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Lindsay Lohan

Misses Flight to Washington D.C.

For White House Correspondents' Bash

4/27/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some things just never change. Lindsay Lohan was a no-show at LAX for her scheduled 1 PM flight to the nation's capital for the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

We know Lindsay was supposed to be on the flight, along with her lawyer, Shawn Holley. Shawn made the flight, as did another passenger named George Clooney, who will also be at the dinner.

As for why Lindsay missed the flight ... we're told she just couldn't pull it together. She PLANS on taking a later flight.

There are reports Lindsay was out late last night -- although we have not confirmed it.

Funny ... we asked Shawn Holley who was a more difficult client -- Lindsay or OJ Simpson (Shawn worked for Johnnie Cochran during the OJ trial). Her answer: "I have no difficult clients."



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The crew for the Taylor movie is going to be driven nuts by this nutcase. I guess you get what you pay for.

845 days ago


is airforce 1 picking her up or the hover craft?

845 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Well, when Lindsay manages to scrape herself off the mattress some time this evening, she will head out for a "few" and it will be just like last night. She will never get on a plane by or before tomorrow morning.

Glad you "guest" is flaking out on you Greta! This classless stunt that Greta has pulled cost her a lot of respect.

845 days ago


Great way to make that comeback already late for glee because to much partying late for a plane too much partying that does not even include the 2 instances at the smoke and mirrors night club. Producers and director are really going to scrutinze you on the liz taylor production word of advice try not to miss the plane.

845 days ago


I called it.."If she shows up" from the last thread

845 days ago


next flight from LAX LAX>BWI 11:55p–11:11a
she will have to catch the 11:55 flight out of LAX...I dont see that happening

845 days ago


quit the dramatics TMZ, Lilo didn't 'miss' her flight as you say, she changed her flight to leave at a later time.

845 days ago

Good riddance!    

Ugh, can you imagine being trapped next to this drunken thief for hours at a time! Then you find out your watch and wallet just somehow went missing. Sitting next to her must be as welcome as unexpectedly sharting in your pants in a crowded elevator after that Taco Hell burrito at lunch went horribly, horribly wrong!

845 days ago


Lindsay Lohan once again proving how "mature" she really is. If you have an appointment, go to bed early the night before, and you can easily make it on time. How does she expect movie producers to want to hire her when she can't even be on time for a flight?

845 days ago


If Linds is too late, she can always sleaze in the back door.
If there is one.

845 days ago


Lindsay is failing in her comeback, but she is single-handedly bringing back the word "feeb."

845 days ago


Com'on now! Even the "die hard" Lindsay faithfuls gotta be getting tired of her shena****ns!

845 days ago


Lohan was up late doing drugs with pari******on and friends my sources confirm. What a piece of **** saying she is cleaning up her act but the real world can't see her all the time.

845 days ago


It doesn't matter if the diner is tomorrow night the point is as always Lohan did not have the responsibility to show up when there is no way didn't know her flight time and uses the misunderstanding crap. This 26 yr. old grown woman is not thankful or grateful for anything.

Lohan will have to grab the redeye tonight or first flight out tomorrow around 7-8am get in aroud 4pm (providing no delays). Tomorrow is doable but will be tight. Even on Saturday Dulles to DC traffic sucks and is about a good hour or better to downtown DC.

Should Lohan not make it she will come up with another non- believable BS excuse.

845 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

What a loser.
Seriously.. why do people keep rooting for this c*nt? She's a has-been that obviously takes for granted the silver spoon she's been handed. F*** her. Her career is over. She's late for Glee, makes excuses about it as usual, bombed on SNL, she's still lying and blaming everybody else for the trouble she's getting in, still clubbing.. still probably drinking and doing coke. Again.. f*** her. I hope she gets AIDS.

845 days ago
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