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Pregnant Man

My Abusive Wife Punched Me


4/26/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie and wife
The Pregnant Man claims his estranged wife is a violent alcoholic ... who once hit him in the "crotch" during a heated argument in front of their kids ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Thomas Beatie -- a transgender man -- has officially filed divorce papers in an effort to end things with his wife of 9 years Nancy Beatie. In the docs, Thomas says he's been physically attacked by Nancy on multiple occasions.

In the papers, filed in Arizona, Thomas claims in February 2012 he tried to stop his "visibly intoxicated" wife from driving their 3 kids to daycare ... when she began to cuss him out and shoved him.

In the docs, Thomas says he called 911 ... but Nancy continued to be violent ...claiming, "She hit me in the crotch."

Thomas says it wasn't the first time Nancy attacked him -- he claims on January 17, 2012 Nancy woke him up at 2:00 AM by punching him in the face for no reason. Thomas explains, "This night, like every night, [Nancy] hovers over me, threatening me with physical and emotional abuse."

Nancy eventually filed court docs of her own ... denying Thomas' allegations ... and claiming it's THOMAS who's been physically and emotionally abusing her.

A hearing took place earlier this month, in which Thomas testified in open court. As a result, the judge issued a restraining order against Nancy -- barring her from going near or contacting Thomas or the kids ... outside of 3 supervised visits per week.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for May 7 ... when the judge is expected to make further rulings on child support, spousal support and custody.


No Avatar


Headline should read: "Crazy fat hairy b*tch gets punched in the box".

F*cking h*mos, always trying to warp straight people's minds. And Harvey being a little f*ggot himself loves to take part.

876 days ago


Its so sad to see these two in the throws of a divorce after 9 years because they appeared to be such a loving couple for so long. I had such high hopes for them. "Blended" families are difficult relationships. Carnival freak acts are even more challenging.

876 days ago


Thomas DID undergo surgery 'down below' just a little while ago and is now legally AND physically a man. Prior to that particular surgery, I agree.....he was still a woman and was NOT a "pregnant man".
With that said, I'm on his side. His wife IS a fruit loop, a total nut job. She knew what she was getting into when she married him. I hope he gets the kids and as long as she is drinking and not sober, I hope she continues to have to have supervised visits with the kids. However, it would be better if she went into rehab and anger management. Those kids are already going to end up going through hell in school, everybody teasing them and making fun of their parents, particularly Thomas, that they don't need the hell of being around an alcoholic parent, too.

876 days ago


So what if she hit him in the crotch? HE'S NOT A REAL MAN. You can't be a man and have a baby. It's just screwed up in the head.

876 days ago


This is what happens in women relationships-CATS FIGHT!

876 days ago


Stop calling that Woman a Man............. It was made a Woman! Ugh

876 days ago


Since she does not have real testicles, a hit in the groin isn't going to hurt.

876 days ago


Stop reporting on these people. That should not be famous. They did nothing of interest. They are all woman. There is no man in site.

876 days ago


Neither of these people should have custody they are both weirdo freaks that are obviously mentally disturbed.

876 days ago


Good thing there were no testicles in the way that would have been very painful - so I've heard from real men.

876 days ago


I bet the TMZ water cooler is laced with that wacky kool-aid... STOP CALLING THAT FREAK SHOW CHICK A "HIM". If this crap was going down even 20 years ago, people would say YOU were crazy for even referring to her as a "him" But you're all falling for THE BIG LIE. Those are two ugly lesbians and if you want to call the one chick a guy--that's on you, it only illustrate that you're as crazy as she is.

876 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

this is the title you can be proud of Harvey. classy article

876 days ago


How about all you lunatics actually do some research on Gender Identity Disorder before you declare that Thomas is a woman? NONE OF YOU ARE ****ING GENDER PSYCHOLOGISTS. This person was born with a male brain in a female body - it is scientifically proven that this is how transgenderism works. These people alter their bodies to fit correctly with their minds, they don't just decide on a whim that they want to be the opposite sex. And there are a million reasons why gender essentialist thinking (eg "You don't have a dick, therefore you're not a man") doesn't hold up. For heaven's sake, people, use your heads.

876 days ago


she is not a man so why are you saying a pregnant man? she still has her female organs so she is still a female. actually she will always be female even if she has the complete surgery. DNA so far dont lie. a thousand years from now her DNA will say "we dug up another female".

876 days ago


All this insane "God" made me this way stuff and the resultant neuroses that come with's enough to make the entire nation start drinking.


God made you male OR female (yes, there are some aberrations such as hermaphrodites but that is rare and one makes a choice in that case) but most of us should "ACCEPT WHO WE ARE" instead of chopping ourselves up and then demanding that the world cope with our situation and "accept our mess."

How about "Just Say NO!" to abortion, homosexuality, transgenderness, teaching elementary children all this crap, and the long,long list of sins and societal ills (all the stuff that liberals so love.)

How about just saying YES! to Jesus and letting Him change us to what God wants for our destinies in life? How about that??

876 days ago
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