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Octomom Gets a Facelift ...

For Her House

4/26/2012 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Octomom called in to say she was double-crossed by her hairdresser -- and says she's overhauled her house. Are a new paint job AND working toilets enough to keep her kids?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian's weekend plans with President Obama! How did it all come together ... and more importantly will LiLo and Kim meet the Prez?? We'll explain why there's still a slim chance it could happen.

(0:00) Octomom is on the offensive -- she calls in to set the record straight about the true living conditions in her house.
(7:43) Rosie backtracks on her harsh criticism of Lindsay Lohan ... but compare her to Whitney.
(10:30) Lindsay Lohan and Kim K. are going to have dinner together ... at THE WHITE HOUSE.
(15:10) Britney Spears has a new conservator watching over her -- her fiance Jason Trawick.
(19:34) A website that sets up traveling women with business dinners ... some think it's dirtier than it appears.
(23:10) Donald Trump's hair-raising moment.
(29:34) Ryan Seacrest -- the most infectious person on "Idol" last night.
(33:10) Lane Garrison is in deep you-know-what -- he was charged for allegedly hitting his ex. (37:45) More trouble for the pregnant man.
(42:55) Mila Kunis denies dating Kutcher.
(43:10) We take your calls!

No Avatar

Jay W.     

With 14 kids... all I can do is wish this lady the best of luck.

911 days ago

who dat    

As far as Greta, it's one whore inviting another.

911 days ago

who dat    

Nadya is insane. Do the kids a favor and place them in other care.

911 days ago


I agree with Evan...Rosie was saying she will most likely die.

911 days ago


Havey, what is it with you and the Lard-assians? How much do you get to crawl up their asses and kiss it from the inside out?

911 days ago


OMG Evan, Rosie did not say Lindsay was going to die How dramatic are you. Also look like you Harvey was back peddling on Octo moms house being a mess when you were talking to her Who was back paddleing I think that would be you. Rosie just restated on the Today show what she met and she did not back paddle. That would be you doing it today talking to Octo mom LOL

911 days ago


Is this really the best you can do? Do you not GET that we are all sick of hearing about Octo-Bitch? Good grief. I'm glad I don't have your job and have to put up with promoting this **** every damn day and pushing into the publics' faces when we don't want it in our faces. It's time for children services to stop in, not tabloids. You are not doing her or her kids any good giving her press. It's only delaying the envitable. TAKE THE KIDS AWAY!

911 days ago


Harvey You set there and was trashing Octo Moms house talking about the plumbling and how bad the house was and then when she gets on the phone who was back paddleing. I think that would be YOU!!!!!

911 days ago


If it takes CPS showing up at your house before you clean, then you've got a serios problem on your hands.

911 days ago


Gary cracks us up! Harvey, he needs a raise.
I think they should have named the site Lunch N' Munch.

911 days ago


Ryan is getting free advertising, big surprise------- taken lessons from Kim. Say or do any thing to get free advertising.

911 days ago


Even if Ryan Seacrest had a bacterial infection and had started antibiotics, it's a rule that you still can't be around ppl for at least 24 hours after initially taking the meds so...Ryan really shouldn't have gone to work. What's the big damned deal about him not wanting to miss an episode, anyway? Does he want the 100% Attendance award, which is a useless claim to fame?

911 days ago

Jen O.    

Let's hope.

911 days ago


Harvey is getting paid back for promoting Kim and Ryan with free advertising with American Idiot. Makes sense why he has so many stories about these two. Scratch my back I scratch yours right Harvey.

911 days ago


Wow-slow news day? does it matter who Ashton is dating?

911 days ago
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