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Pregnant Man

My Abusive Wife Punched Me


4/26/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie and wife
The Pregnant Man claims his estranged wife is a violent alcoholic ... who once hit him in the "crotch" during a heated argument in front of their kids ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Thomas Beatie -- a transgender man -- has officially filed divorce papers in an effort to end things with his wife of 9 years Nancy Beatie. In the docs, Thomas says he's been physically attacked by Nancy on multiple occasions.

In the papers, filed in Arizona, Thomas claims in February 2012 he tried to stop his "visibly intoxicated" wife from driving their 3 kids to daycare ... when she began to cuss him out and shoved him.

In the docs, Thomas says he called 911 ... but Nancy continued to be violent ...claiming, "She hit me in the crotch."

Thomas says it wasn't the first time Nancy attacked him -- he claims on January 17, 2012 Nancy woke him up at 2:00 AM by punching him in the face for no reason. Thomas explains, "This night, like every night, [Nancy] hovers over me, threatening me with physical and emotional abuse."

Nancy eventually filed court docs of her own ... denying Thomas' allegations ... and claiming it's THOMAS who's been physically and emotionally abusing her.

A hearing took place earlier this month, in which Thomas testified in open court. As a result, the judge issued a restraining order against Nancy -- barring her from going near or contacting Thomas or the kids ... outside of 3 supervised visits per week.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for May 7 ... when the judge is expected to make further rulings on child support, spousal support and custody.


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Cognizant _illiberal    

she is was a pregnant women now she is just a woman with identity issues

909 days ago


Quit calling that WOMAN a man, TMZ. Men can't have babies. Period. I don't care how insane you are. If you think you have the opposite sex trapped inside of you and the only way to ever feel happy is to have a surgical procedure or take a bunch of hormones and live like the opposite sex.. well, then you're just nuts. It's not a gay or lesbian issue. It's a mental health issue.

909 days ago


TMZ, why are you making news on these two freaks? You must be very low in stories to give space to these two. Please move on to another story, anything that will bump them from the front! It's nauseating!

909 days ago


two lesbians with issues,,,,so what

909 days ago

two cents    

Those poor kids. You can't choose your parents. Besides, she's not a man, she's a woman who has had a lot of surgery. Freaks.

909 days ago


There is always three sides, his side, her side, then the TRUTH.

Keep your dirty laundry to yourselves, stop airing it in the media.

909 days ago


You two created your own cir***stances, you made poo of your lives now you cry about the stench.

You both did it to yourselves, sad thing is, you hurt innocent children in the process of your own selfishness.

That is what you should feel most ashamed about, HURTING your kids, now embarrassing them with your selling your crap you created, to the media.

909 days ago


Do blondes have more fun? :-))

909 days ago


Didn't I see a story anout her, "her being the knocked-up, I mean pregnant man" saying that she was a "Black Belt" That being the case how did the other Ho hit her in the croutch?

909 days ago

Latoya's Headband    

All straight men like a hot girl-on-girl catfight!

909 days ago


Before his sex change, Thomas Beatie was a black belt in tae kwan do. Surely he could have defended himself against her, even if it meant just blocking all her blows and restraining her. The guy won several tae kwan do tournaments as a woman, and could kick the sh_t out of a lot of real men. Why would he just let his girl beat him down like that? They're technically both women, he should have given her a firm slap across the face and told her to knock that sh_t off. People only go as far as you let them. You let your spouse beat the crap out of you, and they're going to keep doing it.

909 days ago


But, you have no crotch.

909 days ago


I didn't know Jon Gosselin was pregnant???

909 days ago


Although in a relationship it isn't okay for either to hit, man or woman they probibly didn't defend themself cause it WOULD be like a MAN hitting a WOMAN. Cause I'm sure he is on testosterone, which will make him about as strong as a naturally born man most likely.

909 days ago


this is NOT a pregnant man. she is and was a woman when she gave birth to that baby..

909 days ago
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