPS should take their kids away. Okay, so you think they're not on gov't or federal assistance like Nadya. But how do you know they're not or never have been and is that a good enough reason not to be concern about their kids well being too? Or is it b/c Nadya is an easy target and had 8 babies at once? As one person on here put it, Nadya had s bunch of kids she couldn't afford. She didn't run planes into buildings for crying out loud!!! And if it's the money you're worrying about, don't worry... if you don't owe Uncle Sam you'll get every cent back and then some. There will always be money left for your old age, retirement and social security. After all, money is what makes this world go around not love and you all with your ignorant comments prove that much.

k-I'm done! :D

912 days ago


Anyone defending her is crazy too.

911 days ago


anyone not defending her is crazy too.

911 days ago


Rarely do I post anything on these sites, but this story has inspired me to speak my mind. Why in the hell should she be rewarded for irresponsible behavior?? She spends welfare money on her hair and locks her kids in the bedroom so they don't disturb her, so what is the solution?? The company REIMBURSES her for the haircut and states that they will provide free hair care to her in the future and even PAY for her her childcare while she is getting it done. WTF?? Maybe that is the answer, maybe we are all supposed to act like we're unable to make wise decisions and someone will just swoop in and pay for everything. She shouldn't even have those kids! This woman is bat **** crazy, but yet we keep giving her handouts that contribute to her vanity. Take the kids away and give them to people who would actually care more about them than themselves. This story actually inspired me to never read any crap on this site again.

911 days ago


That is not paint- that is paper parents put on their walls- or that you see in daycares that children can draw on. If all these "people" who were claiming to help her really were, you would have seen ideas, cheap and easy like this long ago. Too many jumped on the publicity wagon but gave very little "real" help. Just like those shows that flip your house when you're needy, most of the time it hurts more because it's done for publicity and ratings, not to help. It's nice to see some other parents with multi's finally coming to her defense tho. And by the way the next one screaming about the food stamps and welfare... go down to your local office and sit outside for a few hours. Watch how many top of the line new cars, jewelry saddled men and women wearing designer clothes waltz in and out because they have mastered the loopholes. Focus that attention where it needs to be, not on a woman with 14 kids under the age of 8.

911 days ago


By continually "fixing" her problems, i.e, free Brazillian Blow Outs, free house cleaning, free paint, free plumbing work, these companies are enabling Octomom and creating a situation where a)she knows if she cries poor, someone will rescue her every single time b)it doesn't force her to make more responsible lifestyle choices or how she parents c)gives her no real reason to try to find a job or even attempt to take on some financial responsibility for her family. I hope CFS performs random checks on her. I don't think she would clean her own house on her own because she seems to think she is above it. I give it 30 days before it reverts back to the s***hole she had before.

911 days ago
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